Love Poems Provide a Personal Touch to Any Valentine

Writing love poems for Valentine's Day allows an individual to express his or her emotions in a prepared way. It can help a shy person overcome the awkwardness of saying, "I love you," out loud. For people who have trouble concentrating, it can help focus emotions into tangible thoughts.

Incorporate Poetry Basics in Love Poems

Most people will appreciate receiving a love poem as a gift, even if the person writing it isn't an acclaimed author. While it's the thought that counts, a person can score brownie points by understanding the basics of poetry.

The line acts as the building block for a poem. From its length to its punctuation, the line influences the way a person will read the poetry. In most cases, a poet will place rhymes at the end of a line, but rhyming is not necessary requirement for a poem, even with the quotes you like most.

In connection with the line, the meter also affects the sound of the poem. The meter refers to the pattern of syllables in each line. Poets use stressed and unstressed syllables to create rhythm. Along with the line and the meter, a person can use a variety of writing techniques to add personal touches to a love poem and you can even make poems to seduce a person.

Read Love Poems Aloud

When a person reads, he or she will usually hear the words as if they were reading them aloud. One way to determine the rhyme and rhythm of a poem is to read it aloud and to listen to the flow. If a certain phrase causes a glitch in the pace, the author should rewrite it so it blends in with the poem.

While an individual could present the love poem in written form, he or she might also want to consider reading it aloud to the person receiving it as a gift. Fun ideas for presenting the poem can include making a CD with the poem on it, leaving it as a voice message on a phone or answering machine or recording it in a card that plays the message when the person opens it.

Consider Sample Love Letters or Poems

Many people view love poems as a classic romantic gift made fresh by the writer's personal style and thoughts. For people unsure where to begin, it can help to read Shakespeare's sonnets or love poems from other people.

While the Internet offers many free resources, like Kenneth’s Quote Collection, with sample sweet  and love quotes, not all the information may fit the searcher's personal style. Some Web sites offer a variety of samples but publish any content submitted by members, which means the poems may not have the same tone or quality as something written by a professional poet. There are also cheer quotes and dance poems for teachers that can entertain and warm your hearts.

All though they don't qualify as poetry, love letters and love quotes may act as inspiration. A particular line or turn of phrase can help a person begin to think about different ways to express love through writing.

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