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Wow!!! its been forever since I last updated this. I just wanted to let you all know Nsyncs greatest hits album is out tomorrow. So go and pick it up.
◘the webby rambled @ 12:41am pacific time


Hey.. Happy New Years Eve! I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!
◘the webby rambled @ 9:29pm pacific time


Merry Christmas !!!! My Nsync site has been up 3 years woohoo.
◘the webby rambled @ 1:35pm pacific time


Hey.. Justins on ellen today heres the story Pop star Justin Timberlake surprised the audience of U.S. chat show "Ellen" on Friday when host Ellen DeGeneres removed the head of a giant gingerbread man to reveal the singer inside. Timberlake turned around to show his gingerbread bottom before quipping, "Baby got back!" He then got DeGeneres to dress like a glass of milk and dance with her to the MC Hammer classic 'U Can't Touch This'. I can't wait to see this and I added two pictures from it.
◘the webby rambled @ 12:35pm pacific time


Hey.. I'm still alive there's just not much going on with Nsync. Chris Sunday sang the national anthem at the Steelers game but they didn't show it, but I guess someone talked to him and he said Nsync will get back together when they feel like it but to me its more like when Justin feels like it.
◘the webby rambled @ 11:29am pacific time


Hey..Wow does JC look sexy in that Gap Commercials or what lol and speaking of JC according to he is working on his next cd here is the small article: JC Chasez has started work on his second solo album and is eyeing a late summer release date. "It's a futuristic look at the past," Chasez said of the LP at last week's American Music Awards, where he accompanied girlfriend Eva Longoria from "Desperate Housewives." Source: Well if I don't post tomorrow Happy Thanksgiving.
◘the webby rambled @ 5:43pm pacific time


Hey..I guess starting today the new GAP commercials with JC will start airing, so keep your eyes open.
◘the webby rambled @ 9:45am pacific time


Hey.. I added a picture of Justins 2005 calendar. Visit
◘the webby rambled @ 12:30am pacific time


Hey.. First I want to wish Chris a Happy belated 33rd B-day !! and theres still no Nsync news. Well Everyone go check out its a great message board for all.
◘the webby rambled @ 10:45am pacific time


Hey.. added some news about Justin's next movie.
◘the webby rambled @ 10:11am pacific time


Hey..The sharktale sound track is now out. Go visit its a great message board.
◘the webby rambled @ 10:48pm pacific time


Hey..This was posted @ the Music Freedom board: thanks to JC source - "We are currently working on a way for our VIP section to watch JC perform live on your computer. He would be performing the songs that he never got to perform on tour. Keep in mind this is not something that can happen like tomorrow cause of all the planning and putting together it would take, but we're doing our best. So for those of you who are members already, I promise you'll be getting your money's worth and for those of you who aren't members, better join soon."
◘the webby rambled @ 1:54pm pacific time


Hey.. The new US weekly has pictures from Joey & Kellys wedding, congrats again to them. Justin will be on the Today show 9/28/2004 @ 7:00 am - 10:00 am ET discussing the new movie, "Shark Tale."
◘the webby rambled @ 10:26am pacific time


Hey.. according to TRL Joey is getting Married this weekend congrats to he and Kelly. Justin is number 12 of the hottest guys in Teen People.
◘the webby rambled @ 2:17am pacific time


Hey.. The GQ is now out with Justin. You can find a picture of the cover in the pictures section. Justin will also be on the SharkTale soundtrack, he has a song with Timbaland called Good Foot you can own it 9/21 . The VMA's tomorrow night Justin will be there and watch to see if he will pick up an award for BEST MALE VIDEO: "Senorita" :)
◘the webby rambled @ 2:48pm pacific time


Hey.. i'm around everyone should check out this forum @ it's just not for nsync fans its for everyone. 2 days until GQ
◘the webby rambled @ 11:56pm pacific time


I just watched E! news and they had more about JTs GQ shoot and in this issue they will talk about he and cam, the super bowl and a possible nsync reunion. It re shows @ 12pm wed.
◘the webby rambled @ 10:05pm pacific time


Hey..Justin will be on the next issue of GQ which will be out Aug.24th :)
◘the webby rambled @ 4:35pm pacific time


Hey..congrats to Justin on his Teen Choice Award win for Male Artist.Added a tv date :)
◘the webby rambled @ 3:08pm pacific time


