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JC Chasez Gives Up Sex
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JC Chasez is putting a stop to his sex dreams. After his single "All Day Long I Dream About Sex" failed to ignite much of a spark at radio, perhaps because it was too controversial in the wake of his friend Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl stunt with Janet Jackson, the 'NSYNC singer has scrapped plans to promote the song this summer and will instead focus on "Build My World." "I'm pretty proud of it," JC said of the ballad last week. "The song is just about everybody, what they're searching for. I finally released a love song. I had fun with my party songs and everything and now I'm releasing a love song, something a little more serious, something that people can sink their teeth into." Just a few weeks ago, at KIIS-FM's Wango Tango festival in Pasadena, California, Chasez said he had just finished the video for "All Day Long," which he called "the best video I've ever been in." Todd Kellstein (Bon Jovi's "Everyday") directed the clip, which features performance footage along with parodies of porno movies. "When I told him my ideas and stuff like that, he just got it," Chasez said of Kellstein. "He was just like, 'I'm on it, you got it. You watch it, I'm gonna nail it.' And he sure did, man. Hit a home run." The "All Day Long" video, however, was not submitted to MTV, and Chasez is now kicking around ideas for "Build My World," which he hopes to shoot in the coming weeks. Ever since "Some Girls (Dance With Women)" was released earlier this year, Chasez has been arguing that the songs on Schizophrenic are more for fun than controversy. And that includes "All Day Long." "It's just a safe, fun song," he said. "It's talking about 'I think about it, I dream about it, I want it bad.' " After shooting a video for "Build My World," Chasez will return to the road, headlining club dates and opening for Britney Spears in some cities. "I've pretty much covered every kind of venue on this tour," JC said. "I've been in stadiums, arenas and clubs, but mainly I've been really beatin' it up in clubs and kind of starting from the ground up. Everyone's heard an 'NSYNC record, but nobody's heard a JC record, so I feel like I have to earn the public's trust. So I've been getting sweaty, shakin' hands and getting down again, and it feels really good. I feel like it's genuine." In his free time, Chasez has also been helping Robb Boldt, who produced much of Schizophrenic, with his friend Paris Hilton's album. "She just asked me for some input and things like that, and I'm willing to give it to her," JC said. "She has been a great friend to me over a few years, so when she wanted my ideas, I threw some her way. Whether she uses them or not we'll see. But she's got something in store for everybody. I think everybody will be pretty surprised."

Justin, Enjoying The Single Life, Gets Down With Horde Of 'Senoritas'
Justin Timberlake certainly knows how to enjoy the single life. The singer just wrapped up his latest video for the song "Senorita" and in the clip he's not just wooing one or two girls, but a room full of bodacious beauties. Timberlake, who's currently on tour with Christina Aguilera on the Justified and Stripped Tour, is at his most provocative on the song, the fourth single from his multiplatinum solo album, Justified With a vibe that conjures up the dusty, sultry imagery of a Spanish roadhouse, Timberlake is in full playa mode, surrounded by — as a label rep put it — lots of "Latin mamis" for the Spanish-themed song. Last month, at his tour kickoff in Phoenix Timberlake was asked about the concept of the video, which was then still in the idea stage. Would he be aiming his affections at just one lovely lady? "No," the pop star said. "Why should you limit yourself to just one?" Indeed. Timberlake performs with his live band in the video. On select dates during his continental trek with Aguilera, Timberlake and his band have been performing special late-night after-parties dubbed the "Show After the Show" Paul Hunter, who has directed videos for Eminem, Lenny Kravitz and Mya, shot the clip at a club in Los Angeles. The video also features cameos by both Pharrell Wiliams and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes, who produced the song. —Joseph Patel, with additional reporting by John Norris

JC Chasez 'Really, Really Happy' With Album, But Pushes Back Release Date
JC Chasez has pushed back the release date of his debut solo album from August 26 to October 21 to allow for more time to record. The 'NSYNC singer has also set the album title as Schizophrenic, one of a few he was considering, including The Truth Along with Justin Timberlake, Chasez has been an active songwriter for 'NSYNC, co-authoring four songs on Celebrity and three on No Strings Attached. Compared to his songs for the group, which were tweaked by the other members and producers, he calls his solo material "polished demos." "It's basically the raw idea from the beginning, you know, it stays true," Chasez said at a studio in April. "There's always compromises being made [with 'NSYNC], because you know you're the voice of five people, not just yourself. And that's totally the right thing, because it's a group and you want to speak for the group, you don't want to speak for yourself." Other producers Chasez worked with on Schizophrenic include Dallas Austin (TLC), R&B hitmaker Rodney Jerkins, newcomer Rob Boldt and BT, the electronic music guru behind "Pop." "I kind of sailed into this whole project not wanting to think about it, just wanting to let it flow out of me," Chasez said. "And I've done that up to this point and I'm really, really, really happy with it because I explored so many different sounds." —Corey Moss

Joey Fatone Going After Creed On Comedy Album
Scott Stapp and humor hardly go hand in hand, but Joey Fatone is doing his best to change that. The 'NSYNC singer is parodying Creed's "Higher" on his upcoming comedy album. "I want to do 'Can You Change My Tire?' " Fatone said Monday. "Just silly stuff, something stupid like that." Creed are Fatone's first victims outside of his own 'NSYNC circle. He's working on JC Chasez's "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)" and has already tackled Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River." "I'm doing 'Buy Me a Liver,' about drinking too much alcohol," he said. The as-yet-untitled album, which is still in the beginning stages, will include other parodies as well, but Fatone plans on doing more original material than spoofs. "There's a song called 'Slurpee' and one called 'A Little Bit of Corpse,' " he said. "It's interesting. I'm slowly writing, it's nothing major yet." The album isn't expected anytime soon, as Fatone has been busy hosting "Fame" . And when the show ends, he'll go right into working on the next 'NSYNC album. "It's going to be interesting when we sit down and decide what kind of direction we want to go," he said. "I have no clue what it's going to be like." Spending time in the studio with 'NSYNC shouldn't be too different than writing his comedy album. According to Chasez, Fatone has a habit of parodying most of the band's material "Unfortunately I can't really release a lot of those on album because it'd be too dirty," Fatone said. "I have to tone it down a little." —Corey Moss

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2003
Saturday April 12, 2003 in Santa Monica, CA This will be an event you don’t want to miss! Come see all the blimp winners, burp masters, and celebrity slimings in person!! Hot live performances by B2K and Justin Timberlake!! Presenters include Alexis Bledel, Ashton Kutcher, Brad Pitt, Brittany Murphy, Britney Spears, Bow Wow, David Mirra, Jessica Alba, JC Chasez, Justin Guarini, Kelly Clarkson, Mandy Moore, Lil’ Romeo, Melissa Joan Hart, Nick Cannon, The Rock, Tony Hawk! Also joining in on the fun will be Adam Sandler, Amanda Bynes, Frankie Muniz, Hilary Duff and Will Smith! Along with many more of your favorite celebrities!!

JC Chasez Ready To Receive Your Love And/Or Criticism

With his unfinished solo album still months from release, 'NSYNC's JC Chasez is about to really hear it from his fans. Although he mentioned his plans to have fans steer him in the right direction on his solo debut, expected to drop in July, months ago, with Monday's launch of the Web site, fans will have the chance to mouth off or kiss up, as the case may be. Visitors to the site will be faced with three questions about Chasez's current single, "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)," off the soundtrack to "Drumline," and his contributions to 'NSYNC. The feedback will then be used to help mold his as-yet-untitled album, which he's currently recording in Los Angeles with producers Rodney Jerkins (Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys), BT ('NSYNC) and Riprock 'n' Alex G (Christina Aguilera), among others. (Dallas Austin has been solicited by the Chasez camp, but at press time he had yet to lay down any tracks.) JC will then periodically post snippets of the fruits of his labor for the next four weeks on the site for fans to comment on, and the response will help guide him throughout the rest of the recording process, according to an spokesperson. The portions of songs offered on the site, however, will not be what winds up on the album — complete versions of those songs may be offered on the Web site in the future. may be familiar to some fans who remember Chasez wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the site's name at last year's MTV Video Music Awards. Chasez's album is expected to be released in July, and the CD-single of "Blowin' Me Up" will be available February 25. —Joe D'Angelo

Timberlake, Aguilera Will Team Up For Summer Tour

"We're going to make it the tour of the year." — Christina Aguilera
LOS ANGELES — Justin Timberlake is reuniting with his "Mickey Mouse Club" co-star.
No, not Britney Spears — Christina Aguilera.

At Monday's American Music Awards Timberlake said his summer tour would be a co-headlining affair, but he stopped himself from divulging more. "I will not reveal the name and start some rumors," he said mysteriously. Fortunately, Aguilera was just steps behind him on the red carpet and let the cat out of the bag. "Oh my God! I'm so excited," Aguilera said. "Me and Justin are going to go out, and it's going to be such an amazing thing. There's talk of us writing a song together and what not. He's so great. We're going to make it the tour of the year." Details on the tour are forthcoming. Meanwhile, Timberlake and Aguilera are preparing to release the third singles from their recent albums, Justified and Stripped. Like his tour, Justin wanted to keep his song a secret. Christina is deciding between a few favorites. "It could be 'Can't Hold Us Down,' which I did with [Lil'] Kim, or 'Fighter' is a big favorite with a lot of people," she said. "'Impossible' will be in the mix, and 'Infatuation.' There's so many that could be a possibility." Aguilera performed "Impossible," which was written and produced by Alicia Keys, at Monday's ceremony, along with "Beautiful" featuring producer Linda Perry on piano Before her summer tour, Christina hopes to choose a script to make her big-screen debut . "I definitely want to make a movie before my next album," she said Monday. Timberlake said he'll do a promotional tour of Europe and hit the studio again before the tour with Aguilera. On Friday he shot a video for "Work It," his collaboration on Nelly's latest album "Yeah, that was tough work," Timberlake joked. "I had to hang out with Hef, watch a bunch of naked women run around. It was awful." —Corey Moss


Nelly, Justin Bring Video Cameras To Playboy Mansion

Never mind the giant trampoline or the scantily clad Playmates dodging flamingos, Nelly and Justin Timberlake were working at the Playboy Mansion on Friday. Honest. Nelly and "his dirty," as he calls the 'NSYNC singer, crashed Hugh Hefner's notorious Beverly Hills estate to shoot a video for the pair's song "Work It," the fourth single from Nellyville. In the clip, directed by Joseph Kahn (Eminem's "Without Me," No Doubt's "Hey Baby"), Nelly and Timberlake play gardeners dressed in matching jumpsuits with name patches sewn on. When a playful scuffle breaks out between the two, Nelly's runaway lawnmower crashes through the bushes and onto the Playboy estate. (Timberlake, who has a rake in the clip, told Kahn, "I'm not used to manual labor," when he was directed to use the tool.) Of course, the gardeners have to retrieve the mower, and in doing so, find themselves in an illustrious world most men only dream about. "Work It" follows the smash Nellyville singles "Hot in Herre," "Dilemma" and "Air Force Ones," which has quickly climbed to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Earlier this week, Nelly was nominated for five Grammys, including the coveted Album of the Year —Corey Moss, with additional reporting by Jonathan Cane

JC Chasez, Tara Reid Find Love Among Wreckage For 'Blowin' Me Up'

"He's a very powerful songwriter. I didn't even know he did ballads. I was impressed." — video director Bryan Barber

JC Chasez insists he and Tara Reid are just buddies, but in his new video they are a lot more.

