Original Cartrivision Documents And Advertisements









Here are some assorted documents relating to the Cartrivision, as well as some advertisements that show how the Cartrivision VTR was marketed. Also included is a title list showing some of the video titles that were available for either purchase or for rental. The first documents here were provided by Peter Berg. Peter worked on the team that developed the Cartrivision video tape recorder, and he was with the company all the way to the end.


The first document is the original hand drawn schematic of the first prototype Cartrivision video tape recorder. Peter told me that it only worked briefly, but enough to spark investor interest. The next two documents are memos from 1969 detailing one of the initial meetings between the technical group that developed the Cartrivision, and representatives from Avco. The last two documents are advertisements from Sears Roebuck which give a glimpse of how the Cartrivision and accessories were packaged and sold in their stores, including a title list of available movies, etc.


The advertisements that are provided here include a full color brochure detailing the Teledyne/Packard Bell 10C990 Cartrivision/TV combination console, and also an advertisement for Cartrivision components and accessories by a third-party dealer. I presume that this dealer had bought up some of the stock after the company had declared bankruptcy. Also included is the full title list of rentals that were available through “Cartridge Rental Systems, Inc. These advertisements and the video title list were provided by Robert DiPippo and Larry Osterhoudt respectively. Robert saved the Packard Bell brochure from his time back in the early 70’s when he sold the Cartrivision consoles for a living. Special thanks also to my father, John Perry, for the use of his scanner so I could make these documents available. Thanks guys!


I had to compress the video list (Rental Program Library) into a “zip” file because of the number of pages involved. This download is a little under 3 megabytes and consists of 16 scanned pages taken from the rental library booklet. To view all of the other documents just click on the link. To get back to this page just use the back arrow button in your browser.




Schematic Of Prototype Cartrivision Recorder


Page 1 Of Memo


Page 2 Of Memo


Page 1 Of Sears Advertisement


Page 2 Of Sears Advertisement


Rental Program Library


Cartrivision System Components Ad page 1


Cartrivision System Components Ad page 2


Packard Bell Cartridge Television System page 1


Packard Bell Cartridge Television System page 2


Packard Bell Cartridge Television System page 3


Packard Bell Cartridge Television System page 4


SanJose Mercury News Announcement