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"Having Fun...Being Me"


Who is Sherry, she is one of five girls that were raised in Southern Maryland.



We grew up on the Chesapeake Bay so I thought I'd show you a little bit about that.
Maryland is famous for the blue crab and I used to dream about crabs in my sleep as a kid from
all the hours and days of crabbing.
But it was excellent ice cream money, (what I was allowed to keep, the rest went for school clothes in fall).
The summer cottages would fill with people from the cities. And they loved crabs.
After you surf the links attached to the crab below, some of you may wonder how that could be



Of course there was lot's of swimming and skiing during the summer.
Another favorite of mine is fishing.
(Pic below is a Rockfish from the '01 fall season on the Chesapeake Bay)
With that I'll skip straight to my pond.


Click the Pond for more and Bigger Pictures - Coming Soon




All About Ben

*He Came, He Saw and He Squirted*



Some of my Favorite Stories and Things

Al Capone and O'Hare

One Small Step for Mankind.....

- More to Come -



Last and probably Least -

All about where I work

- Coming soon -


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