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The Verdict Is In.
The People Said NO to MAPS.
This site was created in advance of the 1998 MAPS referendum in Birmingham, Alabama.
It is being maintained because there is still some interest in MAPS today.

Maps & Legends
What is MAPS?
Where will the money go?
Who wants MAPS?
What's so bad about MAPS?
Are there alternatives?
How can I find out more?
How can I get involved?

How can I get involved?

First, are you registered to vote? If not, you're too late: The deadline was Friday, July 24, 1998. But you might as well go ahead and register for the next time: [Where and how to register]

[Comment online] There are several Internet opportunities to express your view on MAPS:

[Write a letter to the editor]

[Volunteer] with MAPS: <>
[Volunteer] with RAPS: 933-1805, <>

What is RAPS, anyway?

RAPS ("Real Accountability, Progress, and Solutions") is was a volunteer group organized to oppose MAPS. According to the Birmingham News, RAPS was launched by members of the Highland Avenue Neighborhood Association. Among the leadership are (in alphabetical order):

(Note: The "MAPS & Legends" web site is not affiliated with RAPS.)

Blake is widely known in Birmingham for his adversarial stance regarding Mayor Richard Arrington. Some citizens have leapt to the conclusion that the MAPS issue is simply a quarrel between the "Arrington camp" and the "Blake camp." Others hesitate to take a position because of their distaste for both men and their sometimes childish conflicts.

However, neither Arrington nor Blake is among the "prime movers" on this issue. It is very important that each individual evaluate the MAPS proposal for himself or herself, without being distracted by personalities and hype!

Of course, these comments represent one individual's opinion - as does the whole web site. Meanwhile, if you want to share your opinion on MAPS, you have several options on the Internet.

And don't forget the tried-and-true "Letter to the Editor."

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