Hey..Teen Choice Awards air tonight @ 8pm on FOX.At it says Edison is to hit Theaters April 2005.
◘the webby rambled @ 11:34am pacific time


Hey..Happy 28th B-day JC !!! Wasn't he amazing on the Miss teen usa pagent? It's great to see him on TV showing off his amazing solo talent.
◘the webby rambled @ 5:08pm pacific time


Hey..JC will be performing on the Miss Teen USA pageant tonight on NBC.
◘the webby rambled @ 2:00pm pacific time


Hey..I got this of a JC site: Here's a reply I got yesterday from Music Freedom staff concerning possible tour DVD and 'BMW' video: 'I'm sorry to say that there will not be a tour dvd. There wasn't enough video footage to make a dvd and it was thought that we were going to be on tour for much longer than we were. As for a video to "Build My World", I know JC would love to do one. It has been talked about and put off many times so I do not have a confirmation that one will be done... I hope there's one
◘the webby rambled @ 3:08pm pacific time


Hey..I added another picture of Justin from prom or homecoming. Its under JT prom in the picture section thanx to JJB
◘the webby rambled @ 1:22pm pacific time


Hey..Justin is up for one VMA for BEST MALE VIDEO: "Senorita"
◘the webby rambled @ 4:21pm pacific time


Hey..Firts off I was so disappointed about TRL we didn't get any new info. It bugged me they didn't say anything about JC's solo CD just that he went to Hollywood and then when they asked about the CD they said we don't know. They use to say oh ya there will be one but now its we don't know :( Anyways Go vote @ ~~> Justin Timberlake is up for 5 teen choice awards. The awards air Aug.11 @ 8pm et 7pm ct.
◘the webby rambled @ 1:34am pacific time


Hey..this weekend's CFTC raised 4 million dollars great job, and yet again the Knights won 98 to 89. Don't forget TRL @ 5pm PT and Access Hollywood @ 8:30pm PT today :)
◘the webby rambled @ 9:39am pacific time


Hey..ok first of big news, Nsync will be on TRL Monday!!! i'm not sure if it will be something pre recorded or what, but hey its been a year since we have seen them all together on tv, so anythings great. Also Monday they will have clips from CFTC on Access Hollywood but it will be on @ 8:30pm pt tomorrow because of the convention.Anyways now on to todays news hehe. The knights won again like every year lol. I have added a few more pics from CFTC please credit if u take to the proper people.Tonight on E! It's good to be Justin Timberlake will be on @ 10:30pm.
◘the webby rambled @ 12:32pm pacific time


Hey..WOW! it's been 3 years since Celebrity came out so everyone should listen to it today. Also another WOW! for Justin he looked good on Ellen hehe but when doesn't he? I added a few pictures from day 1 of cftc if you take give credit to the people.
◘the webby rambled @ 2:01pm pacific time


Hey..CFTC weekend starts today. Everyone going have a great time.If you wanna see the press release you can go Here.
◘the webby rambled @ 10:29am pacific time


Hey..I added one new TV date for It's good to be Justin Timberlake,and just a reminder Justin is on Ellen tomorrow @ 3pm PT its new :) 1 day until CFTC.
◘the webby rambled @ 3:34pm pacific time


Hey..I added pictures of Lance visting Joey @ the little shop of horrors. Also I know my tag board is down i'll get it back up soon :) 3 days until CFTC.
◘the webby rambled @ 5:54pm pacific time


Hey..I added a picture of Justin, I'm assuming its from prom or homecoming and a bunch of TV dates.4 days until CFTC. Also you check out my ryan gosling site Here
◘the webby rambled @ 10:29pm pacific time


Hey.. I added pictures of Justin and Joey backstage @ The Little shop of horrors its under Joey.CFTC starts in 11 days !! Have fun everyone whose going.Also I love the 90's starts tomorrow JC and Lance are both on it.
◘the webby rambled @ 8:53pm pacific time


No real updates today just a reminder I love the 90's starts July 12 and JC will be on it.
◘the webby rambled @ 9:53pm pacific time


Hey I added a few pictures of JC from a radio interview and he looks so cute.It now looks like a.d.i.d.a.s wont be JC's next single go to todays news section on here to read more. Also a whole bunch of us are trying to get "I want you back" on TRL so go and vote for it !!
◘the webby rambled @ 12:55pm pacific time


