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T H E    D E S T A R A     C H R O N I C L E S

The Story...

The great empires of the galaxy have fallen... crushed under the foot of the invincible Destara Imperium and it's legions of transformable cybernetic warriors. None have ever defied the Destara for long and lived to tell the tale. The Imperium has ruled countless star systems for millennia, it's power undeniable. All living to serve it's mysterious dark master, the being Deceptar...
But on a distant world, one of their own number will begin to question everything he's been taught and challenge the establishment in which he's believed in for so long. As he embarks on a journey of light, nothing will ever be the same again...

Originally created in 1993, The Light Odyssey ran throughout the first ten issues of the fanzine Trans-Scrypt (94-96). I had always hoped to restart the fanzine at some point and get the further stories in this universe that I had intended to write published. Inspired by the Star Wars special editions, in 1998 I rewrote the prologue of the story completely and decided to rewrite the entire story later on, publishing it in collected form as I'd always wanted to do.  It took far longer then planned to finish--I  rewrote about three chapters and lost them in a computer crash a few weeks later. A combination of real life responsibilities and a lack of inspiration delayed my getting back to work on the project until 2004. Finally, it's done!

The same kind of intense action and story fans of Transformers have come to love. Don't miss out on this exciting volume!

ORDER TODAY!! (paperback or ebook!)

Check out a sample of the novella here: sample one, sample two.

The book in question...

 To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the original publication of The Light Odyssey, may I present these all-new tales. These stories will eventually help comprise the second volume of The Destara Chronicles (whenever I get it finished). These stories take place after the first story (The Light Odyssey. Use the link above to download the ebook!) so I recommend reading that story first so these make sense. 

Dark Interlude. Straxus and Switchblade discuss recent events in their Universe.

The Project. Deceptar schemes to expand his power to the nth degree!

Matters of Survival. A Rebel pilot awakens in the worst possible place and must fight to survive.

The Farewell. Fury lost his twin brother and he must deal with the pain or be consumed by it.

Character Profiles

The Renegades

Thunderbolt Fury Firewind
Firestrike Lift Off Earthquake
Patch Up Venom
Rock n' Roll


Draxx Starr

Miscellaneous (still under construction)

Stormhawk mecha

Work is currently underway on the sequel to The Light Odyssey novella. The second book will be a collection of short stories set in the TLO universe entitled Light and Dark. It will be released when it's ready. :)