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"The things to do are: the things that need doing; that you see need to be done, and that no one else seems to see need to be done."
R. Buckminster Fuller

The International Peace trail. Click for larger image

A footpath for those seeking fellowship with Earth

"If you build it, peace will come" ~ Düg Fresh

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The International Peace Trail begins atop the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. After a flight in to Casablanca and then to Agadir, ascend to Jbel Toubkal(4167m) where the trail begins. Follow ridge over Irhil M'Goun (4071m) to Jbel Ayachi (3737m).Descend to Midelt follow road to BouLemane. Ascend ridge to Jbel BouNaceur (3340m) then descend to Taza. Follow ridge to Chaouen, continue on past Tetouan to Ceuta. From here cross the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain.

Spain: From Tarifa, enter the Parque Natural Del Estrecho and Follow trail to the Huerta Grande Visitors Center. Enter the Parque Natural Los Alcornocales and follow trails to Ubrique. From Ubrique, enter the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, follow the A-2302 trail to Rio and follow the CA-9104 trail to Zahara. From Zahara, make for Seville and follow the Camino Mozárabe route of the Camino de Santiago or Way of St. James from Seville to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. Follow the Camino Francés route to the Chemin d’Arles or Voie d’Arles route to Jaca. From Jaca ascend El Turbon (2492m), continue over Cotiella (2912m), Mtes Malditos (3404m)and Pic d'Estats (3141m), following the French-Spanish Border. Pass through Andorra to the border of France.

France/Italy,:From border ascend Col de Puymorens (2921m). Continue over Pic de Madres (2469m)and descend to Beziers. Follow roads through Montpellier, Marseille, Hyeres, St. Raphael, Cannes, Antibes, Nice, and Monaco to Levens. Follow river NE into the French Alps. Ascend Cima dell'Argentera(3297m). Follow French-Italian Border to Mte Viso (3841m).Make way to Bardonecchia. Pass through Modane and St Michel de Maurienne to Val d'Isere. Ascend Grand Paradiso (4061m). Continue on to Mont Blanc (4808m). Pass through Great St. Bernard Pass to Mont Rosa (4634m). Cross border into Switzerland and the Swiss Alps.

Switzerland/Austria: Descend to Brig. Make way to St Moritz. Ascend Piz Bernina (4049m). Pass through Bernina Pass and ascend Ortles(3905m). Descend to Silandro. Make way to Brenner, pass through Brenner Pass and ascend Gran Pilastro (3510m). Continue on to Grofsglockner (3798m) and descend to Badgastein. Pass through Lilienfeld to Bratislava and cross border into Slovakia

Slovakia/Ukraine: Make way to Banska Bystrica. Ascend Dumbier (2043m) continue on to Tatry (2655m) and the Carpathian Mountains. Follow Slovakian-Polish border to Ukrainian border. Enter Ukraine Make way through Romania and Moldova to Odesa. Follow roads through Mykolayiv, Kherson, Dzhankoy, Simferopol, Sudak, Feodosiya, Kerch... Make way to Sochi. Enter the Caucusus Mountains and ascend Elbrus (5642m). Continue over Dykh Tau (5203m), Shkhara (5201m), Uilpata (4638m), Kazbek (5047m), Argun (4494m), Diklosmta (4276m), and Gora (4466m). Enter Azerbaijan, descend to Baki.Follow road to Astara, cross border into Iran

Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan/India: Follow roads through Rasht, Ghaem Shahr, Sari, Gorgan, Bojnurd, and Quchan, to Mashhad. Cross border into Afghanistan. Make way to Herat, enter the Hindu Kush. Pass through Nayak, enter Kuh-e Baba region, ascend Shah Fuladi (5143m).Descend to Farakhulm and make way to Kabul. Follow roads through Sarowbi and Jalalabad to Khyber pass and the border to Pakistan.Follow roads through Nowshera, Dargai, Mongoba, and Drosh to Chitral. Ascend Tirich Mir (7690)and continue over Sad Istragh (7367m), and Lunkho (6901m).Descend to Vakhan. Follow roads through Langar, and Buzai Gumbad to Mingteke. Make way to Mazar. Ascend to Aghil Pass and enter the Karakoram Range. Continue to K2 (8611m) and border of India.Continue to Gasherbraum (8068m) and Masherbraum (7821m). Descend to Parkutta. Follow roads through Marol, Kargil, Nurla, Sutak, Kibar, Dankhar and Sangnam to Kalpa. Enter the Himalayas and ascend to Nilang. Ascend Gangotri (6614m),continue over Kedarnath Pk. (6940m),and Badrinath Pks (7068m). Descend to Mana. Ascend Kamet (7756m), continue to Nanda Devi (7816m), and Trisul (7127m). Descend to Askot and ascend to Api (7132m). Descend to Darma pass and border to China.