Justin Timberlake is up for 5 Teen Choice Awards:
Choice fashion male icon
Choice male hottie
Choice male artist
Choice R&B Artist
Choice hook up for where is the love with the black eyed peas.
Also a whole bunch of us are trying to get "I want you back" on TRL so go and vote for it !!
◘the webby rambled @ 11:19am pacific time


Wow long time no see i've just been so busy but now that its summer I will have more time to update.Well this summer JC will tour with Britney and let me tell you he rocks solo I saw him April 21 and wow he was amazing and this year @ cftc Nsync will perform together so thats cool. Also a whole bunch of us are trying to get "I want you back" on TRL so go and vote for it !!
◘the webby rambled @ 11:26pm pacific time


JCs album is amazing, he's next single will be Build my World which is one of my favorite songs on he's cd. Also JC will be on Mad tv Sat. which should be funny thats all for now :)
◘the webby rambled @ 5:18pm pacific time


Hey sorry for the lack of updates not much is new but I just had to say that I saw John Mayer in Concert Friday night and he is amazing so if he is coming to your city go and see him. Well anyways its true JCs Album droped today yay so make sure you all go out and buy a copy also he will be on Ryan Searest @ 5:00pm PT
◘the webby rambled @ 2:40pm pacific time


JC's Album has been moved once again now to Feb. 24th I added news about in todays news. keep voting for "Some Girls"on TRL :)
◘the webby rambled @ 12:08pm pacific time


Hey JC was so funny on All That last night. Well I added pix from All That and Lance is a presenter on the People's Choice Awards tonight. keep voting for "Some Girls"on TRL :)
◘the webby rambled @ 5:07pm pacific time


Hey everyone well I just went and saw Chasing Liberty it was so cute and Matthew Goode he is hot hehe well anyways JC will be on All That tonight @ 9pm pt I think he is the musical guest but I wonder what he'll sing because he can't do "Some Girls" lol and Lance will be a presenter @ The Peoples Choice Awards tomorrow night @ 8pm pt. Also JCs CD will be out Feb.10th and keep voting for "Some Girls"on TRL :)
◘the webby rambled @ 4:31pm pacific time


Hey all JC will be on Jay Leno Jan.15th @ 11:35pm pt. Vote for "Some Girls" on TRL !!!
◘the webby rambled @ 6:30pm pacific time


Hey Happy New Year I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve :) Nsync official store is now back open yay so that's a good sign that Nsync should be coming back so go by and check it out that's all for now.
◘the webby rambled @ 3:41pm pacific time


Hey Happy New Years eve wow this year went by so fast but it was a great year the one thing I wont forget about 03 is the Justifed/Stripped tour that was amazing and I hope in 2004 we will see Nsync again with a great album and a kick a** tour !!! well be save and have a great new years eve see you in 04. Vote for "Some Girls" on TRL :)
◘the webby rambled @ 11:02am pacific time


Hi I hope everyone had a great Christmas I sure did the only thing I got Nsync related I guess would be the JT calendar and his dvd. The only updates so far today is a new fan of the month instead of it being for the week its for the month.I haven't had one of those in a while so yay. Also I'm sorry for all those ads on my site they drive me nuts too and oh ya vote for "Some Girls" on TRL :)
◘the webby rambled @ 11:53am pacific time


Wow !!! I've been gone a while sorry well what's new JCs CD has been moved again to sometime in Feb. 2004:( and don't forget to keep voting for "Some Girls" on TRL he needs to be #1. Ummm.. JTs live from London dvd just came out woohoo but it sux he took some songs out but it will still be good well I hope everyone has a great Holiday I hope to be updating more :) my site will have been up 2 years tomorrow yay !!
◘the webby rambled @ 8:37pm pacific time


Hey well I went to to see if you could pre order Justins: Live from London DVD and it now says it wont be out until Dec.9th instead of Nov.18th grrr lol well anyways I added some new tv dates :-D
◘the webby rambled @ 10:53am pacific time


Hey everyone I added some pictures fom the Europe Music Awards and the voting said it all:Justin Timberlake walked away with the Best Album for 'Justified', Best Male Artist, and finally Kelly Osbournepresented Justin with Best Pop, congrats to him. On Nov.14th Lance will be co-hosting on the Sharron Osbourn Show :)
◘the webby rambled @ 2:52pm pacific time


~*Happy Halloween*~ Sorry for not updating as much well JC now has an official Jive site u can go to the addy is Also he did a chat a few days ago and said his CD will be out Jan.27.2004 and they will be putting out their celebrity tour next year sometime yay :)
◘the webby rambled @ 10:07am pacific time


