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In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most Merciful

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

And who is better in speech than him who calleth towards God, and Doeth Right and sayeth: Lo! I am of those who surrender (unto HIM).
As Salaamu Alaikum ya Muslimeen, and Welcome all Non-Muslims!

All praise and glory be to Allah the Rabb of all the worlds.  May He send peace, and countless blessings upon His Last Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), his Companions (may Allah be pleased with them), and his Family.

I have created this web page to inform Non-Muslims about the beauty of Islam in hope that they will search out this fulfilling, peaceful way of life, and also as an inspiration for all Muslims. 

May Allah allow all of the Muslims of the world to unite as  one, and may He allow us to meet in Jannah (Paradise). 

There is no deity save  Allah, and Muhammad is His servant and Messenger.
Islam is submission to The Almighty.  We Muslims believe in The Almighty Creator, His Angels, His Books, All of His messengers (peace be upon them all), in Predestination, Life after Death and in Accountablility.  These are known as the Seven Beliefs of Islam. 

“Religion is to be sincere and true to Allah, (i.e. obeying Him, attributing to Him what He deserves, and doing Jihad for His sake); 

To Allah’s Messenger (saws) (to respect him greatly, to fight on his behalf both in his lifetime and after his death, and to follow his traditions); 

To the rulers of the Muslims (i.e. to help them in their job of leading Muslims to the right path and alarm them if they are heedless); 

And to the Muslim commons (i.e. to be merciful to them).”  Hadith 

Statement of Allah,  “If they are sincere (in duty) to Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad peace be upon him).”  Chapter 9, verse 91 

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