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Fantasy Drawings


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This is the Fantasy Page. It will contain any drawing depicting nudity. Hopefully it be will tastefully done.

Here are links to three friends, who art inspires me. I love them dearly. Please visit them. Linda Gock from Australia, Katja Alakotila from Finland and Anika Kerstin Stunpf from Germany.

For those of you that came from Linda Gock's page go here to see her portrait that I did.

  • Calypso Fairy #37
  • Lyndelven #46
  • Sword Maiden #46
  • Jaime #50
  • Kanai #60
  • Kanai Fae
  • Pixie

Unfortunatly Calypso is not any one I know. Wish I did! Finished size is 11"x14".

I'm beginning to think there are a bunch of Elves in Alaska and that they can control a mortals mind so we can't see them. It's my hands that can see what's there. I knew you were an Elve, Lynda. This was done on 100lb smooth white paper 11"x14". Scanned in two passes on my scanner.

Her name is Jennie Seay. I've looked at her art enough that I feel like I know her. I borrowed a photo of her at a wedding. Hope she doesn't mind. It doesn't look very much like the photo anymore. This was done on 100lb smooth white paper 11"x14". P.S. She likes the drawing and I'm going to get to meet her this summer at the local fair, Wow! I've met her. Nice Lady!

Jaime is a new friend. Nice canoeing partner. An Elve from Texas. Wish she was staying in Alaska. Sigh! 11"x14" 80lb medium surface.

Kanai is named for a friend. She didn't pose for the drawing. Her Faeries are an inspiration though. I know the eyes are a little strange. I was going to change them when I finished the drawing but by the time I got there they'd grown on me and felt right.

I know his/her face is a bit crooked but this is the first drawing I've done without a model. I did it quickly without using the eraser much. Others may not notice the improvement here but I do. It was influenced by my friend Anika. Not as good as hers, but I like it.

Click here to see My Alaska .You might find out more about the artist. Then again maybe you don't want too. Enjoy!!!!!