Reminder: JC on Nickelodeon at 6:00 Today! TEENick LIVE from the Hard Rock Cafe in Los Angeles. Between shows, JC will be doing dares, pulling pranks and dishing out juicy gossip. Runs through 8:30 pm.
◘the webby rambled @ 10:47pm pacific time


Happy 32nd Birthday Chris !!!!
◘the webby rambled @ 3:40pm pacific time


Hey everyone omfg did everyone see j.c. yesterday on the Wade robson project that was so great its a totally different jc then i have seen and i loved it well i don't have many updates i just had to say how much i loved it and yay i'm happy tyler won !!!
◘the webby rambled @ 2:40pm pacific time


Hey everyone well if u watched the Wade Robson project you know that on Monday J.C.will be performing two songs off his up coming CD !!!! Also tomorrow night JT host/performes on SNL :)
◘the webby rambled @ 5:48pm pacific time


Hey everyone wow its been all most a month well this Sat. Justin will be host and musical guest on SNL !!! and don't forget you can now vote for "i'm lovin it" on TRL
◘the webby rambled @ 7:12pm pacific time


Hey everyone i haven't updated in a while so i decided to update as you all probably know by now Nsyncs official site is back up and running yay also according to Jive records JC's CD might not be out until 04 :( well that's it and don't forget to remember the men and women who died today God bless the USA
◘the webby rambled @ 3:31pm pacific time


Hey everyone its been a while well congrats to Justin he won 3 VMAs also The Justified and Stripped Tour may be close to folding up its tent in the U.S., but there'll be plenty of Justin Timberlake to keep fans occupied through the fall.The solo 'NSYNC star will release the home video/DVD "Justified The Videos" on September 23, followed by the in-concert "Live in London" on November 18, according to a spokesperson for the singer. for full story go here. Also JCs singel may be out 9/23
◘the webby rambled @ 12:34pm pacific time


Hey everyone ok so i guess J.C.s singel now has gotten pushed to the 19th or 25th of this month and his CD got moved to Oct.28th.Also Lance said in Mississippi at that hall of fame thing Nsync wont be back in the studio until Jan.well thats really all the info i have right now don't forget to vote for Justin for the viewers choice award here.
◘the webby rambled @ 12:35pm pacific time


Added some pictures from the Teen Choice Awards.Also don't forget to vote for Justin for the viewers choice award here. 2 days until J.C.s first singel comes out !!!!
◘the webby rambled @ 4:05pm pacific time


Happy 27th B-day to J.C. !!!!.Don't forget to vote for Justin for the viewers choice award here. 3 days until J.C.s first singel comes out !!!!
◘the webby rambled @ 6:11pm pacific time


Teen Choice Awards are on tonight and I added some Tv Dates.Don't forget to vote for Justin for the viewers choice award here. 5 days until J.C.s first singel comes out !!!!
◘the webby rambled @ 1:00pm pacific time


Hey everyone August 9 in Jackson, MS Lance will be inducted into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame. Tickets to the event will be $15, $10 and $5 and may be purchased at BeBop Record Shops. Thanx to for info.don't forget to vote for Justin for the viewers choice award here. 10 days until J.C.s first singel comes out !!!!
◘the webby rambled @ 7:02pm pacific time


Hey everyone omg did everyone see J.C. on The new tom green show wow he looked so hot and his first single is out Aug.11 yay well thats all the updates for now and don't forget to vote for Justin for the viewers choice award here.
◘the webby rambled @ 12:06pm pacific time


Hey everyone the VMA nominations came out today J.C. is up for 1 best song in a movie and Justin is up for 7 one of them is viewers choice so go and vote here. Also i added two new sites Lets take a ride w/ JT
and Mr. Jt,what you got for me

◘the webby rambled @ 3:56pm pacific time


Hey everyone I loved Justins new video it was great so don't forget to vote for it on TRL also I added some caps from the video and go vote for J. C. and Justin to be nominees for the Viewers Choice award @ the VMAs you can go here to vote.
◘the webby rambled @ 4:42pm pacific time


Hey everyone added some news and updated the TV dates and don't forget on TRL Monday they are going to premiere Justin's new video. Also go vote for J. C. and Justin to be nominees for the Viewers Choice award @ the VMAs you can go here to vote.
◘the webby rambled @ 4:08pm pacific time