China/Tibet/Nepal: Follow roads through Barang and Barga to Darchen. Circumambulate Mt. Kailash 14 times. Return to Barang. Follow roads to border of Nepal. Continue through Simikot, Galwa, and Jumla to Tibrikot. Ascend Dhaulagiri (8167m) and descend to Tukche. Ascend Annapurna (8091m) and descend to Pokhara. Follow roads to Kathmandu. Turn prayer wheels at Swayambhunath. Follow road to Namche Bazar and ascend Mt. Everest (8848m). Pay respects to Chomolungma. Make way to Mt. Makalu (8463m) and descend to Flatia. Ascend Kangchenjunga (8586m) and descend to Mangan. Follow roads through Gagtok and Yadong to Thimphu. Ascend Chomo Lhari (7313m) and descend to Guru. Follow roads through Qonggyai, Nedong, and Nang to Qabnag. Ascend Namoha Barwa (7756m) and descend to Wulang. Follow roads through Kangri Karpo Pass, Rawu, Baxoi, Zogang, Markam, Chubalung, Batang, Litang, and Yajiang to Kangding. Ascend Gongga Shan (7514m) and descend to Tianguan. Follow roads through Ya'an, Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyangi, Guangyuan, Hanzhong, Xi'an, Luo Yang, and Shijiazhuang to Beijing. Continue through Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, and Bei'an to border of Russian Federation.

Russian Federation: From Blagoveshchensk follow roads through Tynda, Yakutsk, and Orotukan to Omsukchan. Make way through Khrebet Kolymskiy region, Evensk, Gizhiga, Ust'Penzhirro, Kamenskoye, Penzhino, Markovo, Otrozhnyy, Uel'Kal, Egvekinot, and Lul'tin to Vankarem. Cross Bering Stait to North American Continent.

North American Continent: From Point Hope in Alaska, enter the Brooks Range. Follow Delong Mts through Endicott Mts to Philip Smith Mts. Descend to Stevens Village. Follow roads through Fairbanks to Anderson. Ascend Mt Hayes ( 4216) and continue over Wrangell Mts. to St. Elias Mts. Enter Canada and Yukon Territory. Ascend Mt. Logan (6050)and descend to Haines Junction. Follow roads through Whitehorse and Teslin Lake to Border of British Columbia. Follow roads to Toad River. Ascend Mt. Roosevelt(2972), Churchill Pk. (2819), Mt. Stalin (2819), Mt. Sylvia (2972) and Great Snow Mtn. (2896). Descend to Sikanni Chief. Follow roads through Pink Mountain, Fort St. John, and Dawson Creek to Tumbler Ridge. Ascend Sentinal Pk. ( 2515), continue over Mt. Sir Alexander (3279). Descend to Border of Alberta. Pass through Willmore Wilderness Prov. Park and ascend Mt. Chown (3331). Continue over Mt Robson (3954) and enter Mt. Robson Prov. Park. Continue to Jasper National Park and ascend Mt. Edith Cavell (3363), Mt. Alberta (3619), and Mt. Columbia (3747). Pass through Rocky Mountains Forest Preserve, Yono Nat. Park, Kootenay Nat. Park, and ascend Mt. Assiniboine (3618), Mt. Joffre (3449), and Mt. Lyall (2950). Pass through Waterton Lakes Nat. Park and the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and continue to border of the United States and the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). Enter Glacier Nat. Park and follow the CDT though the Lewis Range. Descend to Helena. Cross the Absaroka range and ascend Gannet Peak (4202). Descend to Lander. Continue through Medicine Bow Mts to Rawlins Pass. Continue through Mt. Zirkel Wilderness, Never Summer Wilderness, Rocky Mountain National Park, Indian Peaks Wilderness,Vasquez Wilderness, Holy Cross Wilderness, Mt Massive Wilderness, and Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. Descend to Monarch Pass. Continue through Lagarita Wilderness to Weminuche Wilderness and descend to Cumbres Pass. Ascend Wheeler Peak (4011) and descend to Taos. Make way to Tsoddzil, the Turquoise Mountain and ascend. Return to the CDT and follow to the border of Mexico. Follow Sierra Madre Occidental to S. Pablo. Ascend Atlacomulco (3633) and descend to Mexico City. Ascend Nevado de Toluca (4577) and Popocatepetl (5452) and descend to Peublo. Follow roads to border of Guatemala.

