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A Time For Reflection

As of September, 2004, this site will be going through some renovations. Its relevance now is no less important than it was when it was created in 1997. In fact, it could be more crucial than any of us will ever know. Please forgive the broken links, missing graphics and misspelled words. I have a lot of work do to and this will take some time.


If you are here, you probably came directly here from a netsearch, or you have continued on from the main entrance to this page. I firmly believe, however, that there is a reason for everything. So, if you surfed in here by accident, you are welcome to spend a little time reflecting on the life and death of Michael Hutchence.

Death is a tragic thing. The grieving process is normal and necessary. During the week after Michael's untimely death, we came together at numerous times, to share, to grieve, to laugh, to cry, to be angry. The outpouring of emotions and support from people on the internet was truly incredible. We were, and still are, there for each other. Michael's funeral has come and gone. Some of us had the opportunity to actually be there. Others of us joined together in an online, candlelight chat while the memorial service was taking place. Still others, due to the lack of media coverage in the past week, had even less of an opportunity for some kind of closure. Closure is necessary in order to heal. This page is for us so that, in our own ways, we can begin to heal.

Michael gave us all the gift of his life, the essence that made him the human being he was. INXS gave us the gift of their music, an incredible spirit shared with millions of people through the powerful tool of communicating in song. This page is my gift to anyone who needs it. We need to find the good, and we will. Join me in REFLECTING.

What Has Helped Me

What Has Helped You

How We Can Help Each Other

Help Others ~ In Memory Of Michael

More To Come

The Reflections Message Board
~Share your reflections with each other~

~Since this site has been up I've had some really heart wrenching comments left in the Reflections Book and, unfortunately, I don't have time to personally respond to everyone. I've also had numerous emails from people who feel like they're all alone in their grief, and are just trying to sort through all of their emotions. So I decided to add this message board. Perhaps it will be a way for those who need it to communicate with one another. The value of sharing is amazing. I can't say enough about it. I wish every one of you peace of mind, and heart. Take Care~

A Page Of Tribute Links

If you really need to talk to someone, see if there is anyone in the chat room.

If no one's there, try one of the other chat rooms or call one of these phone numbers.
~A special thanks to Stazya for her work on the ROTO pages. She keeps us up to date on the latest sources of support infomation such as active chat rooms, message boards, memory books, tribute sites and hotline numbers. You will find links to the ROTO pages throughout the Reflections Site.~

You are not alone.

~ A Wonderful Source of Support ~

INXS Mailing list ~ The story of how this list came into being is quite interesting. It's not as active as it once was, but you can read more about it and subscribe to it here.

If you would like to leave a comment, please sign the Reflections Book.

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