Hey everyone there is a CD out with just x-tina and Justin they sale it at target according to Justin also everyone according to jive J.C.s album got pushed to Oct. 21 but the good news is his first single "some girls" will be released 8/25 well I added a Lance look a like and a lot of tv dates Also don't forget to vote for J. C. and Justin to be nominees for the Viewers Choice award @ the VMAs you can go here to vote.
◘the webby rambled @ 3:44pm pacific time


Hey everyone tomorrow night @ 9 to 11pm on NBC they are having a macys spectacular fireworks show and Justin will be singing also @ 10pm on 20/20 Justin and xtina will be on. Also don't forget to vote for J. C. and Justin to be nominees for the Viewers Choice award @ the VMAs you can go here to vote.
◘the webby rambled @ 9:10pm pacific time


Hey everyone I have a new fan of the week yay its been a while. Also go vote for J.C. and Justin to be nominees for the Viewers Choice award @ the VMAs you can go here to vote.
◘the webby rambled @ 1:07pm pacific time


Hey everyone go vote for Justin to be a nominee for the Viewers Choice award @ the VMAs you can go here to vote also on * I just read July 2nd *Nsync will be doing a live chat @ 8pm est.
◘the webby rambled @ 5:05pm pacific time


Hey everyone well last night on the Late Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn Joey announced that he was engaged so congrats to him and Kelly. Also Friday at 1pm on MTV don't forger Making the Tour The Justified/Stripped Tour :)
◘the webby rambled @ 4:12pm pacific time


Hey everyone whats up I went to the Justified/Stripped Tour Sat. night it was so... good Justin looked good like always lol but anywayz i'll put my review up later but right now I added some pictures from the Justified/Stripped Tour you can go here to see them also don't forget the BET Awards are on tonight and Joey is also going to be on the Late Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn tonight :)
◘the webby rambled @ 1:49pm pacific time


3 days until Justified/Stripped tour !!!
Hey everyone I added the Set List for the Justified/Stripped tour also Wade Robson is going to be on TRL tomorrow he is so hot !!!
◘the webby rambled @ 2:40pm pacific time


Hey all 4 Days until I see Justin and Christina !!!! i'm so excited well anywayz I added a new finish the lyric and scrambler :)
◘the webby rambled @ 2:05pm pacific time


Hey everyone I added 1 news article and some pictures from the MTV movie Awards :)
◘the webby rambled @ 5:21pm pacific time


Hey everyone I added so more pictures from The RollingStone that's out June 26th but still check your stores because sometimes magazines come out earlier
◘the webby rambled @ 1:27pm pacific time


Hey everyone I would have to say Justin and Seann did a great job @ the 2003 Movie Awards the funniest part was the beat boxing I thought. Well, I added a review section to my site you can go Here and tell me what you thought of the Justified/Strippped Tour also if someone has the set list can you send it to me that would be great.
◘the webby rambled @ 4:29pm pacific time


Summer Vaction is here woohoo !!! well for some. Anywayz don't forget the MTV Movie Awards are on tonight.Also Justin and Christina are on the new RollingStone which is out June 26th but you can see the cover here in the picture section or on Justins site :)
◘the webby rambled @ 3:21pm pacific time


Hey all congrats to Justin he is up for 6 Teen choice awards !!! I also added another TV date and now I have decided to add release dates for CDs and stuff on there too :)
◘the webby rambled @ 10:13am pacific time


Hello everyone well if you don't know Justin is nominated for two BET Awards Best new artist and Best R&B artist :) Also I added some TV Dates
◘the webby rambled @ 12:00pm pacific time


Hey everyone Happy Birthday Lance !!! Sorry for the lack of updates well anywayz if u haven't heard Justin and Seann William Scott will be the hosting the 2003 movie awards that should be good !!!
◘the webby rambled @ 10:39am pacific time


Hey everyone Happy Easter sorry no new updates today :)
◘the webby rambled @ 7:17am pacific time


Hey everyone Justin was great last night on the KCA well if u missed it,it will be on again @ 4pm pt today and also I added a few pix from last nights show :)
◘the webby rambled @ 11:57am pacific time


Hey all wasn't J. C. great last night he was so funny well this is just a reminder The Kids choice awards are on tonight and Justin will be performing "Rock Your Body" :)
◘the webby rambled @ 1:01pm pacific time