And according to Bryan Barber, who directed the clip for "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)," the 'NSYNC singer and "American Pie" actress make a great couple.

"The chemistry between the two of them is dynamic," Barber said Thursday. "We were pondering who to get as our leading lady and we went out a couple nights before the video and she was right before our face. The chemistry was there, but I had to convince both of them. They thought about it and said, 'Let's do it.' They gave me a lot on screen. I'm excited."

Barber described the video, shot earlier this month at a junkyard in the San Fernando Valley, as "a rock and roll version of 'Mad Max.' "

"We got cars being crushed, monster trucks, explosions, weird-looking people," Barber said. "We got pyrotechnics and a drag race type thing. It's a real fun video."

Dallas Austin, who produced the single, also appears in the video, driving a monster truck and smashing cars. Austin is executive producer of the movie "Drumline" and its soundtrack, which features Chasez's first solo single

Chasez approached Barber after seeing his video for Outkast's "The Whole World."

"It's totally different from what he's done with 'NSYNC," the director said. "He wanted to go left of center and that's what we did. We had some fun and presented JC in a whole new way."

Aside from "funky choreography," sets built from auto wreckage and a post-apocalyptic wardrobe, the video features a lot of drummers. "Other than that, there's nothing to do with [the movie]," Barber said.

"Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)" was released to select radio stations on Tuesday and will hit all formats on December 9, according to Chasez's Jive Records spokesperson.

The "Drumline" soundtrack, which features Joe and Jadakiss, Trick Daddy, Jermaine Dupri and others, is due December 10.

Chasez's video will debut that week and the film will open on December 13

While Chasez has not yet confirmed that he will release a solo album, Barber said the singer played him several songs.

"It's incredible," he said. "He's a very powerful songwriter. I didn't even know he did ballads. I was impressed."

—Corey Moss

Timberlake Will Tour, But Not Until Summer

11.07.2002 7:56 AM EST
Now that Justified is in stores, fans may be wondering whether Justin Timberlake will tour behind the record or go back to the studio. And the answer is ... both. Timberlake said Friday at the release party for Justified that he'll definitely hit the road, but his Jive Records spokesperson said it wouldn't be until late next summer When Timberlake returns to the studio in the meantime, it may or may not be with 'NSYNC. Asked if the group would release another album, he answered, "I think so. You know, you kind of have to follow the creativity wherever it goes." Timberlake later implied that his creativity is heading in the way of collaborations. Although he wouldn't reveal any details, it has been confirmed that he'll be featured on Mariah Carey's new Charmbracelet "I'm working on some stuff right now, but I don't want to say too much about it, just in case," he said. "You know, sometimes legal stuff gets in the way of that. I've been working with a lot of people, though." For the last few weeks, however, Timberlake has spent all his time promoting Justified, including a concert in New York on Tuesday night (see "Justin, Avril And More Celebrate 'What's Next' At Teen People Concert") and his lavish release party, which featured go-go dancers and an ice sculpture of the "JT" logo on the CD. "I have to thank the guys in 'NSYNC for that because if we wouldn't have sold those records, Jive wouldn't have had the money to make this party happen, so thanks, guys," Timberlake joked at the party. Although you might expect him to be a little nervous about the album, especially going up against the "8 Mile" soundtrack, Timberlake said all he's feeling is confidence. "I made the best possible album that I could make," he explained. "I'm happy with it. I'm not going to sit here and say it's the new sound and it's the whatever you wanna call it. It's just totally me and it's fun. I can make that promise. It is a fun record to listen to." Justified's second single, "Cry Me a River," will be released later this month
Joey Fatone's own NSYNC video
Joey captured a lot of rare footage in the begining of Nsync's career. It's coming out on video NOV 5, and it's called 'The Reel' Nsync.
'NSYNC's JC Chasez Records Solo Tracks, Considers Album

Justin Timberlake is not the only 'NSYNCer releasing solo material this year. JC Chasez will have at least one song on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie "Drumline" and appears to be well into his own album. Dallas Austin, who's producing the film and the soundtrack, has recorded four songs with Chasez, including "Blowin' Me Up," a strong contender to be the soundtrack's first single. "We've been doing some great, great material," Austin said Wednesday from his Atlanta home. "At first he wasn't going to do a record, but I think now he's kind of interested, so we'll probably just keep recording. We were just writing songs for the movie and we caught a niche and it was like, 'Oh sh--, this is cool for you, let's keep going.' " So far Chasez and Austin have recorded fun, fast-paced songs and mid-tempo ballads. "It's back to George Michael and Prince and that '80s era, where even though you had up-tempos, they still had songs to them, they had a lot of attitude," Austin explained. "It was a trip because we didn't realize how far away music had gotten from doing real songs until we started working on this stuff." The soundtrack — due December 10, according to Jive Records — will also include Alicia Keys, Monica, Petey Pablo and Jive newcomer Nivea, who was featured on Mystikal's "Danger (Been So Long)." A collaboration between Joe and Jadakiss called "A Girl Like You" and the first teaming of fellow Atlanta producers Austin and Jermaine Dupri, "Been Away," were recorded for the album as well. "Drumline" is based on Austin's experiences in his high school marching band and is due in theaters January 10. Nick Cannon (Nickelodeon's "The Nick Cannon Show"), Zoe Saldana ("Crossroads") and Orlando Jones ("The Replacements") star in the movie. Second to Timberlake, Chasez has been the most hands-on member of 'NSYNC, co-writing material and standing out in concert.Timberlake's Justified is due November 5 !!!

Timberlake, Janet Jackson Make Sexy Pair On Justified
09.25.2002 7:55 AM EDT
"I love her voice. It sounds like feathers." — Justin Timberlake on Janet Jackson

While Joey resurrects Broadway and Lance threatens to blast into space, Justin will have to be content with trying to change the face of pop music — again.)

Justin Timberlake's debut solo record, Justified (November 12), is a broad, ambitious step from the clean, blissful pop of 'NSYNC. Timberlake's vocals still soar, but there's a lot more funk in his step and a number of R&B artists influencing his sound, including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Aaliyah and Missy Elliott.

"I wanted to do something new that was just completely me," he said. "I had been so personally drained from the past six months, and that made the emotion from the record much more real."

Studio hotshots the Neptunes and Timbaland split most of the production duties for the record, with Brian McKnight producing one song. Although P. Diddy and Mario Winans also collaborated with Timberlake, their contributions will not end up on the record.

The Neptunes and Timbaland's stamps are both indelible. The former's tracks are sinewy and seductive, filled with breathy spoken-word passages, propulsive pop energy and lots of melodic crooning, and the Timbaland cuts are packed with skittering beats, offbeat arrangements and a sensual dancefloor pulse.

Several guest vocalists also contributed to the sexy, eclectic vibe. As thrilled as he is about the cameos by Janet Jackson, Bubba Sparxxx and others, Timberlake stressed that they weren't coordinated to help sell records.

"All the collaborations happened in a completely organic way," he said. "I'm not a big fan of duets just for the sake of doing them. And I made sure the CD packaging didn't make it look like I was trying to cash in on somebody else's name."

The hottest collaboration on Justified is with Janet Jackson on "(And She Said) Take Me Now." The cut is easily the most sexually graphic song Timberlake has ever recorded, and Jackson's breathy vocals make the track sizzle with extra sensuality.

"I wrote the chorus from a girl's perspective," Timberlake explained, "and I just thought we should get a female on the part. Her name was the first that popped up in my head just because I love her voice. It sounds like feathers. I mean, she sounds like an angel. So I asked her, and she listened to the track and loved it. So we went in the studio, just me and her, and I produced the vocals."

Another collaboration came about by accident. Bubba Sparxxx, the first artist signed to Timbaland's Beat Club label, was hanging out in the studio with his producer when he came over to Timberlake to praise a beat in the song "Right for Me," and the two ended up jamming out.

"We were just two Southern boys vibing on each other, and it ended up being something cool," Timberlake said. "I thought, 'Man, it would be great if he was on it,' so I just asked him, and he went outside for about two hours, wrote a 16-bar rap and put it on the song. And I ended up writing a hook for a song that's probably going to end up on his next record, so we kind of did a tradeoff."

Timberlake also worked with relative unknowns on Justified, including Vanessa Marquis, who sings on "Rock Your Body" but currently has no record deal. Timberlake discovered her after hearing songs she had co-written with various producers.

"I just loved her voice," he said. "So me and Pharrell [Williams of the Neptunes] wrote a song that had an alternate girl's part that kind of talked off of the guy's part, and I thought, 'Why not give someone who's so eager an opportunity to shine?' I know you're going to hear from her, and if Pharrell doesn't sign her then he's a dummy. She's hot and she's beautiful."

The first song Timberlake recorded for Justified, "Like I Love You," wound up being the album's first single. Once again it was a collaboration, this time with alternative hip-hoppers Clipse, that gave the song a little something extra.

"There was never any question in my mind whether or not this should not be the first single," Timberlake said. "It sounded so original to me. And I kind of consider myself a new artist. This is a new beginning for me, so why call on some big-name hip-hop artist when I could get somebody that feels new so it could feel like we were chomping at the bit at the same time?"

