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My Poetry Page

Joseph Todd Jowers

May 25, 1964 - October 13, 1996

Mom, Please Listen To Me

Mom, please listen to me
As I take time to write.
I see parents struggling daily.
Their pain is such a fight..

All of us who have gone on
And left the rest of you behind..
We're ok, Mom, I promise..
Heaven is beautiful, and God is kind.
You used to tell me that one day
God would call and take you home.
You told me you'd make me strong
So I would stand tall when alone.

But things happen sometimes, Mom
That does not go in our plans.
I wasn't scared, Mom,
When God held out his hand.
I didn't have time to say good bye
When the angels said, "Come with us.",
There wasn't time to question why.

I've watched you daily, Mom.
It hurts to see you cry.
I don't want you to be unhappy,
Just because we didn't get to say good bye.

Tell the others what I'm telling you,
So many parents need to know
That Earth was just a lay over
We had another place to go.

I know you miss me, Mom
I know your heart was broken in two,
But God really needed me
Because my earthly life was through.

I'm always alongside you..
I smile and touch your hair.
I whisper "Mom, I love you",
You just can't see me there. I'm the one who gently touches you
On your shoulder when you're sad.
I'm happy now that you finally found
God again, and are no longer mad.

Tell the parents, Mom, for me
That all of us kids are okay.
God had plans for our lives
When he called us home that day.

I love you, Mom, I always will
And remember I'm not far away.
We're going to be together
When God calls out your name.

Author Unknown

Angel Pennies

I found a penny today
Just laying on the ground,
But it's not just a penny
This little coin I've found.

Angels put them there
That's what my Grandpa told me,
He said Angels toss them down
Oh, how I loved that story.

He said when an Angel misses you
They toss a penny down,
Sometimes just to cheer you up
To make a smile out of a frown.

So don't pass by that penny
When you're feeling blue,
It may be a penny from heaven
That an Angel's tossed to you.

Author: Unknown

Music playing
Go rest high on that mountain
By Vince Gill