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Pumpkin Day - is what we call it!  We celebrate the harvest of this wonderful veg.  So good to eat, carve or decorate.  He is such a versatile and healthy guy!  We share some recipes below.
How lucky we are to have him around.   Enjoy the pumpkin season.  Be safe and have fun!


2 boxes of chocolate cake mix preferably (pudding in the mix)
4 containers of pre-made white icing (any flavor)
Orange food coloring
(or mix red and yellow to get orange)
Green food coloring
Red Food Coloring
Bag of flaked coconut
Bag of candy corn
Tube of green or black icing for writing
1 empty, clean, tall and thin olive bottle
(wash well in hot soapy water, remove labels
2 bundt cake pans
1 individually wrapped round jelly roll cake snack
(this will be for the stem)
Assorted plastic decorative picks

Follow the directions on the cake mix and make two bundt cakes.  Let them completely cool.  While they are cooling you can dump all but 1/2 cup (which will be for the stem icing) of your pre-made icing into a large bowl.  Let it get room temperature and fluff with your electric mixer till all is blended.  Start adding the orange food coloring.  I used two of the 0.25 ounce bottles for the orange.  Next color the 1/2 cup you sat aside for the stem.  I used green, you can make a brown by mixing red and green.  Before you put your Jack 0 Cake together, plan the platform on which you will display it.     I placed a glob of the orange icing onto the tray and then placed one cake top (trimmed) side down onto the glob.  Insert the empty olive jar.  Spread your orange icing onto this cake including the middle up to the olive jar.  Next carefully slide the second cake bottom side down, onto the olive jar, connecting the two.  The olive jar should not protrude from the top of the cake, but should connect the two to help support them.
Now if you are doing this as a gift, you can purchase  cake columns in the cake decorating department of your favorite craft store and use these instead of the olive jar.   Finish
icing your cake.  Take the individually wrapped jelly roll cake and fit it into the top of the Jack O Cake to form a stem.   Spread your green or brown icing onto the jelly roll cake.  Sprinkle coconut and candy corn around the base.  You can color your coconut if you wish by mixing with food coloring, spread it onto a cookie  sheet and place in a 150 oven till dry.  Add assorted decorative picks.  Pipe on words and place in refrigerator till read to serve.  Feeds a Crowd

With the little one at our house having a
October birthday, the Jack O Cake quickly   became a yearly tradition.  What made it even more of a tradition after paying $70.00 to have one made.  I quickly discovered how crafty I could be.  Good Luck and Have Fun!   

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tunes and sounds to use


4 lbs. pumpkin or squash, seeded, peeled and cut in chunks
2 onions, chopped
4 ounces brown uncooked rice
2 lb. finely sliced carrots
2 large cans whole kernel corn
2 1/2 quart vegetable stock, bring to a boil
1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg
2 sticks cinnamon (remove before serving)
1/2 tsp. allspice
1/2 lb. Frozen green peas
Pulp and juice from 2 large oranges (wedge like a grapefruit)
Stir all but oranges together in big pot, cook 45 min. add oranges then serve.  Serves 10

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2 quarts of apple cider
1 can of grape juice concentrate
1 pint of lime sherbet
1 bottle of ginger ale
Use a large pumpkin. Cut off the top and clean out.  Wash well, dry the inside.  Place in freezer for several hours before party.   Add punch ingredients and dry ice to the pumpkin just before your guest arrive. Serve

Happy Pumpkin Day to you!