Central and South America: Make way through,Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, to Columbia. From the border enter the Andes Mountains. Follow roads through Mendellin to Sonson and ascend ridge. Follow ridge to N.del Ruiz (5399). Descend to Ibague. Continue along ridge through Parque Nacional Las Hermsas and ascend N.del Auila (5750). Continue over Volcan de Purnace (4686) and descend to Popayan. Follow roads through Pasto to Tuquerres. Ascend N. de Cumbal (4764) and descend to border of Ecuador.Enter the Ecuadoran Andes Follow road though Tulcan to Ibarra. Ascend Volcan Cayambe (5790) and continue over Co Antisana (5704), Vol Cotopaxi (5896), and descend to Latacunga. Follow roads through Cuenca and Saraguro to Loja. Pass through Parque Nacional Podocarpus. Continue to border of Peru, enter the Peruvian Andes. Follow roads through San Ignacio to Jaen. Pass through Parque Nacional Curervo. Follow roads through Huambos, Chotta, Cajamarca, and Corongo to Huaylas. Ascend Nev. de Huascaran (6768) and pass through Parque Nacional Huascaran. Ascend Yerupaja (6634) and descend to Huanuco. Follow roads through Ayacucho, and Ahuaylas to Antabambo. Pass through Cord de Huanzo and discover source of Amazon River. Continue over Nev de Ampato (6310), Nev de Chachani (6075) and El Misti (5822). Descend to Arequipa and follow roads through Omate, Moquegua, Llo and Tacnia to border of Chileand the Chilean Andes. Ascend Vol. Tacora (5988) and descend to Lagos.Follow road to Charana and border of Bolivia. Enter Parque Nac. Luaca and ascend Nev Sajama (6542), Guallatiri (6060), Co Cabaraya (5869), Sillajhuay (5998). Descend to Lilicia. Follow roads through Julacia, to Ollague. Ascend Co Aucanquilcha (5118) and descend to Calama. Ascend Vol Licancabur (5921), and Co Zapaleri (5655). Follow border of Argentina over Co del Rincon (5594),Co Pular (6225) and descend to Socompa. Ascend Vol Llullaillaro (6723), Vol Anotfalla (6440), Sanevada (6400) and descend to Paso de San Francisco. Ascend Ojos del Salado (6908), Vol Copiapo (6080) and descend to La Guardia. Pass through Paso de Pena Negra and ascend Co de Petro (5830). Descend to Paso del Inea and ascend Co de Toro (6380), Co Las Tortolas (6332), Co del Olivares (6282), Ollitas (5620), Co Merrecedario (6770), Co Aconeagua (6960), Juncal (6060), Cerro Tupungato (5682), Vol San Jose (5830), Vol Maipo (5390)Sosneado P. de las Damas (5160), Vol Peteroa (4090), Co Mora (3650), Campanario (4020) and descend to Banos Maule. Make way to Parque Nac. Laguna de Laja, ascend Vol Copahue (2969). Pass through Parque Nac. Tolhuaca, Parque Nac. Villarrica, Parque Nac. Nahue and ascend Ventisquerro (2300). Pass through Parque Nac. Los Alerces, Parque Nac. Quellat and descend to Simpson. Enter Valentin Parque Nac. and ascend Monte San Valentin (4058), continue to San Rafael and descend to San Carlos. Make way through the Parque Nac. Bernardo O'Higgins and Parque Nac. Los Glaciares to the Parque Nac. Torres del Paine and the end of the IPT. Depart from Puerto Natales.

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