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The Awakening Islamic Links

Insha-Allah, the publishers of The Awakening magazine
have made every effort to ensure that the links & articles available here offer authentic Islamic material based upon the Qur'an & Sunnah, if users have any comments, suggested links, and/or naseehah, please E-Mail us at the address below.

Please accept our apologies for any Links that haven't beenn working recently. Insha-Allah all Links should be available now, and new Articles will be added soon.

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  • Qur'an - Recitation & Translation
  • Hadeeth Database
  • Articles Relating to Aqeedah
  • Q & A with various Scholars
  • Current Affairs - (As-Siyaasah) - NEW
  • Articles for the Sisters
  • Articles regarding as-Salah
  • Index of Other Articles
  • Stories of the Prophets - NEW
  • Fasting & Ramadhan
  • Rulings on Dress & Appearance
  • Correct Manhaj
  • Regarding Hizbiyyah - NEW ARTICLES
  • Charity Appeal
  • Recommended Islamic Links