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Welcome one My Family homepage !!

Welcome, my name is Antoine Scheijen born 22-01-1967 te Berg a/d Maas, married and three children,(last born: 14-03-'05 Dylan-John Scheijen) living in Nattenhoven. (province Limburg)

I'am started latest 2001 with te surge for my family backgrounds.

The surge started with login in the: Yahoogroup Genealogy in Limburg.

and also in the locale studyrooms, with many thanks to:Wil Brassé, worker within cityarchive Sittard-Geleen-Born

Also manny thanks fore al there help, to my: parrents

I'm come directly from:(dads site)Scheijen 'Tak Geleen'.

and from:(moms site)'Tak Ubachs'.

link fore surenames from Tak Geleen..

This card of Holland gifs in red the statics off Scheijen living in different province.

One off the founded groupphoto's are from taken by 50 years married from: Pieter Joseph Scheijen en Maria Sophia Smeets.

More information off my family:

-'Tak Klimmen'.information from Scheijen in: Schin op Geul/Klimmen/Houthem/Hulsberg.

surenames list from Tak Klimmen..

-'Tak Schinnen'.information from Scheijen in: Schinnen/Beek

surename list from Tak Schinnen..

-'Tak Limburg'.information from Scheijen in: Heerlen/ Maastricht/ Venray en different places in Limburg.

surename list from Tak Limburg..

-'Tak Maastricht'.information about Maastricht. (thanks to Charlotte Ruys)

surename list from Tak Maastricht..

link the photoalbum (copyright!!)

This information about my family is also made for junior Scheijen familys en visitors.

the latest update one the pages is mate in December 2007!!

funny anecdotes and other links are here tho see.

Here our site to adopted graves from

information about: Privat First Class Harold Hess

and for adoption possibility:klik hier voor méér info:

Many thanks to:Alonzo Sherman

NedGen Genealogische Seekmachine

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All further links and family information are in Dutch languas

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information about my family contained in these pages / links is correct. However, every detail of the family information relating to there trademarks is not covered. The contents are for information only and we can accept no responsibility for any errors or writen words.

Maile for referenties to: Antoine Scheijen, copyright & webmaster Genealogie Scheijen.

Sorry fore my bad English !!

My Family photo's:

photoalbum 1.
photoalbum 2.
photoalbum 3.
photoalbum 4.
group photo.

Links for Family's in there regents:

'Tak' Geleen.
'Tak' Klimmen.
'Tak' Schinnen.
'Tak' Maastricht.
'Tak' Limburg.

My hobby homepage:

Birdclub 'De Eendracht' Elsloo.