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Chick's three poems on this page demonstrate the power of God's greatest gift to us all--LIFE & what we do with it! from this day forward

A Gift From The Lord
By Chick Velasco

As she peered into the mirror
Her face looked pale and drawn
All her youthful radiance
Seemed forever gone

She felt no joy inside her heart
Her peace had gone away
Replaced with only fear and dread
Of what she faced today

It was only eight short weeks
Since she turned twenty one
She had been so full of life
And having so much fun

She had felt so much in love
She'd hoped that very soon
Her guy would pop the question
And she'd be a bride by June

Then one day the Doctor called
There was a baby on the way
And when she told her boyfriend
He packed and moved away

He didn't want a baby
So he told her what to do
She must abort the baby
Or the two of them were through

Though he'd said he loved her
The day she'd given in
She had known her choice was wrong
It was nothing more than sin

She had turned her back on God
And set her faith aside
Now her life was such a mess
She wished that she could hide

Now once again she'd given in
The pressure was too great
So she had called the clinic
To set the fateful date

Staring at this looking glass
She'd never felt so sad
But soon this would be over
And he no longer would be mad

The time had come for her to go
She got into her car
She drove slowly to the clinic
It wasn't very far

The day was dark and gloomy
There fell a misty rain
The weather seemed to understand
As if it felt her pain

As she pulled into the parking lot
Her mind began to swirl
As she wondered if her baby
Was a little boy or girl

She felt a tug inside her heart
As she stepped inside the door
No one saw the teardrop
As it splattered on the floor

She signed in at the window
And then she took a seat
So consumed with loneliness
As she stared down at her feet

When they took her to the room
It seemed so damp and cold
She wished that she could turn and run
But she wasn't feeling bold

As she lie upon the table
She heard a small still voice
"You must leave this evil place
You must make a different choice"

She began a silent prayer
"Dear Lord, Where have you been
My life's become a nightmare
And I need you once again"

Once again that gentle voice
"You have turned your back on me
But I have never left you
Since the day I set you free"

"My child, you are rebellious
Your path is paved with sin
Now you lie upon a table
In the heart of Satan's den"

The voice continued speaking
"This thing you do is wrong
The baby is my gift to you
I've planned it all along"

"If you'll put your faith in Me
I will see you through
The way may not be easy
But I will always be with you"

"Exercise your faith in Me
For I AM still the same
I will help you raise this baby
And I will glorify my name"

"I AM the one who loves you
More than you could know
Now you must get dressed again
It's time for us to go"

When the Doctor came into the room
He only found a note
Written in a hasty scrawl
This is what she wrote

"Thank you for your trouble
Your staff was very kind
I have spoken with the Bridegroom
And I have changed my mind"

"I shall keep my baby
I will raise him 'till he's grown
I will glorify my Savior
He still counts me as His own"

When she stepped outside the clinic
She knew that she'd be fine
She whispered "Thank you, Jesus"
And the sun began to shine

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Not to be published without written premission from the author.

Where Have All The Daddies Gone
By Chick Velasco

If you listen quietly
You can hear the babies cry
Their Daddies have all moved away
And no one's told them why

Just because they are so small
We think they do not know
What it is we've done to them
When we decide to go

That's a lie we tell ourselves
To make ourselves believe
That it really doesn't matter
When we decide to leave

Not only does it matter
Hear me when I say
They don't need us just on weekends
They need us every day

As I sit and write these words
I can't describe the pain
As I recall the things I did
I relive it once again

I cannot even see the page
My eyes so full of tears
Still I cannot cry them dry
After all these years

I love my sons so very much
But I did not put them first
I was just so selfish
That I behaved my worst

I left them with their Mommies
I left them all alone
I saw them on the weekends
And sometimes on the phone

Why did I leave my sons behind
Did I think I could be free
If I blamed it on their mothers
When the fault belonged to me

Listen when I tell you
These words I speak are true
There's no freedom in the prison
That your acts create for you

The day will come when you will see
What you have done so wrong
You'll know your babies didn't get
What they needed all along

You'll realize that it's your fault
And there's nothing you can do
You will not get a second chance
To see your babies through

