Pictures Of Cartrivision Tape Cartridges




These are some of the tapes that were offered to the public for use with the Cartrivision.  The red tape on the left is one of the rental tapes.  This could not be rewound at home, but instead had to be brought back to the retailer for rewinding.  Cartridge Television Inc. kept close tabs on how many times each tape was viewed.  The other two tapes are examples of the kind of tapes that Cartrivision made available for purchase. Most of the tapes available for purchase were of the educational variety, but there were also tapes on sports, music, travel, etc.







The next photo is one of the blank tapes offered by Cartrivision. These came in lengths of 15, 30, and 60 minutes and I believe that some of the tapes sold in the aftermarket by Media Associates were available in a 2 hour length cartridge also.







The following photos are taken from an Ebay auction sometime back. The auction was for a collection of Charlie Chaplin Cartrivision movies. I especially liked the artwork and the pictures were of very high quality, so I thought I would use them for the site

(with permission of course!).



Chaplin Cartridge no. 1


Chaplin Cartridge no. 2


Chaplin Cartridge no. 3