Welcome to Bharat Sevashram Sangha

Welcome to Bharat Sevashram Sangha


Message of the great Acharya for the Humanity

Sangha-Vani are the great truth realized and applied in the life by the Sangha-Lord
What is the Goal? -Self Realization -Universal Emancipation
What is Religion? Self-Sacrifice - Self-Discipline Adherence to truth & Continence.
What is real Death? -Forgetfulness of the self .
What is real Life? -Self-realization -Self-remembrance - -&Self-consciousness.
What are real Virtues ? -Heroism -Virility -Manliness- & Aspiration of Emancipation
What are real Sins? -Weakness Fear(Defeatism) -Cowardice Meanness & Selfishness.
What are real sources of strength? - Patience -Fortitude - &Endurance.
What are Assets? -Self-Confidence -Self-Reliance &Self-Respect.
9.What are real Enemies? Indolence -Slumber -Procrastination-Inertia -Lustful Senses & Passions.
What are real Friends? Energy,Initiative Enthusiasm and Perseverance "The essence of Religion lies in its Practice and Realisation.Spirituality is not something to be gained by scriptural studies or from hearsay.Mad indeed is the one who thinks of unraveling the mysteries of spiritual life with the help of a mind torn by passions,tyrannized by the senses and agonised by carnal hankerings".


The more you can lead your mind from the worldly affairs to the inner world,the more your mind becomes serene and then you will attain discrimination and non-attachement.
No sins,vices and allurements can touch one who realizes that his perishable body will ultimately be reduced to ashes.
Man wants power and peace.where there is restraint there is power and power begets peace,surely.
The body and the mind become strong,healthy,and vigorous by the control of the senses and subjugation of passions and thereby veritable power and peace are attained.
He who is firm in his vow and steadfast in resolution and can attain successs in any sphere.
Boundless and infinite energy,power,valour and gallantry lie dormant in man.These are developed only by proper exercise and by constant application and culture.
If you meditate on an utter the holy names of God then you will understand everything.Mind does not become pure without meditation and repetition of God's sacred names,and without purification of the mind,pure knowledge is not attained and without pure knowledge,the inner meaning of religion is not realised.

 -Without self-examination and self-investigation along with your daily activities, no progress can be achieved. So do not indulge in any continuous activity on the plea of duty, forgetting your own mission.

-Carry on your fight ceaselessly and untiringly. The momentary weakness will disappear. You should maintain your distinctive attitude and devote yourself to your special task in a different world of your own.

-Always and under all conditions stick to your own principles and ideals. Otherwise your firmness will fall back and laxity will destroy your spiritual life.

-Respect your own thoughts and character. Is the man who cannot respect his own self,respected by anyone else in the world?

-Do not hesitate to stake your life to accomplish your objective and to finish the work started, Shake off weakness.


Life only demands from you the strength you possess.

Mastery elevates and servitude debases.

Knowledge is not for mere display but for practical application.

Society in every country shapes itself out of its own initiative.

Hatred is no substitute for happiness.

In open societies, ideas are challenged by ideas alone.

A nation that loses its identity or sense of mission can never progress healthily.

The essence of man as a moral and spiritual being is that he is a knowing being.

Science seems ready as a final gift to confer upon us the power to remove all human life from this planet.

The existence of everything depends on some conditions.

By yourself you can do nothing. Seek a friend.

Every culture has its intellectual defenders.