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1965 Chevy 3/4 Ton Custom Step-side
(the motor)
Well, here is where I started. I put in a 350 CI with a Holly-Rochester Super Quad carb in it to start with. She has a low geared rear end, which I am leaving alone. Her Transmission is 4 speed granny. Everything under her hood is new. NEXT: Comes the rewiring, major task. If you have any ideas, email me. I will let you know how I come out as I go. She will need new supports under the bed. New brakes, new tires, springs, (got her new shocks in), new exhaust. Frame & Body are in remarkable shape.  She sat in a barn for 10 years. She had cab lights added to the top that I will be removing. She was owned by a old farmer and she was used for hauling and other tasks on the farm as well as trips to town. I will be adding a wooden floor to the bed. She has a few rusts spots and holes along the doors in the cab that I will be addressing soon.

My main objective now is to get her road ready :)

UPDATE NOVEMBER 1999: She now has NEW BRAKES, NO HOOD LIGHTS, NEW TIRES, SPRINGS, EXHAUST OVER HAULED, HOLES PATCHED & SHE IS PRIMED FOR PAINTING, WIRING HAS NOW BEEN OVER HAULED..BUT...I HAVE RUN INTO A PROBLEM..All the electronics now work but something keeps draining her battery and I cannot find what it far..any suggestions???
WELL...I finally had a professional re-wire my entire truck and all is working now. Battery is keeping a charge. Thanks to all who offered suggestions :)



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