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Dance the Marble Naked

  • Kneading with honey 6:58
  • My oceans vast 6:27
  • The touch of a crown 4:33
  • Carve me in sand 4:37
  • Summer for the dames 5:49
  • God send 6:42
  • Of acorns that gather 4:40
  • Meadows 2:58

    Kneading with Honey

    O never a breath to hold me
    Silent is the unstrung harps (in play)
    The laying of wedding sheets down
    Envy the masters of my passions

    Shape me,
    I am as wet as a widow's eye
    A youth before my sight
    Lays naked through this earth

    So with nature's gentle bosoms forgot
    Our age like winters bare
    Sisters, brothers of heavenly touch
    Flatter to passing fairs

    Gather their scarlet ornaments
    As passions likewise lent me
    Put a curse upon our bones
    And indeed beneath the shoulders

    Crossing the running rivers
    The oak tree stands withered these years
    I am naked here to suckle from nature
    And shade from males obscenity

    I dance the sickles hour

    O how like glorys calm me
    Its kindness, reads my eyes
    Hence these years
    Yet us then rejoice hereafter

    Notorious brides of scorn
    Decorate them with awe
    Bekiss the discord breed
    And tend to its virginity

    Feed the invert with decay
    For its humour shines kindly

    My Oceans Vast

    The fear, passing faith, death upon my knees
    The tears from your eyes, shadows that sign

    I hold the earth within my hands,
    O take the beauty that glimpsed you first
    Thrash the world within your shores
    It's in your arms that I die

    Turn your eyes towards my sympathy
    O be my thoughts to dance the earth with me
    Take my hand as if it was yours and see
    The glimpse of dreams your oceans bring

    I hold the earth within my hands
    O take the beauty that glimpsed you first
    Thrash the world within your shores
    It's in your arms that I die

    Hold on to me all beauty is prospered in you
    Your envy has poisoned the hearts of many
    O of many, my oceans vast, I pour in you

    For love I have journeyed a thousand times
    Even upon the backs of many have I drowned
    Here in your arms I would steal from fear
    Suffer with me now and I might fright the world

    The Touch of a Crown

    The grief that lies bleeding in me
    No less in pity than in glory
    O creatures that are dearest to me...
    ...put on your crowns

    I look into the sky and dream of oceans that are vast
    O go to them, it is the vow of mine...
    ...danger lies ahead

    With you my sensual queen of natural conception
    That your hands find the eiderdown hard
    Body of heavenly picture and flower
    It is you that holds the secret to all our worlds

    Of all your pleasures, beauty, that I taste
    So true in bondage that I fresh the mind
    O free my lungs that others of thought forbid
    My soul has but ached,
    But still I am all that's left of you

    Sit my lover, upon your throne
    If chains are of words, my heart is worn
    O shall the voices be as pleasing as forever
    And forever naked I stand amongst you

    The grief that lies bleeding in me
    No less in pity than in glory
    O creatures that are dearest to me...
    ...I search in doubt

    Honour, honour that I feel
    I am no more worthy that I am human
    Let your tongue lesh me...
    ...and rain, yes it shall rain

    I am yours forever

    Carve me in Sand

    Such are lovers more than grace can seem
    The pictures of the immaculate
    Even their heaven bows to this earth

    The fairest, beautiful and withered
    Not even nature's own shapes can imagine
    Shameless and splendid with youth
    The winds now blow with feathers
    And tomorrow I wer them

    How the trees bow to subtlety
    And eden has fathered their souls
    Savour the nights for rain
    Your impetus has left me shapeless
    Beat the passion and carve me in sand

    Wondrous skills, fountains of the tomorrow
    A journey for dead lovers as even grief was sorry
    My smiles leap through the ashes (and touching with pain)
    I touch with pain
    Such a poetry I have answered desire
    And as ever the innocent sleep within
    Temptation lays to beating hands

    Summer for the Dames

    Inbossom my head forth, lead me into silent poetry
    Wretchedness leaves my eyes desired
    As labouring claims those golden hairs
    Come appetise my tongue to heavenly moistures
    Do lend a breast to gaze upon
    Have in summers past all pleasures
    Or be them winded in my forehead (fill your dowry needs)
    Sleepless (the sound of crashing waves)
    Make thyself aroused to a flood of tears
    In streaks of day, when owls do cry
    And fables tread the primrose path
    All that bares in fruit
    Sits under the bough that blossoms
    Coral lips with a pleasing tale
    Touches as a flower with frost
    Have like twenty kisses and bide where the billows spoke

    Harrow me up with glutton lips, make good the yeast
    Endeaver thyself as a whore
    Then I'll take towards no pity
    O sweet dames like infants of the spring

    God Send

    With grace my mother can you play the harp
    Like an angel to a saint
    I feel so lonely the loved falling far from grasp

    Dei gratia,
    heal the wounds that cut so deep
    To never cease feeling such misery, so real
    To utter with a lisp, so subtle
    Ab initio ad finem

    I kiss your forehead
    You clasp to my palms
    The uterus from which gave birth
    Stares withered and sopine
    Hide the cries you so hear
    Stripping you so naked
    Wipe the sweat from your brow
    Weeping to a given drought

    The shrouding of the light
    Death is your god send
    Upon your final breath the skin upon my arm rigours
    Deus misereatur de profundis quantum libet
    Taedium vitae esto perpetua

    Of Acorns that Gather

    In graceful dance of ever, as fountains have towered above me
    The days of celebration and that of the foul lake
    Fathers of the knell...
    ...burn up the sun

    And pluck me from my ripeness
    As passion dies
    As love itself has failed
    And unto the earth we thrive
    Of acorns that gather and cradle to kindest of ears
    Even they are judged to a wintertide...
    ...judged by sorrow days
    Through windows of sunken eyes
    As time leads our summer's on
    Nothing but idle tales...
    ...and flowers yet to be fair

    Make the berries glutton with awe
    Borrowed tears like a troubled ocean, thorns
    Of earth's delight
    Gathered like spreading fields for a fallow year
    Deflower for love is a fever...
    ...and I swear from time...
    ...I even pity beauty itself

    updated: 05-06-98
    Email: Whoracle

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