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Cyberkat's Fan Fiction Asylum: Star Trek

Farewell Song For A Starship Captain
by Sandy Adams
copyright 1983-1999
No copyright infringement is intended.

A starry sky was overhead
The night we said good-bye.
A tender kiss to seal our fate,
And tears glistening in your hazel eyes.
I knew then that the stars had called -
We would never meet again.
Somehow, I even heard the cries
That echoed through your mind.
I felt the sorrow you couldn't touch
But dared not reach for you -
For fear lurked within my heart
That the words "I love you"
Would tear us apart.
Still you knew, I feel, even then
That turmoil in my soul
And I felt the touch of your love -
All of you I could ever hold.
All you left inside my life
From the moment of "fare-well":
To this day, I love you,
Perhaps I always will.

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