Track list for Justified, according to Jive Records:
"(Oh No) What You Got"
"Take It From Here"
"Cry Me a River"
"Rock Your Body"
"Nothin' Else"
"Like I Love You"
"Still in My Brain"
"(And She Said) Take Me Now"
"Right for Me"
"Lets Take a Ride"
"Never Again"
JC to Make Acting Debut on New WB Show
Date: September 10th
NSYNC's JC Chasez will make his acting debut on a new WB sitcom this Fall called "What I Like About You." He filmed his cameo on Friday, August 23rd. No word yet on when this episode will air. This new comedy is about two young women who push their sisterly relationship to the limits by becoming roommates. Amanda Bynes (The Amanda Show) follows her recent big-screen success in Big Fat Liar by teaming up with stars Jennie Garth (Beverly Hills, 90210), Wesley Jonathan and Simon Rex. Don't miss the series premiere on September 20th @ 8:00pmET.
Meet *NSYNC Through Polaroid I-Zone Sweepstakes
Polaroid Corporation today announced a new online marketing campaign for Polaroid i-Zone cameras, the world's number-one selling camera among teens, through an exclusive national sweepstakes with super teen idols *NSYNC. The promotion, which will allow a winner to meet the members of *NSYNC, is being produced by Starcom IP and sponsored by MusicVision. In order to become eligible, fans who register at by September 15 are entered into the sweepstakes. In addition, participants have the opportunity to participate in an online scavenger hunt. The object of the game is to find the letters that spell out the word i-Zone on a personalized colored virtual game card. The game, which can be found on and linked from, takes players on a virtual tour of partner web sites, including,, and Contestants in the promotion can play at any time they wish, and personalized e-mails will be sent to all registrants giving them their status in completing the game. The grand-prize winner and a friend will be flown to a secret location to direct their very own private photo session with *NSYNC using their i-Zone cameras. The winner's photos will be posted on and linked from Five first prize winners will receive autographed merchandise from *NSYNC, including a Polaroid i-Zone camera, and 40 runner-up prizes of the *NSYNC!'s "Making of the Tour" videos will be awarded. The sweepstakes promotion was conceived by Starcom IP, which retained MusicVision to design, build and host the Polaroid i-Zone branded micro-site and secure superstar recording artists *NSYNC as the grand prize. The Polaroid i-Zone contest will be promoted via the official *NSYNC fan e-mail newsletter that reaches more than 1.2 million teen fans who signed up with the MusicVision-managed *NSYNC website. The sweepstakes' micro-site also has a "tell a friend" function that sends an automated e-mail message to the registrants' five friends. "As the world's best-selling camera among teens, the Polaroid i-Zone camera is perfectly aligned with a top teen band in this promotion," said Peter Panagopoulos, marketing manager, Polaroid. "Not only does this sweepstakes allow Polaroid to bring the i-Zone message to teens, it also allows a fan to have a dream fulfilled - meeting *NSYNC." "I am thrilled that we were able to accomplish Polaroid's goals by creating a compelling prize for a sweepstakes and developing a way for teens to interact with the i-Zone brand," said Kevin Chernett, senior vice president of sales at MusicVision. "*NSYNC is a natural fit, and we are pleased that we were able to bring the two brands together for the promotion." Recently, Polaroid's i-Zone camera was one of the sponsors of the *NSYNC Challenge for the Children IV 2002 Celebrity Basketball Game.
Joey's Own Reality TV?
Source:Date: September 10th
As if there aren't enough knockoffs of the MTV hit The Osbournes, what with Anna Nicole Smith making a ratings splash with her premiere on E! and Liza Minnelli and David Gest airing their dinner parties on VH1 starting in October. Now we hear that *NSYNC's Joey Fatone -- who's currently starring in Rent on Broadway -- wants his reality TV, too. A tipster reports that the pop singer has approached VH1 execs about developing a show that would focus on him and his family, including his mom, Phyllis, and siblings Janine and Steven.
Justin to Present at Latin Grammys
Date: September 8th Source: Nelly Furtado and Shakira will perform while *NSYNC's Justin Timberlake will present at the third annual Latin Grammy Awards, taking place September 18 at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre. Furtado will appear with triple-nominee Juanes. The duet continues Furtado's trend toward the eclectic--at February's Grammy Awards she performed with the accompaniment of guitar hero Steve Vai. Shakira's performance, meanwhile, comes as the Columbian star enjoys a nomination in the category of best music video for her song "Suerte." Thalia will also take the stage, along with previously announced talents Marc Anthony and Carlos Vives. Timberlake's participation comes as he continues to roll out his brand-new solo career. The Latin Grammy spotlight will mark the second marquee appearance for the singer in recent weeks, having made his debut solo performance on the MTV Video Music Awards last week. Others on tap to present include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Hector Elizondo, Esai Morales, Cheech Marin, and Laura Pausini. Previously announced presenters include Jon Secada, Daisy Fuentes, and Nick Carter. The third annual Latin Grammy Awards air September 18 on CBS. Gloria Estefan and Jimmy Smits will co-host.
Tuesday, August 27, 2002
'N Sync singer gets NASA approval
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- 'N Sync singer Lass Bass won the endorsement of NASA and other space agencies Tuesday in his bid to fly to the international space station this fall. The 23-year-old boy-band member got the news while training at Johnson Space Center in Houston. All that remains in his way is a financial agreement with the Russian space program; both sides have been haggling over the deal for months. A round-trip ticket to the space station on a Russian spacecraft costs as much as $20 million. In July, the Russian Space Agency submitted Bass' name for one of three seats on a rocket scheduled to blast off from Kazakhstan on Oct. 28. A panel representing NASA and the space agencies of Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada signed off Tuesday on Bass' participation after weeks of telephone conferences to discuss his background and qualifications. "They've agreed that Mr. Bass meets the criteria and is suitable as a crew member," said NASA spokeswoman Debra Rahn. The recommendation has been forwarded to a board of high-ranking space agency officials who will review Bass' candidacy and issue a final ruling in September, Rahn said. Bass would be the world's third paying space tourist and the youngest person ever in space.
Justin Timberlake To Play VMAs, Says Solo Debut Is 'Very Me'
When Justin Timberlake's solo debut, Justified, drops November 12, it may bring an end to the days when he harmonized with his 'NSYNC brethren on songs written by Swedish songwriting teams. Although Timberlake isn't permanently parting company with JC, Lance, Chris and Joey, his first crack at going it alone was nevertheless liberating. Free from his ties to Max Martin, Kristian Lundin and the like, whose songs dominated much of 'NSYNC's 1998 eponymous debut and 2000's No Strings Attached, Timberlake co-wrote all of Justified, including the LP's first single, "Like I Love You," a track co-written and produced by the Neptunes that is beginning to surface at radio stations nationwide. "I don't want to say too much about it," Timberlake said of the album. "I want people to get what they get from it. It's definitely a new sound — not just from me, but period." While only hearing "Like I Love You," which swaps 'NSYNC's upbeat pop trappings for a flow that's a little more smoky, sultry and downright sexy, must be a long-awaited joy for fans of the 'NSYNC maverick, seeing him do it live August 29 at the Video Music Awards will be twice as nice. The performance marks Timberlake's first-ever live solo performance.) The video for "Like I Love You" is scheduled to premiere September 9, according to a Jive Records spokesperson. Timberlake's evolution from pop puppet to soul-baring songsmith has been a gradual one that began with No Strings Attached. Timberlake co-wrote just one tune on that album, "I'll Be Good for You," while groupmate JC Chasez assisted in the creation of three. It wasn't until 'NSYNC's latest offering, Celebrity, that Timberlake revealed a glimpse of his potential, taking partial credit for penning seven songs, including the hit single "Pop," and producing three. By his own admission, Timberlake is content with the way tunes from his tablet sound, and he's proud of the image he presents with Justified. "I'm very happy with it," he said. "It's very me, and that's all you can do as an artist is do what you think is an extension of you. You put down on paper or tape who you are. That's what being an artist is all about. And when it gets done, you don't look back at it and say, 'Oh, I could have done that better.' When Picasso looked at something, he didn't go back and touch it up with a paintbrush. "I think it's cool. I hope everybody else does." While the Neptunes and Timbaland produced most of the album, Brian McKnight, Mario Winans and P. Diddy also lent a hand in producing some songs. Despite logging studio time with Timberlake earlier this year, R&B singer Angie Stone's contributions won't appear on the album, according to a Jive spokesperson. Other details concerning Justified remain undisclosed.
Justin's Solo Album "Out of the Blue"
I just read on a website about Justin's solo album and it said that the title will be "Out of the Blue" and the new single will be called "Like I Love You". It will be coming out Nov.12, 2002."
*Nsync up for 3 VMAS
They weren't up for Viewers choice this year =( But heres what the are up for
Video of the year:Gone
Best group video:Girlfriend feat.Nelly
Best pop video:Girlfriend Feat.Nelly
Justin Loves Janet?
(Katrillion) – Does Justin Timberlake have a new older woman in his life? According to the New York Post and, Britney Spears's ex may be getting jiggy with none other than Janet Jackson, as the pair have been spotted in various hotspots together around the United States. Last weekend, the pair attended Missy Elliott's birthday party at B.E.D. in Miami Beach where they supposedly made a scene by making out on a massive mattress. The week before, Janet apparently paged her ex-man, Jermaine Dupri, to meet her at a Los Angeles nightclub. When Jermaine arrived, he was reportedly stunned when he spotted his former flame dirty-dancing with the *NSYNCer. "Last week People magazine named Justin the most eligible bachelor in the world," Justin's publicist told the New York Post. "I guess he's fulfilling that role well. But we never, ever comment on his personal life."
Source: From: *Nsync N the News VH1's new series Driven, a combination of 'Before They Were Rock Stars' and 'Behind The Music' will premier 'DRIVEN:*NSYNC'. On July 9 at 9pm VH1 will air a Special 90 minute Driven on musical group *NSYNC. Never before seen footage of the guys as they were growing up and of their early days when they first got together. Also interviews from those who knew them when they were trying to make it along with an exclusive interview with the real N in *NSYNC. Not many know that like the Beatles *NSYNC had a member who droped out of the group.
Nelly To Perform At *NSYNC's Challenge For The Children Event
Source: Lily From: *Nsync N the News Chart-topping rapper Nelly as well as Triple Image, 3rd Faze, and 3rd Storee are among the acts confirmed to perform at * NSYNC's Challenge For The Children IV celebrity basketball game at the TD Waterhouse Centre in Orlando, Florida on July 28. *NSYNC will hold its celebrity skills challenge on July 27. Other stars attending the annual charity event include Brian McKnight, Usher, Christina Milian, Jermaine Dupri, Shannon Elizabeth, Antawn Jamison, Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, Baron Davis, Gabrielle Union, Warren Sapp, Taye Diggs, Lalaine (Lizzie McGuire), Donald Faison (Big Fat Liar), Alfonso Ribeiro, Pat O'Brien, and Sterling Sharpe, among others. *NSYNC's manager Johnny Wright, the CEO of the Wright Entertainment Group, will also be on hand. Wright's company also represent Boyz II Men, Britney Spears, and P. Diddy, among others, so there is always the possibility that unannounced artists will show up for the weekend's events. *NSYNC members Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, J.C. Chasez, and Joey Fatone founded Challenge For The Children in 1999 to offer financial support to children's programs and charities throughout the country.
June 21, 2002
*NSYNC,Lance and Justin Get 7 TCA Noms!
*NSYNC and its individual members are nominated for Teen Choice Awards in 7 categories! The Group is up for Best Single - "Girlfriend," Best R&B Hip Hop Single - "Girlfriend (Remix with Nelly)," Best Love Song - "Gone." Lance is up for Liplock (Best Kiss) from "On The Line" and Justin is up for Fashion Icon and a bunch of other categories! Show your support and head over to and vote for *NSYNC! Justin Appears on Nellyville! Justin Timberlake returns the favor from Nelly who appeared on *NSYNC's "Girlfriend (Remix)" by doing a track on Nelly's new album. The song is called "Work It" and it's hot! Justin takes the track to a new level. Look for Nelly's new album Nellyville in stores next week!!
