Frequently Asked Questions

"...sometimes, the only way to get things done is to to do them..."

What are you trying to do here?

The goal of this website is to promote the creation of an officially designated International Peace Trail. The vision of The Peace Trail is of a foot path along the corridor described in the Trail Description. The long term goal is to help create a self-sustaining, self-supporting, world wide commitment to the protection of Earth's natural resources and wilderness areas via an officially sanctioned World Wide Parks and Trails System.

The hope is that The Peace Trail will become the backbone to an internetwork of international organizations joined together to ensure the long-term protection of Earth's fragile and diminishing wilderness areas and natural habitats.

What can I do to Help?

Get involved! Help us keep the dream of The International Peace Trail alive. Promote it. Be a part of it. We need people all over the world to create and promote the grassroots support necessary to get the whole world involved. Because, to actually create the International Peace Trail will require total world wide participation. It is not something one person or one country can do alone. However, a small group of people can work together to promote the idea of the Peace Trail. When people come to see the elegant beauty of nature, the sublime synergy of life on our planet and what we cannot afford to lose by not planning for and preserving these priceless natural habitats and wilderness areas today, the idea will grow and someday there will be an International Peace Trail!

What else can I do?