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"Abortion is NOT a woman's right, it is a choice,
one that ends a precious life of God's creation of a son or daughther."--Matthew G. Guy

A Daddy’s Love

You Hear So Much About:
”It’s The Woman’s Choice Today”,
But What About The Father?
Doesn’t He Have A Say?

For Deep Within Her Body,
There Is A Little Seed.
So What About The Daddy?
Yes, What About His Needs?

What If He Wants To Love It
And Make It’s Dreams Come True?
What If He Wants To Share
His Life, And See It Through?

Is It Only The Woman,
Who Has The Only Say?
What About The Daddies,

For I Do Know Many
Who Show A Love So Grand.
What About The Choice:
Yes The Choice Of The Man?

Yes There Are Many,
Who Wish To See Them Grow.
Yes, What About The Men?
They Too Have Rights You Know?

This Poem Has Been Written
With All Their Best In Mind.
So, What About These Daddies?
Yes It Is High Time!

Let The Choice Be Theirs,
And Not Only The Mother’s.
Let The Choice Be The Daddies’!
Let The Choice Be Also My Brothers’!

Is It Only The Woman,
Who Has The Only Say?
What About The Daddies,
Yes The Daddies Of Today?

Cathy Jo Moore
© 2000

Core Principles

Men For Life is a an organization of men that supports the right-to-life in babies and giving a voice to fathers in the abortion battle.

1)To recognize God's view of making a family--God, as the Creator of ALL life,the man and the woman are the guardians of that life that God has entrusted them with.

2)For Parents to provide the five things that a child needs according to God's Word
a. Instruct them (Deut 6:6-7)
b. Provide for them (2 Cor 12:14)
c. Nurture them (Eph 6:4)
d. Discipline them (1 Tim 3:4)
e. Love them (Titus 2:4)

3) For men to take back their God-given authority over the life of that child to end the myth of "a woman's right to choose" (to end that baby's life). The father has equal rights to see that baby alive and well under the loving protection of an all-powerful mighty God.

4)Become poltically active in over turning the Roe. V. Wade by writing the state & federal officials and for men to be leaders in the church as well.
Members of the U.S. House of Representatives Directory
Members of the U.S. Senate Directory
E-mail the President of the United States
Where To Send Comments to the U.S. Supreme Court

call 1-800-424-8644 to get your petition to end Partial-Birth Abortion and send to your 2 U.S. Senators & the President of the United States to let your voice be heard in ending this horrible procedure.

5)Pray daily for the Will of God to bring fathers, mothers & child(ren) into a perfect union that will lead to Honoring and Praising your name, Almighty LORD all the days of their lives and know that you as Our Heavenly Father that seeks the guidance & purpose of every person on earth seeks a personal relationship with you through your son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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"Men for Life" is a Pro-Life project by Matthew G. Guy going strong since March 2000