June 15, 2002
Justin cries himself to sleep over Britney
NEW YORK (AP) - Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears said bye, bye, bye to each other after three years together, but it wasn't easy. Less than six months later, Timberlake says he still can't say the words "break up." "It hurts too bad to say it," the 'N Sync member told People magazine for its June 24 issue, in which he's named among "America's Top 50 Bachelors." "You get to a point where you're crying yourself to sleep at night," he said. "I feel like I'm in the middle of a soap opera. I honestly know what it's like to have a broken heart now." Timberlake, 21, says he's not ready to date again because he's focusing on his career; he's recording his first solo album at a studio in Virginia Beach, Va. "I want to enjoy the simple things," he said. "I want to take three days off when I want to, not when it's on my calendar. I want to go run in the park with my sweats on because I can. That's where I am right now."
Helping Music Education
Justin Timberlake phones in to TRL. To sign the petition to help support music education go to the link below to check it all out
Joey Fatone On Regis And Kelly
*NSYNC's Joey Fatone will be making an appearance on Regis and Kelly Friday, June 14, 2002. Fellow singer Anastacia is also scheduled to appear.
Joey Fatone On Craig Kilborn This Week
Bobbie Arrested (JC's Ex)
Source: E! Online ""Here is the story: -- Accused high-class same-sex prostitute Bobbie Thomas, was arrested on North Main Street in Los angeles yesterday afternoon for driving after her license had been revoked. A police officer conducting a routine license plate check of Ms. Thomas's 1992 Nissan Sentra found that her driver's license had been revoked "for being a habitual traffic offender," said Lt. Jim Bob of Los angeles police. This is Thomas's second arrest in a week. Last Tuesday she was arrested at her home in Los angeles during a sting operation in which a female police officer posed as a customer seeking sex. Police released Thomas last night on personal recognizance. Police still are investigating the possibility that Thomas is linked to a prostitution
Greek Wedding' Heading For TV
Source: World Entertainment News Network Date: May 20, 2002 From: Movie couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's sleeper hit "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is to be turned into a TV series. The romantic comedy, which Hanks and Wilson's Playtone company produced and star's 'N Sync singer Joey Fatone, has become a smash-hit, despite little advertising and now the film is to be given the TV treatment. Network bosses at CBS are in negotiations with the film's writer and star Nia Vardalos with a view to airing a new series later this year.
Source: CC Date: May 20, 2002 From: Nsync N the News Attn: AOL Users...You can now download *NSYNC saying the "You've Got Mail' and other phrases. There is: Welcome - "Welcome pop fans!" You've Got Mail - "You've Got Mail" Good Bye - "Bye,Bye,Bye"
*NSYNC Celebrity Makeover
From: Nsync N the News
With Lance busy preparing for his outer space odyssey, Joey busy with his directing and Justin troubled by affairs of the heart, the world's biggest pop act *NSYNC might not be up to anything at the moment but fans need not fear! Justin, J.C., Lance, Chris and Joey may be taking a few months off for a well-deserved rest after their "Celebrity 2002 Tour" that had just ended on April 28 in Orlando, but their "Celebrity" status is not quite over yet! To tide the fans over, Zomba Asia Pacific is releasing a special "Celebrity" repack album that comes with various dance mixes of their singles and videos in Southeast Asia* on April 29. And as usual, here's a little preview bonus AVCD for you to check it out, all thanks to the kind peeps at Zomba! Before we forget, head on to the contest section and you might just win yourself a fabulous *NSYNC goodie bag that contains sought after merchandise -- caps, tee-shirts, DVDs, autographed "Celebrity" albums and more! Act fast as the contest ends May 31, 2002! *Please note that only the 1-CD version with bonus tracks (without the music videos) will be available in Thailand. "Celebrity" bonus AVCD tracklisting as follows:
"Girlfriend" remix video feat. Nelly (Full Length)
"Pop" video
"Gone" video
"Pop" - Pablo La Rosa Funktified Mix
"Pop" - Deep Dish Cha-Ching Remix (Full Length)
"Pop" - Terminalhead Remix
"Gone" - Gone Clubbin' (I'll Be Back Late) Mix
"Gone" - Spanish Version
"Girlfriend" - Neptunes remix feat. Nelly
"Girlfriend" - Neptunes remix instrumental
Beating a Bad Rap
Source: Excerpt from
From: Nsync N the News
It’s a couple of hours before showtime in Orlando, Fla. Justin Timberlake, of *NSYNC, wanders into Sean (P-Diddy) Combs’s dressing room looking for a dose of Combs’s mysterious “energy drink.” Judging from the bottles on the table, the drink is made of Belvedere vodka and Alize cognac, among other things, and Combs warns his friend, “Man, that stuff is strong. Don’t drink too much—you ain’t ready for it.” Timberlake downs a big gulp. “It’s the last show,” he says. “No worries.” Combs—who has chart-topping tracks with Busta Rhymes and Usher, as well as a new album called “We Invented the Remix”— has been partaking a little himself. No matter. In an interview with NEWSWEEK’s Allison Samuels, he is clearheaded, focused—and surprisingly introspective. SAMUELS: Some people are going to be surprised to hear that you’ve been on the road opening for *NSYNC. COMBS: I think what they’ve done as far as crossing over and erasing the color line is incredible. Their songs “Gone” and “Girlfriend” got huge crossover play on black radio, and that was important to them, so this just kind of made sense. We hang tight. You see how they’re in and out of my room and I’m in and out of their rooms? It’s funny because we like the same things—the same music, the same artists, the same parties. It’s all love around here... 5/5/02
Check out the *NSYNC Newsletter!
Source: Date: May 5, 2002 From: Nsync N the News
Challenge for the Children Your favorite cause, Challenge for the Children, will take place this year in *NSYNC's hometown, Orlando, from July 26th-28th at the TD Waterhouse Centre. Tickets for this awesome charity event are available through Ticketmaster. Come out for a fun-filled weekend full of celebrities! Be sure to check for more details. The Reel *NSYNC Check out Joey's new home video, available now on VHS and DVD! This hot new video contains all footage, shot by Joey, from before the guys made it big in the U.S. Go to and click on the Reel *NSYNC icon for all the info! My Big Fat Greek Wedding--Go See Joey in Theaters NOW! Help make Joey's new, hilarious movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a hit. Check it out in theaters NOW! Celebrity Tour Wraps Up... The Celebrity Tour has come to a close (sniffle, sniffle, tear, tear). After 2 months and 30 cities, *NSYNC said goodnight to Celebrity-goers for the last time in their hometown of Orlando on April 28th. It was a GREAT run, largely due to all of you and your support. A huge 'thank you' to all of you who came out. We had an awesome time! ...But Tour Goodies are Still Up For Grabs! Sad the tour is over? Wish you had a momento to hold onto? Turn that frown upside down! You can get exclusive tour merchandise at
JC and Joey to host "Summer Music Mania"
Source: Date: May 5, 2002 From: Nsync N the News
The Mohegan Sun Arena may be the site of the state's biggest event this summer in terms of chart-toppers on a single stage this month when a Fox TV special, "Summer Music Mania," is taped there May 29 for national broadcast in June. Get a load of the roster of stars: Ja Rule, Mary J. Blige, Ludacris, Alanis Morissette, Ashanti, Tweet, Craig David, Nelly, the Calling, Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch. And if the scream factor isn't high enough, the hosts for the one-time-only event will be Jennifer Love Hewitt and two members of 'N Sync, JC Chasez and Joey Fatone. Since the event is less than three weeks away, expect tickets to go on sale soon.
Juicy Britney and Justin News Source: [The_Many_Faces_Of_NSYNC]
Listening to the radio this morning here in Michigan I heard that they said Justin revealed on a Delta Airline and a passenger overheard the following: - Justin saying that Britney is not a virgin. LOL! He should be the one to know that she lost it!! LMAO! - The reason he broke up with her was b/c she was talking marriage and he didn't want to b/c he feels that they are too young!
*NSYNC UK Interview Source: NSyncDigitalDaily Thanks to Karen for giving me the heads up. =)
An interview that was done in Columbus was aired in the UK. Justin doesn't actually say he is single. He just nods his head with a sadish look on his face. It's hard to explain, but he's definitely not smiling or happy. He then rasies his hand. They didn't really say anything new in the interview, but they were interviewed by an UK fan who won the trip last week and got to sing Bye Bye Bye with them. Justin also said he'd love to work with Lauryn Hill and Craig David.
Space News Source: Dirty Pop Tarts
With *NSYNC's touring behind Celebrity wrapped, Lance Bass will now turn his attention back to outer space. Bass is expected to report to Star City Russia, outside of Moscow, on May 13th to begin training for a space mission that will likely launch in November. The singer's quest will also be the subject of Celebrity Mission: Lance Bass, a television special that will follow Bass from training through the process of becoming an astronaut. The program is being developed by Destiny Productions in Los Angeles, which has inked the Phil Gurin Company (which produces The Weakest Link) to executive produce. "Lance will stay there for a few months," says David Krieff, president of Destiny Productions. "He's committed and he's packing. I think we're gonna have a big party in Orlando with all the *NSYNC guys before he leaves." The few months could be as many as five, where Bass will undergo training with flight simulations and training for emergency situation responses. Should Bass pass muster in training, he would be completing a childhood dream; as a twelve-year-old, he attended Space Camp in Titusville, Florida. As for the program, Krieff likens the extent of the coverage to The Osbournes. "We're covering all of it," he says. "Every inch of this thing has been covered and will continue to be covered 24/7." The only outstanding issue is finding a second celebrity lined up, should something go wrong with Bass' training. Krieff says there has been a great deal of interest, but that he is still looking for a committed back-up.
Timberlake and Spears Locked in Dating Games
'N SYNC hunk JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is desperate to make his fledging romance with dancer JENNA DEWAN public - but his bosses are holding him back. According to American magazine US WEEKLY, Timberlake and ex- girlfriend BRITNEY SPEARS's mutual representative wants to downplay the romance and is planning to release a statement saying the two, both 21, are "just friends". And Spears certainly isn't suffering in loneliness - the 20-year-old sex kitten has been spending a large majority of her time with her choreographer BRIAN FRIEDMAN, a 24-year-old from Chicago who danced in her I'M A SLAVE 4 U video last year. He even spent time with Spears on her recent vacation in Miami, Florida.
Generations In Sync
