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The biography

1990-91 During that Winter, Deceased creates his dark project , GODBLOOD. The band that is going to get known in the underground, their releases was spread around the world even a unique & dark reputation of a cult band...

1992 A period for dead people & thoughts.

1993 The first gigs, the band finds it own raw & dead style

1994 their debut demo "flowers" is released on the 14th of November. Great response, as it was reviewed with great words from the Greek Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Pearldrop, Necromance and many other magazines and zines. A lot of zines interviewed the band and many distribution labels bought some copies from this cult demo that is now sold out in 666copies. In the first 4 months over 200 copies was sold out

1995 Godblood concentrate on their live performances and on April they support NIGHTFALL and the audience is more than excited as they play as good as their headliners, On the 20th of May, the band support the Greek Metal Gods ROTTING CHRIST. After those appearances and the good comments they get the band find to have true fans. MOLON LAVE was interesting in releasing them a 7" but later on is R.I.P. After these successful live appearances the media attacks the band as some local mags here put headlines news about the band referring to the bones they was using in concerts, their cover artworks with human skulls and to their vocalist that was usually cutting himself ...

1996 New songs are written as the band develops their style. After 1 year and a half the band appear live 2 days before new year. The band has past a whole year into personal depression...

1997 The band appears only in 1 gig this year again and proves that they are back with their black storm. They enter the studio early in 1997 to record their classic song "A funeral". A bit later Demonion Production from Greece offers them a deal for a 7". Godblood gives the classic first ever recording of this track to be released later in early 1998 as a split ep

1998 On the 11th of January Godblood support for the second time ROTTING CHRIST in a great concert. The comments they get are more than welcomed, as a lot of fans enters the mosh and doing a lot of head-banging even though the band performs mostly new songs. The next month Demonion release their split 7" with Macabre Omen. The amazing thing about this 7" is the pre-orders and the quick selling. Even Throne gets a lot of pre-orders for their cd even though it is coming out in late 98. In the beginning of April the band records a special edition of "Midnight Regionís circle" which is going to be featured in METAL HAMMER(GRE) Hammer Holocaust CD compilation in Junes issue. The band appears as guest with Armageddon, the fathers of the Cyprus metal scene in a great show on the 30th of April and the response is greater than before.

The band is entering Kappa Studio on the 15th of June to record their debut full-length CD "Those Funeral Times" with Koulis Theodorou as the producer. The album will be out late in 1998, a support appearance with SEPTIC FLESH, a release party with ROTTING CHRIST, a gig outside Cyprus and a limited release in 1999 will follow.

I walk my darkest path, with only one expectation, a sudden death... (deceased)

The cover of GODBLOOD first demo "Flowers"

FAX/TEL: 00357-2-332224, ICQ : 4282297

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