Cool sites

Groovy places to see...'s sick!
My friend Erikka's site-SHE'S sick!
Funloads! Trick yourself AND your friends!!
The Weary Waitstaff's Lounge: A great place to bitch about working in a bar or restaurant!
The Sixties-She didn't leave ANYTHING out! If this sight doesn't give you a few flashbacks, I don't know what the hell will!
Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll! I think that sums it up...
A Tribute to the Stars: Celebrity Impersonating and more!

Hey! Thanks for checking out my web site! Here are some more of my favorite sites. Some belong to great friends of mine, and others belong to great people I don't know. Regardless, check them out if you dig...

This is the most awesome 70's rock site there is! It's huge!

Conspiracies, havoc, html help, awards...This site has it all! Very profesional, and a definate must see. WOO HOO Eldarfo!!!!!

Manhating, links, her wild forum...When I call her my evil twin, I'm not kidding!

My friend Derinda's site has everything from Days of our lives info and spoilers to pages on pets, games and recipes. This is a family site so behave!

Nothing can explain this...

Hungry for some Psychedelic Soop?

The Psychedelic Soop Kitchen

Conspiracies, celebrity bantor, and more...

Nominate a skank for the Skank of the Month Award!

Send a virtual toke to a friend! Need I say more?

Get Pimped!
Grab a beer and have a look around!
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