Never Mind Their Age Gaps: Moms, Daughters Share Obsession For Boy-Band Sensation Playing The Hartford Civic Center Tonight The obsession has taken them to record stores at midnight, sometimes standing in long lines to snag the latest CD. They've spent hours manipulating the Internet and telephone to land decent seats for a concert. At some point, the parental role of chauffeur and chaperone faded and something happened to some mothers whose teenage daughters are smitten by the pop sensation 'N Sync. Mothers, too, find the lyrics catchy. The beats make them want to dance. Slowly, the group has rubbed off on them. And now they're hooked. An uptempo beat presses through the speakers on the boom box inside a modest 'N Sync shrine that is 14-year-old Nicole Borrelli's bedroom in Bristol one Thursday evening. "Pop." It is the first single from 'N Sync's most recent album, "Celebrity," which has sold more than 5 million copies. At the song's intro, mother Laura Borrelli's right foot begins to pump the air. "I just love their harmonizing," says Nicole's mother. "'Celebrity' just has a different style, in that I really like the groove of it. The lyrics are OK. It's more the beat for me." 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass and JC Chasez have earned a spot in pop history and the hearts of both mother and daughter. And the Borrellis will be in the sellout crowd tonight when 'N Sync takes the stage at the Hartford Civic Center. It's the second 'N Sync concert for Nicole and her mother. And this time, younger daughter Jaclyn, 10, who is slowly developing her own collection, is going along. Nicole's collection includes a Justin bobble head, a Justin calendar, stickers, posters, and more posters, the complete 'N Sync lip gloss set, magazine clippings and videotapes of the group's performances and interviews. Nicole loves Justin. His is the first face she sees each morning from the extra-large poster hanging above her bed. "He's hot," Nicole says between deep breaths and laughter. "I mean, from the interviews I've seen, he seems like a really good person." Her mother's heart belongs to Joey, often mistaken as the eldest of the group and the one who has a strong following of older fans. "It's because he's more mature-looking, and he has that Brooklyn-Italian look," says Borrelli, 39. "He reminds me of my husband, whose name happens to be Joe, and he's also from Brooklyn." Some adults say the group's music speaks to a wider audience than most pop groups. They perform oldies in their live shows and recently did a remake of Johnny Kemp's 1980's hit "Just Got Paid." Others say their children's obsession rekindles memories of their youth. "This is reminiscent for me of David Cassidy," says Borrelli. "That was my heartthrob. I remember going to the Walgreens near my grandmother's house, getting the Tiger Beat magazines and picking the one that had the most pictures. I made scrap books and had some on my wall." She and Nicole went to 'N Sync's successful Pop Odyssey tour last year in Foxboro, Mass. When the stage rotated and landed near their seats, "I was out of my skin," says Borrelli. "She was screaming," interrupts Nicole. "I was like, `Mom, shut up.'" Just Wanna Be Cool At first, 33-year-old Stacy Selavka of Vernon set out to gain her cool status by just keeping up with the music favored by her 9-year-old daughter, Erin. But nowadays, it's Mom who runs into Erin's room to alert her that 'N Sync is on television. Selavka says Erin told her she had to like Joey. "But I'll come clean. I really like Justin," says Selavka. "Erin's favorite is JC, although I can't understand why." Those words open a short debate between the two. Erin stares at piles of 'N Sync memorabilia, including a key chain, diary and a nightshirt, and cracks a smile. "He's cute, and I like his dancing," she says. "Justin dances better than JC," says her mother. "Nah-uh," Erin fires back. Dad, Bill Selavka, says he has come to accept the passion for the group displayed in their home. It was dad who got the two tickets to tonight's show. For more than a year, he has bought boxes of 'N Sync fruit snacks, allowing mom and daughter to collect still more fan picture cards of the stars. Selavka even gave his wife the Joey marionette, and he was at a record store at midnight to get "No Strings Attached" on its release date. But Selavka, 45, does have his limits. "I got home from work one day, and there was a Joey poster on our bedroom door. Finally, I said, `Erin's room, fine, but do we really need it on our door?'" The poster came down about two months later. Shrine To 'N Sync Just look to her e-mail name to understand Kyle Faticoni's 'N Sync fanaticism: nysnobsessed185. Or read the strip above her closet: "An 'N Sync lover lives here." Her bedroom in her Burlington home has evolved into an enclave of 'N Sync history. Posters line every inch of her wall and ceilings. "It used to be a pink color under there, but now you can barely tell," says her mother, Sheila Faticoni, 47. Kyle is a giggly 15-year-old who twiddles her thumb as she talks about her favorite, Justin. Without hesitation, she can reel off details of the singers' lives and recite their bodyguards' names. Tonight will be her fifth 'N Sync concert. "This here is my hero," her mother says, pointing to a poster of Chasez on the wall. " I think he is cute, although I could be his mom. I don't think I go gaga over him, but he's good and nice, and he has good teeth. "I think they are a really good band. I find when the music is on in the car and I'm alone, I sing the words," Faticoni says. Kyle uses her allowance and birthday money to buy dozens of magazines, books, dolls, jewelry, games, computer software. She even trades items with fans all over the world via the Internet. "My neighbors say I bought them their houses and cars," Kyle says, smiling. Mother-Daughter Bond After dinner, Jennifer Wislocki, 35, and her 8-year-old daughter, Alison, often turn up the music and dance to 'N Sync albums in the living room inside their Chester home. Hockey sticks become makeshift guitars and microphones. "I think our relationship is definitely different," Wislocki says. "I would have never talked to my parents about what music I like because they didn't have a clue. It's not that I've taken interest in it to be her buddy, because I'm definitely her parent, but I think it's something we have in common ... and it's nice to have a bond like that." Mom recalls the race to get tickets to tonight's show. She had the house phone in one hand and her cellphone in the other. "I'm like, `Mom, what are you doing?'" Alison remembers. "She kept hitting the redial button for like 10 minutes."
Police prank peeves popster
JUSTIN Timberlake thought he was headed to jail early Friday when two uniformed cops handcuffed him and threw him in the back of a police car outside the topless club VIP. The scare for the boy band frontman who broke Britney Spears' heart came as Timberlake, singer Marc Anthony, another *NSYNCer and some other pals staggered out of the mammary mecca on West 20th Street some time after 4 a.m. Two of New York's finest approached Timberlake and told him "they had gotten some reports of disorderly conduct at the last club he was at," says our spy at the scene. Timberlake, who had been partying with the rest of *NSYNC at Jimmy Rodriguez's new joint Jimmy's Downtown, and at Lotus, desperately tried to talk his way out of it. "After about 15 minutes, they said, 'OK, that's it.' put handcuffs on him and put him in back of the car" - at which point all of Timberlake's buddies started laughing and pointing at him. "It turns out that they played a joke on him. Somebody who they were with was a cop, and called a couple of his buddies" to join in the ruse. Timberlake started his wild night at Jimmy's Downtown on East 57th Street, where his pal Eytan Sugarman hosted a going-away party for Lance Bass, the *NSYNCer who is supposedly going to be launched into the stratosphere on a Russian spaceship. The party was originally slated for the West 23rd Street lounge that Sugarman and music producer Timbaland are opening in early May, but was switched to Rodriguez's place because their spot was still under construction. Timberlake, Bass, Anthony and J.C. Chasez belted out "Happy Birthday" to Sugarman (he turned 2 in front of pals who included Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell. At around 3 a.m., Timberlake and Kirkpatrick split for Lotus flanked by two beefy bodyguards. The doorman at Lotus, which prides itself on barring celebrity bodyguards from entry, told Timberlake and Kirkpatrick that their goons would have to stay outside. A source tells us that the *NSYNCers' bodyguards got into a "heated exchange" with Lotus security over whether or not they would be allowed in. After about 15 minutes, Timberlake and Kirkpatrick relented and went inside without backup as their steamed sentries cooled their heels outside. Alas, after doing a few laps around the club and failing to be recognized, the dejected *NSYNCers left to meet up with their pals at VIP, where at least the prank-pulling cops outside knew who they were.
"Greek Wedding" loses flavor in translation
Translating Nia Vardalos' well-received stage monologue into fleshed-out screen form, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" suffers in ways typical to such adaptations -- what was fresh and flavorful in anecdotal description becomes more familiar and sitcom-broad in literal depiction. Directed with a visually uninspired, workmanlike competency that doesn't transcend helmer Joel Zwick's TV roots (going all the way back to "Happy Days" and "Laverne and Shirley" episodes), indie pic -- produced by Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, with Gary Goetzman -- can't count on stellar reviews to draw crossover audiences. Yet if the raucous response at one community-targeting preview screening is any measure, this genial comedy might achieve sleeper legs wherever there's a concentrated population of Greek-heritage viewers. Funny flashback segments under opening credits limn the formative experiences of Vardalos' alter-ego Toula Portokalos, a Chicagoan mortified from an early age by her over-the-top family's boisterous, argumentative ways. The clan promotes exactly three values -- "Marry a Greek boy, make Greek babies, feed everyone" -- with parents Gus (Michael Constantine) and Maria (Lainie Kazan) so patriotically traditional that their house even looks like a suburban-scaled Parthenon. Overshadowed by better-conforming sibs, misfit Toula works miserably at the family's restaurant, resentful yet too timid to leave. One day, however, she's stopped in her tracks by a customer, lanky hunk Ian (John Corbett from "Northern Exposure" and "Sex in the City"). Overnight, she resolves to shed her wallflower persona, undergo a makeover, enroll in community college classes, and orchestrate an upward career shift to an aunt's travel agency. The new Toula duly attracts Ian's attention -- resulting in courtship and an eventual marriage proposal. However, his status as a non-Greek-American is reason enough for the family -- dad in particular -- to mount a certain horrified disapproval, at first. Raised by stereotypically vanilla, emotionally repressed parents (played as quailing WASP palefaces by Fiona Reid and Bruce Gray), Ian in fact enjoys Toula's ebullient relatives. But once he's accepted, her embarrassments continue as the vast, endlessly meddling Portakalos brood takes control of what will be a fully Greek Orthodox, no-expense-spared wedding, whether she likes it or not. Once it's set up, protag's oh-my-gawd attitude toward a well-meaning but overbearing tribe brings no narrative surprises or quirky subplots. Instead, there's just a routinely sentimental/slapstick march toward the altar, sans any real comic invention. The anarchic laughs of scattered moments (brother Nick's slightly mean-spirited pranks, a grandmother's senile paranoias) are kept all too peripheral, while central focus retains a sitcom-style glibness. Second City troupe vet Vardalos doesn't photograph well, and lacks the charisma of a natural movie lead. Her best moments lie in the earliest sequences' smart voiceover wisecracks ... which narration is unfortunately limited to the first reel. Supporting performances are good but underutilized, with Kazan, Andrea Martin's Aunt Voula, 'N Sync (news - web sites) pop star Joey Fatone and "Strictly Ballroom" Aussie Gia Carides as loud-mouthed cousins all deserving more expansive screentime. Constantine fares best as a patriarch whose staunch traditionalism is at once dim-bulb and big-hearted. Presentation is adequate but undistinguished, with OK production values granted little cinematic flair.
Living Single
What's next for Britney and Justin? Their romance went bye bye bye; so did the teen music boom Yeah, yeah, we know: Breaking up is hard to do. But when you're the former Prom King and Queen of Teen Pop, picking up the pieces can be as draining as the dance break in ''Bye Bye Bye.'' Luckily, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears -- the Gen-Y Tom and Nicole -- seem to be handling the media storm with aplomb, he on ''The Rosie O'Donnell Show'' (''I love Britney with all my heart, and I would never, ever do anything to disrespect or degrade her'') and she on the British press circuit (''[I'm not] in an intense relationship right now''). But the breakup also comes at a critical moment in the young stars' professional fortunes -- not to mention in the cloudy future of teen pop. '''N Sync and Britney have a really big decision to make: Do they stay in their demo bubble, the 13- to 16-year-olds, or do they grow with their audience and take some of the new sounds and incorporate that into their music?'' says MTV senior VP of programming Tom Calderone, noting that the net's viewers have been moving away from pop and toward dance music or hip-hop. (Timberlake and Spears declined to comment for this story.) So far, the 21-year-old Timberlake seems the most poised to take his career to the next, more mature level -- notwithstanding tabloid reports involving everything from strippers to whipped cream to a brunet backup dancer. ''When the bubblegum wears off and the cuteness is gone and the gimmick is over, the only thing that's gonna help you stand on your own two feet is the real talent,'' notes singer Brian McKnight, who duetted with Timberlake on ''My Kind of Girl,'' the Grammy-nominated track on his latest album, ''Superhero.'' ''[Justin] is gonna be able to do whatever it is he wants to do for the rest of his life -- he's got that much talent.'' And that talent involves more than hamming it up in an Elton John video. Timberlake cowrote all three of the hit singles on the quintuple-platinum ''Celebrity,'' and, along