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Islamic WebSites
The Holy Quran
MSA-USC Hadith Database
Muslims of the Americas
The Almighty (Dawah Page catering to non-Muslims and Muslims alike)
Al Adaab (Living Islam according to the Way of True As Salaf As Salihoon)
Abdul Wahid Ahl as Sunnah (Very informative page on many Islamic topics)
Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jalani's *raa* Page (A comprehensive source for the Shaikh's inspiring words)
Islam on the Rise (Dawah page good for non-Muslims and an inspiration to Muslims)
Conspiricies against Islam (Refutation against many lost sects)
Hizmet Books (Formerly
Islamic Art and Architecture
Azhar Mosque of the Internet
Sarwari Qaderi Silsila (South African Sarwari Qaderi Sufi order)
Muslim Hands (Registered UK based international relief organisation)
Sufi Tradition of Chishti Qadhiri
Saudhouse Corruption (Exposing Saudhouse)
Islamic Directory (Extremely wonderful Islamic links!)

Muslim Businesses
Little Madina Chicken and Chips (HALAL Restaurant!)
Mecca Cosmetices (Superior Skin & Hair Care)
Islamic Post (Subscribe to the Islamic Post)
Topshelf (Natural hair and skin care)
Madina Industrial Corporation (Manufacturer of Fine Fragrances)
Al-Anwar International Boutique (Clothing and Gift products)
Islamic Clothing Al Muhajabat
Lotus Art (Islamic Art)

Personal Pages
Informed Teachers (A resource and an inspiration for all those who educate young minds.)
Imani's Home (Beautifully constructed Islamic site)
Mujahed's Homepage
Khalid's Homepage
Zahrah's Page (A young ladies view on Islam)
Islamic site of Durdana A. Wahid

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