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heads have been counting, since 22-01-98

  • Paul - vocals
  • Marc - guitar
  • Steve - guitar
  • Mark - bass
  • Chris - drums

    Check the lyrics of the Dance the Marble Naked album!

    Enchantment - quite the name for a band. One suspects that this is what they have planned for their audiences, and indeed they do. The band and especially the singer, Paul Jones, are themselves enchanted - their world is the world of magic, specifically the magical world of sexuality both mental and physical. It is sexuality, the sacral element, which they find at the core of human existence. In his lyrics, Jones feels his way through that which is usually left unspoken. The primeval forces of love and sexuality are the themes which Enchantment are continually searching for new ways of expressing through their musical medium. And as the following verses show, the claim that William Shakespeare is a lyrical mentor for Jones may be bold but not necessarily incorrect:

    "The laying of wedding sheets down Envy the masters of my passions Shape me, I am as wet as a widow's eye A youth before my sight, lays naked through this earth"

    The madly unrestrained and at times barely articulated singing of Jones stands is stark contrast to these polished texts. His poetic obsession being cushioned by the almost monumentally defiant stability of the music. Enchantment is the product of two generations: The uncomplicated, heavy, and yet elegant inheritance of Black Sabbath is mixed with the anger and aggression of youth and Death Metal. The band stands at the end of a continuum which began with Paradise Lost and Tiamat and was carried on through bands such as My Dying Bride and Anathema. Enchantment is another jewel in the crown of the diverse English music world. Originating in Blackpool, the band has already acquired widespread acclaim on native soil. Opening up for such well-known acts as Bolt Thrower, Enchantment has established a name for itself in the local scene.

    Dance The Marble Naked is Enchantment's second release, their first being the demo A Tear For Young Eloquence. This latest release was produced by Hammy - already famous for his work with bands such as Paradise Lost - and recorded at the reputable Academy Studios in Dewsbury, January 1994. Dance The Marble Naked is an album full of conflicts, powerful and searching - a diamond in the rough which has the makings of something truly big. Unfortunately the band seemingly fell off the face of the earth, perhaps finally succumbing to the melancholy chords struck on their debut album...which fittingly appears to serve as their epitaph as well. For lyrics click HERE

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    This information is from Century Media. The page is not updated and I've got no news about Enchantment. When I got information about Enchantment, I'll put it on this site. But Dance... has been out for 4 years now, so I think they broke up!! Check out the

    updated: 05-06-98


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