with former choreographer Wade Robson, wrote and produced ''Man Enough,'' a song for R&B stars Dru Hill. Moreover, Justin has already proved adaptable to changing tastes. ''Music isn't quite where it was three years ago when we had five boy bands on the station,'' says Paul ''Cubby'' Bryant, program director of NYC radio station Z-100. ''The taste right now is a little more on the R&B side, with the J. Los and the OutKasts and the Ashantis doing well. [Getting] Nelly on the track for ['N Sync's] 'Girlfriend' has given the song a whole new life.'' Timberlake's increasing frontman status has inevitably led to talk of a post-'N Sync solo career, though a Jive spokesman would say only that ''there's no Justin Timberlake album scheduled'' and the group is going into the studio this summer to work on a new album. Still, Robson says, ''I'm sure it'll happen at some point.'' But what of Timberlake's former better half? Despite sales of more than 4 million for ''Britney,'' Spears, 20, has charted a path as slippery as that snake she embraced at last fall's MTV Video Music Awards. Oops! None of the three singles released from ''Britney'' have cracked Billboard's top 10 -- the biggest hit, ''I'm a Slave 4 U,'' peaked at No. 27. '''Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman' is a great song, but that song only appeals to a small niche of people, 14- to 17-year-olds,'' says Bryant. ''Now she's talking about being 'Overprotected' ... stuff that might be a little bit more self-serving and not relatable to listeners.'' But don't sniffle for Britney just yet. Her $12 million film debut, ''Crossroads,'' has grossed a respectable $37 million -- though less than the $41 million haul of Mandy Moore's ''A Walk to Remember.'' Moreover, her reported $7 million deal to pitch Pepsi and a cameo in this summer's ''Austin Powers'' sequel ensure that she won't completely fall off the pop-culture radar. (Tabloid items on her post-breakup table dancing in nightclubs probably won't hurt either.) Like Timberlake, Spears seems to be shying away from her teenybopper roots. ''It all starts with the image first -- dressing a little bit more adult, showing a little bit more skin,'' says Rodney Jerkins, who produced ''I'm a Slave 4 U'' as well as 'N Sync's ''Pop.'' ''We wrote together and [we knew] we couldn't write songs like before, where it was basically kiddie pop.'' In fact, Spears cowrote four songs on ''Britney.'' While she faces a greater challenge in reinventing herself, since she (unlike her ex) is already a solo artist, Spears does have other assets...and not just the ones you think. ''She's a better singer than people give her credit for,'' notes Grammy-winning songwriter Diane Warren, who has worked with both 'N Sync and Spears. And for material? ''She can call me -- I've got a lot of 'F--- off' songs!'' We can see it now: Britney sings the blues.
PopWorld Interview With *NSYNC
Question: Do you feel scared or nervous? (about going into space) LANCE: "Not at all. This is something I've been dreaming of my whole life, this is what I wanted to do since I was a kid. It's either gonna happen in November 2002 or November 2003. Actually, I'm kinda hoping it's in November 2003, so it'll give me a bit more time to grain and really realize what I'm doing. I'm going up with a Russian and a Belgian so I have to learn the language. Right now I'm working with translators, but up there I'll have to be able to speak Russian." Question: Justin is planning to release a solo album ? doesn't that worry the rest of you? LANCE: "Not at all. If anything, we're all gonna help him. It's going to be real fun, we'll get to write with him and participate in any way we want to. I think it's something creative and fun he wants to do and has always wanted to do and we're gonna help in any way we can. Question: All the solo projects have led to rumours that *NSYNC are splitting up. What's your response to that? JUSTIN: We're not planning to break up at all. We've got lots of plans to carry out as a group. We've got the new album coming out early next year and another tour to do as well. Question: Have you started working on the new album yet? JUSTIN: We have. A lot of people have done different writing here and there; we've been putting down some demos. What's going to be really great about this next album is we're going to have plenty of time to put it together. Question: Finally, Justin and JC sing all the lead vocals ? are the rest of you going to you get a look in this time? LANCE: Justin and JC are both show offs and love to hog the limelight! (laughs). I think we're all progressing vocally, and on the next album there will be a bigger contribution from Chris, Joey and myself, we may have to lock the others in a room to do it, but we'll get there!
Greek Wedding review
If you want to laugh, loud and hard, because you want to see a movie that pokes fun at that weird uncle or garlic-breathed aunt that's in your family, then "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is for you. If you come from a family that eats, meddles, argues, laughs, kibbitzes and fights together, then take the whole gang along with you and go see this delightful comedy. Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks caught Nia Vardalos's one-woman show about her Greek family and wedding and loved it so much, they helped her make it into a movie (and an upcoming CBS pilot!) It's familiar, no matter what ethnicity your family is, and it's simply a riot, from the pushy aunts, the bombastic fathers, the goofy brothers. You know this family, EVERYBODY knows this family. They're loud, they're friendly, they're welcoming, but suspicious. Nia Vardalos is wonderful at playing the kind of dowdy girl that everyone's concerned about, and she's got her own Chaplin-esque slapstick as she falls when she meets the guy of her dreams at the Greek Dancing Zorba restaurant her family owns. She's the Greek Lucy Ricardo, and her handsome hubby-to-be is a high school teacher played by John Corbett, who's appropriately cool in this role as a long-haired vegetarian guy who is very much in love with Nia's character, and very tolerant of her pushy family. The parents meddle, and they're wonderful, and played by Michael Constantine and Lainie Kazan, two very funny character actors who are brilliant at playing Greek parents. Lainie is particularly perfect as the Mom who cares so much about her children she smothers them. One of the N'Sync boys, Joey Fatone is also in the film, but barely recognizable, and it's not a big part. Don't go see it to see him, go see it to see Corbett and Vardalos as they play a great loving couple caught in the swirl of a well-meaning family that could ultimately spell their doom. Chicago is as much a character in the movie as any of the other wacky characters, who include Andrea Martin, as a pushy Aunt Voula, who's also from "Second City" fame as well as some of the other actors, including Nia's own real-life husband, Ian Gomez, who plays Corbett's best friend. The film is unpredictable, delightful, realistic and wacky as we watch the couple-to-be meet each other's families, with Nia going to the stuffy parents of the Corbett character and then contrasting them with the open-armed wild Greek family. This is a perfect example of a great little movie that doesn't need a big budget, doesn't need big stars, doesn't need a huge production. It's an intimate family film that will provoke discussion (and probably arguments.) The message is that love conquers all, and that you can find happiness despite your family's meddling. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is a big fat fun time.
*NSYNC Records "When You Wish Upon A Star" for Disney Album
from LPGA83: "At the Sound check party in Orlando *NSYNC talked about how on their first day were heading into the studio to record a new version of "When You Wish Upon A Star" for a celebrity Disney Album to be out later this year."
For The Record: Quick News On Brandy, Xzibit, 'NSYNC, Jennifer Lopez, Pet Shop Boys & More
Brandy, Babyface, the Village People, KC & the Sunshine Band and A Taste of Honey have been added to the list of performers to be featured on "American Bandstand's 50th ... A Celebration!," joining Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Cher, Alanis Morissette and KISS. The special, to air May 3 on ABC, will also include appearances by 'NSYNC, Janet Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer Lopez and Whitney Houston, and an all-star band featuring Little Richard, the Go-Gos' Jane Wiedlin, the Bangles' Susanna Hoffs and Debbi Peterson, Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood, Leif Garrett, Spinal Tap's Michael McKean and others... 'NSYNC has another TV appearance in store before then, as their IMAX movie, "'NSYNC: Bigger Than Live," is set to air April 25 on the WB network. The hour-long special, which documents their No Strings Attached tour, features hits such as "Bye Bye Bye," band interviews, and the guys' dance moves captured by seven different camera angles.
Joey Fatone Discusses Fatherhood
'N Sync member Joey Fatone says that it seems like he is living his life backward. He already has a daughter and one of these days he thinks he'll get married, but only when he knows can do it right. Fatone says that having a daughter is a huge source of joy in his life. He says his daughter is always happy and he tries to spend as much time with her as he can. "I try not to miss anything now that she's getting older," he says. "Being on the road makes you grow up fast and now being a dad made me grow up even more."
Men Plead No Contest in Spears Case
Source: AP Date: April 12, 2002 From: Nsync N the News
Four men received 3 years probation after pleading no contest to burglarizing the rented vacation home of pop stars Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Salvador Martinez, 19; Richard Olivarez, 20; Marcus Cook, 19; and Matthew Daily, 18, were sentenced Thursday as youthful offenders by Circuit Court Judge G. Robert Barron. Each had to sign an agreement not to reveal what they took from the couple's Florida Panhandle vacation home. A police report said their take during the Sept. 22-23 burglary included videotapes with "personal footage" and "several clothing items belonging to the celebrities," the Northwest Florida Daily News reported. Those items included a "Gilligan-style" blue-and-white hat, a scarf, a cell phone, nail polish and a $30 pair of shoes. Prosecutor Ace Grinsted said the plea and sentence were negotiated by Spears' and Timberlake's attorneys and accepted by Barron. The State Attorney's Office did not agree to a reduced sentence, Grinsted said. Prosecutors requested the four receive sentences of about 20 months in prison, in line with state guidelines. state sentencing guidelines be applied to the case. Those guidelines called for "about 20 months" incarceration for the foursome, Grinsted said.
if u didnt already Know Chris's Dog Busta died yesterday u can read this at
Timberlake Breaks 'N Sync Ties (World Entertainment News Network)
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE'S new found love of singledom is not only limited to his love life - the 'N SYNC boys are splitting for a year to give him space. According to American magazine US WEEKLY, the BYE BYE BYE hunk, who reportedly split from tasty pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS earlier this month, will "take a year off" after the band's current tour ends in Orlando, Florida on 28 April, forcing JOEY FATONE, CHRIS KIRKPATRICK, JC CHASEZ and LANCE BASS to follow suit. A source says, "He wants to be a bachelor, and he's looking forward to doing his own album." In fact the fate of 'N Sync depends on his solo effort, says the source, who explains, "If it doesn't do well, he'll be back with them. But if it does well, he'll break off."
'N Sync still reigning boy band
Source: Date: March 27, 2002 From:
DENVER — Like a small military campaign — call it Operation Boy Band, if you'd like — reigning teen pop stars 'N Sync assaulted the Pepsi Center on Monday night, complete with enough production values to put Sunday's Oscars to shame. And if the universally handsome and clean-cut quintet's armada of tour buses is any indication of the group's spot as America's kings of highly-polished pre-pubescent pop artistry — they pack a vehicular entourage that's big enough to serve the needs of a mid-sized Midwestern city — it's apparent that 'N Sync's popularity has yet to wane. The band led an evening of universally pleasant pop ditties, complete with enough pyrotechnics, big-screen video presentations and wavering harmonies to send your average 12-year-old into a tizzy straight through Easter. In a night largely packed with hits drawn from the group's glossy "concept album" Celebrity, 'N Sync rattled off the singles: "Do Your Thing," "Bye Bye Bye" and "Tearin' Up My Heart," much to the pleasure of a packed house. Vocalist Lance Bass, fresh back from a weekend in Moscow, where he's hoping to qualify as America's second astronaut for hire (no joke — the well-coifed crooner is aiming to pay his way into space), joined his fellow 'N Sync-ers for a glossy festival of pure pop power. After a few years of arena tours, the group's also been gracious enough to include their teen audience's adult chaperones in the evening's festivities. An easy-going and entirely sanitized medley of hits by the Beatles, the Temptations and (inexplicably) Christopher Cross was belted out as the good-looking lads cavorted on a USS Enterprise-sized catwalk that undulated above the stage. It's not exactly clear what the connection between "Twist and Shout" and "Sailing" might be — but compared to well-produced but entirely interchangeable tunes like "Celebrity" and "Tell Me, Tell Me ... Baby," it was nice hearing the group paying homage to some more timeless artists. While decibel levels normally reserved for archival footage of the Beatles at Shea Stadium regularly rattled the arena, a particularly piercing peal was reserved for the group's resident cutie-pie, Justin Timberlake. His traditional tousled mop-top reduced to an army cut, Timberlake — who's rumored to be, dare we say, newly single, after a tempestuous tiff with longtime fellow pop queen Britney Spears — elicited the loudest shrieks.