Hey all J.C. is on "Greetings from Tucson" tonight @ 8:30 P.M. PT :)
◘the webby rambled @ 6:45pm pacific time


Hey all I added some news and keep voting for Justins Video on TRL and now on VH1s top 20 countdown :)
◘the webby rambled @ 1:02pm pacific time


Hey everyone long time no see well sorry for the lack of updates again anywayz on May 17th, J. C. will be appearing at KIIS FM's "Wango Tango" concert in LA. Tickets for the event go on sale April 12th. Also on April 11th J.C. is supposed to be on "Greetings from Tucson" :)
◘the webby rambled @ 1:17pm pacific time


Hey everyone Happy St.Patricks Day !! Well I added a Lance recipe called Chocolate Dream also Justin will be on that show punked on MTV @ 10:30pm tonight :)
◘the webby rambled @ 3:30pm pacific time


Hey I bought my tickets today yay !!! Also I just added some more tour dates that are on sale now :)
◘the webby rambled @ 3:13pm pacific time


Hi everyone I just added some tour dates that are on sale now :)
◘the webby rambled @ 10:49am pacific time


Hi everyone sorry again for the lack of updates I'll try to stay on top of things well today they announced that *Nsync will be performing heres the info:the Bee Gees will be honored with the GRAMMY Legend Award in a special presentation that will include a performance by 'N Sync :)
◘the webby rambled @ 2:13pm pacific time


~*Happy B-day Justin*~ I added some J.C. news and a Pic of J.C. arriving @ the superbowl :)
◘the webby rambled @ 4:44pm pacific time


~*Happy B-day to Joey*~ Sorry for the lack of updates i should be back up to speed soon :)
◘the webby rambled @ 5:19pm pacific time


I added Pix from the AMAs and Tv dates :)
◘the webby rambled @ 1:11pm pacific time


Hi everyone didn't Justin and J.C. look good last night I'll try to get some pix up from the AMAs soon but for now I added 2 news articles well cya :)
◘the webby rambled @ 6:02pm pacific time


Hi All Congrats. to My Big Fat Greek Wedding for wining best motion picture comedy on the peoples choice awards last night, also don't forget the AMAs are on tonight at 8p.m. Pacific
◘the webby rambled @ 2:17pm pacific time


Hey everyone more news Justin is up for a Grammy for Like I Love you yay Also he shaved his head again and its not like the buzz cut its like Erik from O-town shaved but its OK i will get use to well I'll try to get some pix up cya
◘the webby rambled @ 6:53pm pacific time

Hey Everyone Grammy nominations came out today *Nsync is up for only 1 grammy for Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group and its for Girlfriend yay !! for them if u want to see the full list go Here

◘thewebby rambled @ 2:10pm pacific time


Hey everyone sorry for not as many updates just not a lot of news or anything has been around to add but i did add the vibe cover w/ Justin in the picture section so enjoy.well bye for now
◘the webby rambled @ 12:10pm pacific time


Happy New Years everyone!! I was thinking 5 years ago today was the first time I saw *Nsync in concert what memories (hehe) Also Happy B-day to Kelly :)
◘the webby rambled @ 5:40pm pacific time


Hey everyone Happy New Years Eve !!! Go out and Have fun tonight :)
◘the webby rambled @ 12:52pm pacific time


Hi Everyone what's up not much here I added the new RollingStone cover w/ Justin. So go check it out.He looks good on it (hehe) Cover
◘the webby rambled @ 3:37pm pacific time


Hi Everyone I updated the TV/Mag.dates thats it for now bye bye bye (hehe)
◘the webby rambled @ 12:18pm pacific time


Hey what's up everyone there's not many updates right now but i might have a few up later so keep checking back. Also Photographer/ Video Director Herb Ritts Dies At Age 50 he directed videos for *Nsync,Britney etc..if u want more info check out!
◘the webby rambled @ 11:22am pacific time


Merry Christmas everyone I hope everyone got what they wanted this year Well I added a new fan of the week :) and a few other things :)
◘the webby rambled @ 10:14am pacific time


Hey Everyone today my site has been up 1 year yay!! Also thanx so much again to Kelly for this great layout.Well please look around sign the tag board and enjoy the site and thanx again for coming :)
◘the webby rambled @ 12:00am pacific time


Hi Everyone this is my New Layout yay i love it but I have to give a big thanx to Kelly who made it she did such a great job on it check out her site NFR!
◘the webby rambled @ 11:00am pacific time
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