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~Ben seeking crickets to devour - His fave pastime~



Ben, a native of Australia, a white tree frog. He was a gift to me for my birthday in April of '99.
It's been a very interesting experience to say the least. No book could tell me what to expect from this frog.
Where does anyone write about how they squirt water out the ole behind? I'm not talking a
little stream either, this is a definite hose job, and can take a radius of ~3 ft..
My gosh... if he was defending, just glad he always aimed away from my face.
Maybe, the wet t-shirt idea came from a white tree frog ;-)


~Ben contemplating life as we know it and the meaning of it all
( either that or he is all shagged out after munching on a gazillion crickets ) :) ~



Then this stuff about shedding? Where is that in the book?
I actually thought Ben was checking out for bigger trees at one point, ... all slimy,
funky, eyes glazed, making some crying noises, the under-tummy looking stained leading me
to believe he had some red-leg disease. I would watch this frog do what no belly dancer could do,
you talk about roll your tummy... gracious, my Ben was turning into a Big Ben.


~Ben doing his highly credentialed and critically acclaimed verion of "Water Follies " ~



But it has been a wonderful experience, to watch this frog. Ben is cute just sitting, all plump,
looking quite bored in his water bowl or on his log home. Sometimes sucked up at the top of the vivaria
But when you feed him, it's amazing how he sit's up and looks like a dog.
And I believe I know why they have that blunt snout, he's nailed more than crickets, silkworms, and pinky mice...
I've watched him smack into the glass, blink his eyes, mouth opens wide; as if to check out his functions....
and then continues to the business of getting his prey once again.



~ Ben showing his best side for the camera :) ~


They say not to handle a white too often, I don't listen very well... we have spent a lot of time together,
Ben's favorite spot is, ..... o.k., use your imagination. And they say a happy frog is very lime green,
Ben is a happy frog. But he doesn't like camera's. Ben turns immediately brown after a flash.
Guess you can't blame him since he's a night-time Litoria caerulea.



~ Ben wishing you a fond farewell from his home on the 'net ~


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