'N Sync Pays Tribute to Beatles
Source: Yahoo News Date: March 27, 2002 From: 'N Sync is attracting a new kind of fan with their Beatles and Temptations medley at their show -- the parents. Singer Joey Fatone says that the group is just paying homage to groups who influenced them. Even more surprising for the band is seeing that their younger fans know all the lyrics to the oldies.The group is also still playing their own hits. They retooled their song "I Want You Back" so the concert version is a blues song.
Britney Fuels Breakup Talk
Source: Eonline Date: March 27, 2002 From: Oops!...a nation mourns. After weeks of speculation (and denials) that she and boy-band beau Justin Timberlake have broken up, Britney Spears acknowledged Monday that, yes, she's not "in an intense relationship with anyone" right now. While speaking during a press conference in London to promote her film Crossroads, the 20-year-old pop thongbird was mainly mum about her love life. In fact, Spears' handlers asked journalists in advance not to ask questions about her personal life. But one reporter couldn't resist, asking Spears whether she was involved in an "intense relationship." She then replied, "No, I would not say I was in an intense relationship with anyone at the moment." If she was hoping to silence the tabloids, this wasn't it. Up until Monday, Spears, her publicist--and even her mother--had all dismissed rumors that Britney and Justin were on the outs. Spears initially told MTV Europe that she and the 21-year-old *NSYNCer were still together. And her spokeswoman then followed up by saying "they love each other very much and have not broken up." So far, Congress has not expressed any desire to have Britney testify on the matter. But the pop starlet's love life has certainly come under intense scrutiny over the past several weeks. The New York Post's Page Six gossip column first reported the breakup two weeks ago, and it has since provided a near daily play-by-play on Britney and Justin's activities. (Britney dancing in New York clubs...with other men! Justin hugging a "mystery brunette"!) Then, last week, Us Weekly splashed the duo on its cover, with the screaming headline "Britney & Justin: It's Over." The magazine claimed Timberlake broke up with Spears over the phone before an *NSYNC performance in Tacoma, Washington, earlier this month. The tabloids reported that the relationship suffered from conflicting schedules, a difficulty Spears' publicist, Lisa Kasteler, acknowledged. "The demands on their time have naturally created a significant time apart which could be misconstrued as a more permanent situation," she said. On Monday, Spears also spoke about the trials of living a very public life--which had only been exacerbated by her relationship with Timberlake. "People talk about my private life," she told ITV television. "That goes with what I do. You have to accept that. But if they ask about it, I say it's none of your business." It's only natural the public has been interested. Spears and Timberlake had been unofficially crowned the queen and king of teen pop since pairing up more than two years ago. They've known each other since the early 1990s, when then 11-year-old Britney and 12-year-old Justin were cast members on the new Mickey Mouse Club. Since taking their coupledom public at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards, the twosome vacationed together and even reportedly shared a house in the Hollywood Hills. March25
On The Line/Longshot
don't forget that on the line and longshot comes out March 26 :)
*Nsync Spokesman denies rumors of Breakup
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal Date: March 17, 2002 From: Nsync N The News 'N Sync is not breaking up and neither have Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, an 'N Sync spokeswoman said Saturday night. The group, together for seven years, is taking "a little hiatus" of about eight months and should be back together by early next year, said Melinda Bell, of 'N Sync's management group. "They have not had one day off in five years," said Bell on Saturday night during a radio promotion in The Palms High Roller Lounge. During the hiatus, band member Lance Bass plans to visit Russia and train to become a cosmonaut. Bell said reports of the Britney-Justin split are "just a rumor. They are all laughing about it; Justin's laughing about it." Bell said Spears is in Europe promoting her first film, "Crossroads," but the buzz at the 'N Sync concert Friday night at the MGM Grand had Spears seated in a VIP section with a hat pulled low.
Source: fanclub pages Date: March 20, 2002 From: Nsync N The News CHALLENGE FOR THE CHILDREN IV To be held in ORLANDO, FL. - JULY 26, 27, AND 28, 2002 -
'N SYNC's Joey Fatone back on big screen
Source: WorldPop Date: March 20, 2002 From: Nsync N The News 'NSYNC singer Joey Fatone stars in new US movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding which hits US cinemas next month. At a screening of the movie in the US last week, Fatone told reporters he was glad to be taking on other roles. 'Obviously 'NSYNC can get old or tiring after a while and you're like, 'I want a little bit of a change,' Fatone said. 'It's great to be a character. Be nutty. Be silly. Whatever the case may be. And then you're like, 'OK, well, now I can be creative and go back to doing writing and dancing and performing with 'NSYNC.' In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which Fatone filmed before his first movie, On The Line, he plays the cousin of the main character, played by Nia Vardalos, who tries to persuade her Greek family to accept her non-Greek husband into the family. Fatone filmed his scenes at the same time 'NSYNC were recording their album Celebrity. 'We are supportive of anything that anybody else does in the group,' he said. 'They were able to work the schedule where it was like I flew in to Toronto to shoot some of the scenes, then flew back to record.' The travelling didn't wear on Fatone so much as the different schedules. Fatone's next movie, The Bros. - about two suburban white guys who journey into the world of hardcore rap - is expected to debut at a yet-unspecified film festival later this year. 'NSync are currently in the middle of the Celebrity 2002 tour in the US 3/13/02
Nelly Collaborates With His Dirty, Justin Timberlake 03.13.2002 7:54 AM EST
NEW YORK — Though you may have seen them together on last year's Super Bowl halftime show, this year's Grammy Awards and in the current video for 'NSYNC's remix for "Girlfriend," Nelly said that he and his "dirty," Justin Timberlake, don't really get a chance to hang out that much. But when they do, they make it count. Most recently, the two collaborated on Nelly's next release, Nellyville, due June 25. "I got a surprise track that's on there," Nelly said of the LP Monday night at Times Square's W Hotel, fresh from traveling on the road. "Justin did a song for me. I didn't want to come off fake with it. I'm not trying to take him off into a different element where people be like, 'That's Justin doing that? C'mon. That ain't right.' So we just did something we had in common, and that was girls." Forget the fact that Justin is arguably the most popular singer on the planet, or that his vocal skills have helped 'NSYNC sell more records in the past few years than most labels' entire rosters. The St. Louis rapper joked that J.T.'s origins are what really impressed him. "He's a cool dirty," Nelly said of their relationship. "Once I found out he was from Memphis, that sewed it up for me. I was like, 'OK, I see you in a whole new light. You Memphis family.' I meet up with [him] at different parties. It's hard [to hang out] 'cause he's crazy busy. I'm ripping and running as well. We ain't really got a chance to sit down and kick it, but we always got that, 'I'mma call, I'mma call. We'll chill.' " There wasn't too much chilling during the days leading up to the Grammy Awards. Nelly said 'NSYNC went through a rigorous rehearsal process and he didn't see them much before the show. However, he loved finally getting onstage with them. "It was crazy," he said nonchalantly of the performance. "They just asked me would I do it and I said, 'Why not? It's the Grammys. It's on.' " He had that same laid-back attitude when it came to recording his verses on the "Girlfriend" remix, despite some second guessers around him. "When the thing came up, a lot of people was like, 'You don't wanna do that remix, do you?' " said Nelly, who shot a new part for the video with Justin to be inserted into the clip that's already running. "I'm like, 'Why not? Tell me why not.' The song was hot. I can see if the song was [wack]. Then I would have been like, 'That ain't it.' "Actually, Justin was [in the studio with me]," he added. "And [the Neptunes] were there. I just kind of vibed. I wanted to wait until I got there until I wrote it. I wanted to feel what kind of vibe they was giving off. When I got there, I kind of put something together. They dug it. It was cool, I came up with it pretty quick. I think to be the best, you gotta show flexibility. I didn't really try to censor nothing but I went with the flow of the song, and kept everything in line." —Shaheem Reid 3/2/02
Justin Timberlake: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?
Source: MTV Date: March 2, 2002 From: Robyne Multi-platinum teen pop groups are a lot like luminous stars about to go supernova. With a tremendous burst, the star's core collapses, and its energy is blasted into interstellar space. Traces remain for years, but the fiery glow is gone and its essence becomes mere stardust. New Kids on the Block, New Edition, Menudo and Spice Girls are just a handful of groups that were flying high one moment and fading away the next. One way artists sometimes try to delay or even avoid their seemingly inevitable decline is by leaving their group and striking out on their own. Of course, there's no guarantee such a move will recharge the engine, as evidenced by Melanie B., Geri Halliwell and Joey McIntyre. But for Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Robbie Williams and others, stepping out provided a chance to reach even more stratospheric heights — which explains why there's so much talk right now about 'NSYNC's Justin Timberlake going solo. And fans aren't the only ones talking. On "TRL" late last year, Elton John hinted that he would play piano on a Timberlake solo disc (Justin played a young Elton in John's "This Train Don't Stop There Any More" video). Last month, Angie Stone revealed that Timberlake wants her to guest on the record as well. And Raphael Saadiq said he is planning to be one of the producers for the project. Last year, Timberlake ventured outside the 'NSYNC family to record guest vocals for Brian McKnight's Grammy-nominated song "My Kind of Girl" and he co-wrote and co-produced "What It's Like to Be Me" from Britney Spears' Britney, which came out last November. And as the lead singer, writer and producer of 'NSYNC, he's already proven he can write and produce smash hits. However, in a recent MTV poll, over 50 percent of those who responded said that Justin should stay with his bandmates. "If Justin went solo he could never in a million years get the reception that 'NSYNC gets," said Danielle from Green Bay, Wisconsin. "They work so well together as a group because each member brings something unique to the group and gives them a wider fanbase." Only 34 percent suggested Timberlake should leave the group, but much of that minority voiced their opinions with the most emphatic words. "Justin is 'NSYNC," wrote Melissa from Columbus, Georgia. "He wrote almost all the songs on Celebrity and all of his singles are doing very well. If there was no Justin, then there would be no 'NSYNC. If Justin was the star of "On the Line" instead of Lance and Joey, the movie would have done much better at the box office. It is and will always be Justin and the Timberlakes. J-Dog, do us all a favor and go solo. You don't need them." Lindsey from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was just as insistent: "Justin is the only one that sings and has a lead role as it is. Isn't he already solo with some background singers and dancers?" Some participants in the poll felt that without Timberlake, 'NSYNC wouldn't have the starpower to continue their chart reign. "He'd probably be really successful, but I think that if he decided to [go solo] his former 'NSYNCers would be screwed," wrote Mary from Hamilton, New York. "They are all talented individually, but you've got to admit, Justin Timberlake carries the group on his very attractive shoulders." Still other fans argued that Timberlake would sputter and choke without the rest of 'NSYNC. "If Justin feels that he should go it alone, then he should, but he shouldn't be expecting the same popularity that he has with 'NSYNC," opined Meghan from Rochester, New York. "His fans love him because of his association with the group, and some may not want to see him solo. I just hope he knows what he is doing and he doesn't end up a has-been before his 22nd birthday!" Willow from Chicago was less diplomatic. "Without the other four members of 'NSYNC, Justin is merely Mr. Britney Spears. Much like Nicole Kidman (who remained in the shadows of Tom Cruise until their divorce), Justin, on his own, will be more famous for being Britney's boyfriend than he will be for any talent he may possess. As long as he is with Britney, he needs the rest of the group." In all likelihood, nothing's gonna stop Timberlake from recording a solo album, but just because he's gonna enter the studio without Lance, Joey, Chris and JC doesn't mean he has any intention of leaving 'NSYNC for good. And even if that's his eventual goal, he'll probably wait until he has a successful solo record under his belt before making any sort of official announcement. Even then, if he's as savvy as he seems to be, Timberlake just might wait until 'NSYNC lays an egg before he waves bye bye bye to his bandmates.