Before you know it they are grown
And their choices aren't so good
Because their Daddy didn't teach them
All the things he should

Oh, they will always love you
But that just makes it worse
For in your heart you'll always know
You've given them a curse

And in your heart you'll always know
That love is not enough
You need to teach them every day
And do the "Daddy" stuff

They need you there to laugh with them
To hold them when they cry
To hug them and to kiss them
Make them the apple of your eye

I often wonder what went on
Inside their little heart
When I packed up and went away
And ripped their lives apart

If you leave your babies
That's exactly what you do
Then one day you realize
Just what you've put them through

Then every time you see a child
Your heart will start to swell
You'll remember what you've done
It's your little piece of hell

There'll be nothing you can do
To satisfy the guilt
It's like a dagger in your heart
That's buried to the hilt

Every time you see a Daddy
Doing what is right
You will know that you have failed
And you can never make it right

Every night when you lie down
You'll hear your babies cry
You'll taste the salty teardrops
That trickle from your eye

You'll ask the Lord for mercy
And He'll forgive you too
He'll wrap His arms around you
And He will help you through

Still you have to face the sunrise
Each and every day
Always knowing in your heart
It was you who walked away

My Father up in heaven
Has forgiven me that sin
But I cannot leave this prison
That I am living in

I can only promise
To be here every day
So when my children call on me
They'll know I'm back to stay

Even then the pain persists
It never goes away
I'm shackled to this prison
I live in every day

I have no one I can blame
The fault is only mine
I'm the one who made the choice
To leave my sons behind

So many other Daddies
Have done the same as I
And if they listen quietly
They can hear their babies cry

They can hear them crying
No matter where they roam
Yet all those tears would turn to joy
If Daddy would come home

I heard another baby cry
Just the other day
She told me that her Daddy
Had packed and moved away

I went off by myself and cried
Knowing I'm the one
I caused this problem long ago
...............Her Daddy is my son

That's why this is a prison
I am living in
Because my former selfishness
Has hurt someone again

Even though the years have passed
And I have changed my ways
I cannot reverse the damage
Of my younger days

So in this prison I will stay
Until my days are through
Always wishing I could change
What I cannot undo

If you are a Daddy
Do not move away
They need you more than weekends
They need you every day

Every day that you are gone
Is a day you cant retrieve
And it soon creates a prison
That you can never leave

If I could do it all again
I would not move away
I'd spend some time with all my kids
Each and every day

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Not to be published without written premission from the author.

When Jesus Looks
By Chick Velasco

When Jesus looks upon my life
What picture does He see
Does He see His own reflection
Or does He just see me

Does He see His likeness
The product of His hand
Or just another Christian
Who never took a stand

Does He see a child of God
A child that He set free
Living life to honor Him
Or does He just see me

What about the other folks
I meet along the way
Do I show them Jesus
To brighten up their day

When someone looks into my eyes
Can they truly see
That calm and gentle peace of God
That dwells inside of me

When I reach out and shake a hand
Is He right there in my grip
Can they feel that strength from God
That steadies when I slip

When folks are in my presence
Do they know His Spirit's there
Can they see that He's the one
Who guides me everywhere

When other people think of me
What is on their mind
Do they think of Jesus Christ
So gentle and so kind

I try to be like Jesus
Every single day
Spreading love and kindness
All along my way

I'm afraid that I have failed
I could not pass the test
Deep inside my heart I know
I haven't done my best

I have had to fight my flesh
Since the day that I was born
It's always causing trouble
And being such a thorn

That's why His Spirit dwells in me
He's helping me to learn
In every situation
Where I need to turn

He knew I'd never pass the test
That's why He took my place
He gave His life to save my soul
He suffered my disgrace

Now I try to be like Him
I must present Him well
So other folks will want His gift
And turn their backs on hell

Other folks should see the joy
That Christ has given me
They should want to have it too
Especially since it's free

They should begin to ask me
What is it they must do
Just how it is they go about
Getting Jesus too

Then I get to tell them
This wondrous gift is free
It only takes a humble heart
A prayer on bended knee

Someday when I'm face to face
With the Lord who set me free
Will He see His own reflection
Or will He just see me

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Not to be published without written premission from the author.

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