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In Loving Memory Of Our Son

Joseph Todd Jowers

May 25, 1964 - October 13, 1996

Todd was born May 25,1964.
He was our only son and oldest child of four loving children.

Todd never met a stranger,
he was always ready to help anyone in need.

There is a special bond between parent and child.
this bond creates an "unconditional love".
I share this bond with all my children.

With Todd there was even a more connection bond.
If I were sick, Todd knew it.
If Todd was sick,I knew it.

Todd was murdered on October 13,1996.

This was the most tragic and terrible day in our lives!
Todd's murder remains unsolved, but
is still under investigation by a very dedicated Homicide Unit.

In the last 5 years,6 months and 14 days
we have gone through a lot of feelings.

I have really learned a lot about grief in reading
and through the experience of grieving.

In grief you go through many stages.

You should not try to busy yourself to the
point that you do not grieve properly.

You're asking "What is the Proper way to grieve"?

There is no proper way,it is a physical
and emotional track you will follow.

Grief is the hardest work you will ever do!

It drains you of physical, emotional and spiritual stamina.
Unless you pace yourself and direct your energies
toward your grief recovery,
you will experience physical illness, emotional despair,
relational detachments as well as possibly bitterness.

You must allow time to grieve.
Allow time to let your body and mind recover.
"Lean into the pain, face the grief head on
because the grief will be waiting long after the pace has slowed.

Grieve with Hope, Not Despair!!
Matthew 5:4, Psalm 23, Psalm 30:5
My faith in God has given me Hope, not Despair!!!
God and my faith have been my
shelter in a storm beyond all storms!!

There is a hole inside of me that never gets filled,
this is grief!!
There is a place in my heart that always yearns for Todd,
this is grief!
There has been so much time since I hugged my son
or was able to say "I Love you"!
But there is Hope!!!

I think of the things we will never do together
But there is the love we shared,
the memories I will forever cherish!!
There is HOPE!!!

If someone you know has lost a child,
remember to be there in silence and give them love.

Some of the hardest days I had were the
not talking about Todd
people think if they say nothing, all will be better.
But this is not true.

Talk about my child to keep his memory alive!!!
The more I talk and think of Todd,
the closer I am to him!!

Someday when all the earth has passed
and My life here is over,
I will again see my Sweet Loving Son!!!

God Bless You All!!

With a smile on his face.
With a song in his heart.
Remember him this way,
for we know he is in a better place.

With every new day, we meet more friends
he held dear;
And comfort comes in knowing,
he's gone on,
On to past loved ones;
they draw him near.

We shall all reflect of missed good-byes
and ponder of our love for him.

Did we love him enough?

Did he really know?

Our fear of death is of the moment itself;
not our destination or the
great love awaiting;

When God calls us home,
we shall see him again
and rejoice as we go!

He has left us in such a tragic way;
Our hearts and minds are filled
with great anger and deep sorrow untold.

We try with God's help
as each day goes by;
night comes like a friend
and once again in our dreams.

Our Child we do hold.

Our hearts have been tested from
other loved ones gone on;
tho I think nothing can be worse
as the loss of our Child.

good friends and loved ones,
Helps fill your heart and mind;

But nothing fills your arms,
that's what aches the most,

Just to hold your Child;
Please God, Once more,
for just a little while!

Written by
Walter Jowers

In Loving Memory of Joseph Todd Jowers
May 25,1964-October 13,1996

To One In Sorrow

Let me come in where you are weeping,friend,
And let me take your hand.
I, who have known a sorrow such as yours,
Can understand.
Let me come in-I would be very still
Beside you in your grief;
I would not bid you cease your weeping, friend,
Tears bring relief.
Let me come in - I would only breathe a prayer,
And hold your hand,
For I have known a sorrow such as yours,
And understand.
Written by
Grace Noll Crowell

Go Rest High On That Mountain

I know your life
On earth was troubled
And only you could know the pain
You weren't afraid to face the devil
You were no stranger to the rain.

Go rest high on that mountain
Son, your work on earth is done
Go to heaven a shoutin'
Love for the Father and Son

Oh, how we cried the day you left us
We gathered round your grave to grieve
i wish i could see the angels faces
when they hear your sweet voice sing.
Repeat chorus..

Music playing
Go rest high on that mountain
By Vince Gill

I would like to thank my good friend
"My Sis" Janie
for getting Todd's page back online.
I do appreciate your hard work

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