Tony Lucca Tour Update
Source: newsletter Date: March 2, 2002 From: Tony will now be playing all shows from Anaheim to Orlando on the NSYNC tour. So we have added Anaheim, Phoenix and Las Vegas to our roster. Tony will be playing reduced 10 minute sets in each of the 3 new venues due to another opening act sharing his time. He will have a full 15-20 mins the rest of the tour. See you all at the shows! Melissa LUCCAMUSIC 2/9/02
Alicia Keys Leads Soul Train Music Awards Nominations, *NSYNC Up For Award
Launch: "Neo-soul singer Alicia Keys topped the 16th Annual Soul Train Music Awards' nominee list Thursday (February 7), earning four nominations, including best R&B/soul single, female; best R&B/soul album, female; R&B/soul or rap album of the year; best R&B/soul or rap new artist; and best R&B/soul single, female. She will also receive the 2002 Sammy Davis Jr. award for entertainer of the year, female. Faith Evans and Don Cornelius hosted the press conference for the award program, scheduled to be taped Wednesday, March 20 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. The late Aaliyah, India.Arie, and the Isley Brothers are each up for three awards. Aaliyah is in the running for the best R&B/soul single, female; best R&B/soul album, female; and R&B/soul or rap album of the year categories. India.Arie is competing for best R&B/soul single, female; best R&B/soul album, female; and best R&B/soul or rap new artist. The Isley Brothers are vying for best R&B/soul single, group band or duo; best R&B/soul album, group, band or duo; and the Michael Jackson award for best R&B/soul or rap music video. Dr. Dre will receive the 2002 Sammy Davis Jr. Award for entertainer of the year, male, and the O'Jays will receive the 2002 Quincy Jones Award for outstanding career achievements in the field of entertainment. The event will be co-hosted by Arsenio Hall, Yolanda Adams, Shemar Moore, and Faith Evans. *NSYNC, Jay-Z, Jaheim, Destiny's Child, Busta Rhymes, Michael Jackson, and numerous others are also up for various awards. Don Cornelius, Soul Train creator and executive producer, opened the press conference by thanking the organizers, after which Evans read a list of the nominees, including the R&B/soul or rap category. Cornelius also discussed Soul Train's plan to release the Soul Train Music Awards Nominees CD on March 26 on MCA Records. "They're putting together a compilation CD which will be consisting of many of the songs that were nominated for the 2002 Soul Train Music Awards and we're very happy about that, and see them as wonderful visionaries for having the foresight," Cornelius said about MCA. Reigning boy band NSYNC earned a nomination for their song, "Gone," which was well-received at urban radio. Group member Justin Timberlake recently spoke about how it feels to cross over into the urban market. "It's tough to answer a question like that. I think it's probably tough for you to ask a question like that because it kinda separates races. But you're looking at someone who grew up on Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Marvin Gaye. When I wrote the song I just used inspiration, just like everybody does. You know, Michael Jackson, his inspiration was James Brown. Those were my inspirations. I just used those to write the music that feels good to me. That's what I came up with. That's what we came up with. So if it goes to an area where we've never been before, then yeah, we're going to pat ourselves on the back. It's a blessing." BEST&R&B/SOUL SINGLE, GROUP, BAND, OR DUO Destiny's Child, "Survivor" Isley Bros. featuring Ron Isley, "Contagious" Jagged Edge with Nelly, "Where The Party At" *NSYNC, "Gone" " 2/5/02
NSYNC to perform with Nelly at the Grammy Source: Reuters Date: February 5, 2002 From:
A tribute to the ``O Brother, Where Art Thou?'' soundtrack, featuring Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Ralph Stanley, Gillian Welch and the Soggy Bottom Boys (Dan Tyminski and Pat Enright), will be among the musical performances on the 44th annual Grammy telecast on Feb. 27. Among the first acts announced for the CBS telecast are the Dave Matthews Band and a collaboration between 'N Sync and Nelly. U2 and Alicia Keys were previously announced as performers; Janet Jackson, Diana Krall and Britney Spears are locked in as presenters. The ``O Brother'' soundtrack is up for album of the year, and three tracks from the disc are competing for other awards. Krauss is up for five Grammys, one of which comes from her appearance on the soundtrack. The Dave Matthews Band, 'N Sync and Nelly are all up for one trophy each, but an appearance on the Grammy telecast has generally meant a sales spike the following week. (At the least, the albums up for nods are five months old and many have already had their peak selling period.) Quite often, performances have had a greater effect on sales than wins. 1/30/02
*NSYNC Bringing Smash Mouth, Ginuwine On Tour
'NSYNC have reached outside of the singing group world for the opening acts on their upcoming Celebrity 2002 Tour, recruiting Smash Mouth and Ginuwine. The raspy rockers and the sensual R&B singer are confirmed for the outing, though an 'NSYNC spokesperson said it hasn't been determined which artist will play which dates. Smash Mouth's spokesperson said the band will join 'NSYNC on a string of Texas, Midwest and Northeast shows from March 19 to April 15. Ginuwine's spokesperson was not available. 1/29/02
My Big Fat Greek Wedding Update
Source: Eonline, sent by bbulger Date: January 29, 2002 From: "Muzak one" from JJB IFC Films is set to release Nia Vardalos' My Big Fat Greek Weddingon the big screen in May, and HBO will have the movie on cable later this year. But CBS has the sitcom version in development for the 2002-03 season. It's an autobiographical tale about a Greek-American woman (Vardalos) who wigs out her family when she decides to marry a non-Greek man (played in the flick by Sex and the City Golden Globe nominee John Corbett). The movie, which also stars 'N Sync's Joey Fatone and Vardalos' real-life hubby, Felicity's Ian Gomez, was produced by Rita Wilson and hubby Tom Hanks' Playtone Co., which will also be involved with the TV series. Second City alumnus Vardalos, meanwhile, will reprise her starring role in the sitcom as the new bride. 1/27/02
*NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick Showing Off His Women's Clothes
Pop star to debut FuMan Skeeto spring/summer sportswear clothing lines As eye-popping and bootylicious as the shapely models at the Girls Rule! fashion show may be, it's likely that some onlookers and photographers won't be staring at the runway. They'll be looking at 'NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick, who will be debuting his FuMan Skeeto spring and summer sportswear clothing lines at the February 11 event. While Kirkpatrick has previously shown the garments on "TRL" and at Planet Hollywood in New York's Times Square, this marks the first time the clothing will be modeled at a major fashion event.. Girls Rule!, a show sponsored by Teen magazine, will take place at 6 p.m. at the Puck Building in SoHo, and will mark the beginning of New York Fashion Week, an event where the world's top designers flock to the Big Apple to showcase their latest lines. Kirkpatrick will unveil his casual line of urban-inspired women's streetwear with an Asian influence at the event. He'll be on hand making sure all the clothes fit the models properly, and working with the principals of his fashion company to ensure the event runs smoothly, said deputy editor of Teen Matthew Dakotah, who's helping to coordinate. Last year, City High opened Girls Rule! with a live performance, and in the next week, Teen will announce the music act that will play this year's event, Dakotah said. Kirkpatrick launched FuMan Skeeto two years ago, and the line is now available in Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's and Eaton's stores, in addition to many smaller specialty stores in North America. The company's logo is a mosquito with a Fu Manchu mustache.
1/27/02 Tony Lucca to Open 'N Sync Tour
Source: Tony Lucca official mailing list Date: January 26, 2002 From: We are extremely excited and happy to announce that Tony will be opening up for 'NSYNC on their 2002 Celebrity tour coming to an arena near you this spring. If you haven't had a chance to check Tony out this will be your opportunity. He will be opening up the night with a short solo acoustic set with a meet & greet afterwards when it is permitted. Don’t forget to pick up your new Tony Lucca shirts and live CD that will be released in conjunction with the tour! So we hope that you all come on out and support Tony. If you want to help us promote at the show stay tuned and in a few days we will let you know how you can go about joining the Tony Lucca Street Team headed up by the newest addition to the small but growing LUCCAMUSIC family, Veronica Corral. Welcome Vero! Dates will be posted as they are released by NSYNC and they can be kept up with on and you can even have them emailed to you as they are added. We will be for sure playing all shows from March 18 ­ April 2, 2002 For those of you wanting to still see Tony in an intimate setting.. we are still booking these shows in the mid west, Texas, and all places in between. Michigan and Chicago ones have already been added. Please stay tuned in for the rest. 2002 is going to be one busy year for us! To all you Cali fans who have continuously supported us over the year ­ we really want to see you at the Mint this Saturday! Tony is playing an entire show with a full acoustic band (they were AWESOME last time!) and is it our last show in Cali until at least June of this year. Come help send us out with a bang. We hope to see you all there. 1/26/02
*NSYNC Confirms More Dates 'NSync has lined up four more confirmed Celebrity Tour 2002 tour dates, as of Thursday (Jan. 24), and revealed a slew of additional cities that will see shows locked in soon. In addition to the five dates confirmed earlier in the week (allstar, Jan. 22), new shows are now squared away in Tacoma, Wash., on March 4 (Tacoma Dome), Oakland, Calif., on March 6 (Oakland Arena), Sacramento, Calif., on March 7 (ARCO Arena), and Las Vegas on March 15 (MGM Grand Garden Arena). Many of the initial shows go on sale through Ticketmaster this weekend. Beyond that, an additional 18 cities have been announced, although venues and dates for those cities are still under wraps.
*NSYNC COMIN' BACK TO KISS VEGAS! KISS FM is waaaaaay proud to bring *NSYNC back for more! It's the guys' "Celebrity Tour 2002"! See 'em live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on March 15th. Listen to KISS FM to win tickets, or purchase them beginning Saturday, Jan. 26th at 10 AM at the MGM Grand Garden Arena box office, all Ticketmaster outlets, or or
This isn't big News but on the radio they just said *Nsync will be back in Las Vegas March 15 !!!!!
*NSYNC IN Chili's Commercial
On the radio this morning *NSYNC will be in a Chili's commercial promoting baby back ribs. The guys will be on a desert island wishing they had Chili's baby back ribs, when a plane drops a big box that lands on Joey, alls you see are Joeys feet as the rest of the guys eat the ribs, while singing the baby back ribs song. The commercail is set to air starting on Monday. This is the first time in over 30 years Chili's will use celebritys to promote a product. Note: The commercial will start to air during the Golden Globe Awards tomorow night :) ~*MainPage*~