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The Longest Arabic Female Name
It is already July,1 and no one was able to figure out the right answer...!!!!
Well....It was just a tease and I know that it is  a little bit tricky
I received many funny answers such as: "Shajartu Al-durr", "Um Arb3ah Wa arba3een", "Queen Zanubia" and so on..
The answer that I was looking for is "Jamileh", simply because there is " a mile" between the first and the last letter...!!
even if you think about it with arabic spelling you would find that there is a "meel" between the first letter "jeem" and the last letter "ha"

Where to Publish Your Paper
 If you understand it and can prove it, then send it to a journal of mathematics.
 If you understand it, but can't prove it, then send it to a physics journal.
 If you can't understand it, but can prove it, then send it to an economics journal.
 If you can neither understand it nor prove it, then send it to a psychology journal.

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