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Hail and welcome to Cyprus HEAVY METAL homepage...... I ALiEN` will tell you everything you would like to know about Heavy Metal in our island.

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MeTaL Bands From Cyprus

Other MeTaL Bands From Cyprus

Cyprus metal in the mIRC #MeTaL.Cy

This channel has been registered by SaVaGe18 and ALiEN`.... Both of them love metal so they decided to make this channel in order to gather all the metal IRC users together in one channel. If you have the mIRC you can come and visit as at our channel. I am sure you would have a hell of a time there ! even if you can't speak Greek. You can find more information about #MeTaL.Cy at Alexanders Homepage of Metal.Cy , i have the link to that page at My HELL Links. But if you would like to enjoy more of my satanic page just click on the #MetaL.Cy link!Do it now!!!



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Please send me an e-mail for any suggestions about the page. If you have a band in Cyprus and you have a page about it just put your site as a link above, if you don't have a site then just make one .html file and e-mail it to me... in order to activate it on this page!

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