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I KNEW MY ANGEL WAS WITH ME, I FELT THE PRESENCE OF HANDS ON MY HANDS AS MY CAR PLUNGED DOWN THE STEEP EMBANKMENT. MY CAR SHOULD HAVE FLIPPED AND EXPLODED INTO FLAMES, BUT IT DID NOT. I ESCAPED WITH MINOR PHYSICAL INJURIES,BUT MY PRIDE AND JOY WAS GONE. I was a victim of Road Rage at 17. I am pictured here with my best girl, Betsy. She gave her life for mine on Mother's Day, 1998. She was a gift to me from my Mom and Dad. She had been my mom's car and I wanted to take her and restore her completely. My parent's told me, if I kept my grades up and found a part-time job to help pay my insurance and part of the restoration, she would be mine on my 17th birthday. I kept my end of the bargain and my dad put her in the shop to have part of the work done so she would be safe for me to drive to work. I had been working on her since I was 15 and all that was left to do was a valve job on one of cylinders and a new paint job. I found a part-time job as a sacker at a local grocery store. I did my school work each day from 8 to noon,(I have two brothers and we home school),worked on my car from noon to 3, then went to work from 5-10. I was doing my best to do it all right and I WAS! On mother's day, 1998, my life was completely ripped apart. I had my mom's cell phone and called to let her know I was off work and headed home. It was around 4 p.m. I was driving along enjoying the quiet Sunday afternoon and the thrill of being behind the wheel of my first car. I had put blood, sweat and tears into her, little did I know just how much I was really fixing to put into her. I was about 3 miles from home when suddenly from out of no where a RED F150 Ford Pick-up (new one), was on my rear bumper. The driver was shaking his fist and blowing his horn. I was on a four lane highway and in the left lane(fast lane)as I was approaching the turn off to come through the tiny East Texas town we live in. I was going between 55 and 60 mph. Apparently, not fast enough for this guy. I looked to my right and gave my signal to move to the right lane. But, I could not change lanes at this time as another car was in the right lane. At this point, I became very nervous. The driver of the car in the right lane finally backed off so I could proceed to change lanes. At that instant, the driver of the Ford F-150, went around me on my right side and I thought he was going to hit me. He then slowed to my speed and made a obscene jester with his middle finger, then he sped off. I decided at that point, he was gone and I would go ahead and move to the right lane and proceed home down the highway instead of going through town, as it was about a mile and a-half closer, I just wanted to be home! As I rounded the curve, I noticed the Ford F-150 had slowed down and was in the left lane. (This shook me, as my mom had warned me about crazy drivers on the road. She had told me, people carry guns these always drive carefully and never deliberately cut anyone off. (She told me if I did cut someone off accidentally, to wave a friendly, I'm sorry, and move on.) I gripped my steering wheel and looked straight ahead, I knew this guy was angry, and I just wanted to get home. Suddenly, the guy jerked his vehicle in front of mine and hit his brakes. I jerked instinctively to the right and this sent my car out of control and hurling down the embankment. I had no brake control in the tall, slick grass that grows on the side of the road. This man never stopped, he just kept going. All I could hear was his wheels squeeling as he sped off. Then I hit the utility pole. It did not knock me out. With blood all in my face, the first thing I managed to do was call home. After that, I went into shock. I had taken drivers education in public school and I was never taught or told anything about this new killer, "road rage", or how to handle it. It was no where on any of the test, either State of Texas or at the school. I had to learn the hard way. We may never catch this guy as even under hypnosis, I could only remember part of his tag number. But I do HOPE SOME HOW, MY STORY WILL HELP SAVE A LIFE......PLEASE SHARE IT WITH OTHER TEENS God Bless & Keep you safe!



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