So you wanted to know about me...why?

This ain't gonna be pretty...

I am 28, engaged and living with my fiance. I am allergic to children and have a yellow Labrador Retriever and a militant black cat. The dog lives for attention, the cat lives for fucking with the dog. The first one to email me wanting the cat gets a free toaster oven. The address is

I just went back college back in January of 1999 after an 8 yr. hiatus. I guess I just wanted to be surrounded by a bunch of 18 yr. olds(lucky me.) I don't know why I was scared to go back. It's been a year now, and i am still loving it! The experiences I've had gives me a great advantage over the majority of these kids, so if you are scared to go back after several years, get over it and go for it. It's easy as hell now, cause you've been living and learning all this time! Do it! Go! Now!

I was in the bar business for almost 9 yrs, but I finally left it for a day job several months ago. I miss the biz, but I can't screw up my education twice! And even though I loved bartending and waiting tables, but I didn't want to be doing it when I am 50, you know? Now I have benefits, etc., and work regular hours :). The drawback? In the bar biz, you'd make 100+ in one night! Without a degree I can only find lower paying jobs. But what the hell. It's only money, and I can finally be home with my fiance! Plus, I able to study, and able to have wake up before noon (although I miss staying up all night, and getting up at 6:00 SUCKS!). It is so much fun working in music, people having fun and joking around! For those who think it isn't a real job, IT IS!!. People who are in the bar/restaurant biz full time work 9 to 13 hours with no break. They eat their dinner standing up, a bite here and a bite there after it has gotten cold, waiting on their tables in the meantime. They deal with drunk assholes, have no weekends or holidays off, get no overtime pay, etc. Most people don't realize it, but a waitress or waiter only makes $2.13 an hour. They get paychecks, but the taxes eat that $2.13 an hour UP, so the paychecks are usually negative ( zero for the amount and then you owe the government) so you don't get a check. Sometimes you get lucky and get a check for $6.00. THAT is why they live off tips. Next time you stiff a waiter(considering service was good but you wanted to save a dime), think of that and then kiss my ass. TWICE! And if I had a dick, I'd tell you to suck it.

Let's get one thing straight.I live in the south, but that DOES NOT mean I am missing teeth and walk around barefoot chewing on straw, you dig? People who assume that are about as fucking bright as the dickless wonders that think West Virginia is the western region of Virginia. We don't sit around with cows and chickens shiting where we step, while singing folk songs about our trucks breaking down and our bloodhounds running off. Speaking of wailing, overall wearing good-ole-boys, I hate country music. I can't stand it. It makes all Southerners look like a bunch of chicken chasing illiterates. I am not denying there are a bunch of chicken chasing illiterates in the South, because there are plenty. I am just saying that some of us have taste, manners, and an education. Hehehe. We don't ALL sleep with our cousins, so no... I am no redneck. And if you think I am, then I'll hit you over the head with my beer bottle after I run over your ass with my '72 Chevy pick up singing "Sweet Home Alabama". Thank you.

I love the music from the 60's and early 70's. My opinion on the music from the 80's varies from song to song. Country music sucks big diseased dick. PERIOD. Some 90's music is cool , but I prefer the psychedelic era. I love to read, play classical music on the piano, take photographs, and write.

My opinion on sports...Although I do not care for football, baseball, or hockey myself, my fiance does, so I respect the games. Hell, I used to watch soap operas just as often, if not more, so it would be pretty damn hypocritical to bitch at him for watching sports. I DO, however, enjoy golf. I started watching with him, and now I play. My neighborhood has a course, and it is a great one..longest in my'll whoop your ass! We live by the 14th hole, so it's a kick ass view! I would probobly enjoy other sports if I got involved by watching games or going to them, but I can frankly say that THAT won't happen. LOL!

What I think about women who are to cheap to pay for a drink so they drink a soda(and wanted the bartender to make it look like a drink)These dumb bitches will get drunk as shit if some poor bastard is paying. While the guy is probobly thinking he's gonna get a piece, these idiotic lushes either blow them off or pass out in the bathroom with their granny-panties and support hose down at their ankles. For those of you who have worked at a bar, you know what I am talking about! For everyone me, cause it isn't a pretty sight! LOL! I'm a chick, but bitches like that make us all look like cheap, shallow bimbos. Oh, and they take up tables or bar stools for hours and don't tip. To all the drink whores who go to the places I have worked (You know who the fuck you are): Fuck off. Keep your $.50 and save up for a douche. If you are still wondering how you got the shits, it's cause we put visine in your drink. And you need to watch out, because now that I am out of the bar biz I don't have to kiss your ass, and I just might tell your husbands what nasty whores you really are.

Well, that's it for now. Like it or not, this is a bit about me and what I think. I hope you enjoyed my ranting! If it pissed you off then you shouldn't have kept reading it, you dumbass. You can send nasty email to: eatme@yourconvenience . Now piss off.

Grab a beer and have a look around!
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