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My Alaska

For anybody who's interested. Pieces of my Alaska.

I started a seperate Alaska Flower Page. A click on the word Calypso will take you there.

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  • Ice Art 2004
  • Ice Art 2004
  • Ice Art 2004

First row: This patch of Calypso's(Calypso bulbosa) lives by my house. I alawys expect to find fairy's under them.

When I get more organised I'll include more of my Celtic friends here in the second row. John on little mandolin and Sarah on Hammered Dulcimer. Oh, and me on the Bodhran. Also me on my mandolin. When people ask me why it's so big I tell them it's a Man's Mandolin. Notice the Elves on the shirt!

3rd row. Pictures from around Alaska. A couple dog mushing pictures. Denali in the back ground on the first pic. The next pic was in the White mountains north of Fairbanks.- A lake west of my house. Nice walk or ride for a swim.- Tanana River. A silty glacial river. Great canoeing.- Cordova is a fishing village about 330 miles south of here plus a 7 hr. ferry ride.-- Snowy trail from my house.

This row is for places I want to include in drawings someday. The first two picks are of a trail above Juneau, Alaska. This pace reminds my of a fairy tale.- The water Falls was along this trail. There's got to be a drawing here. Just need to find it.- This rock wall is in the high tundra along Nome Creek about 60 miles North East of Fairbanks. A definite power spot.-- Three pictures going through the Alaska Range. Same day. The two that look like Black and White Ansel Adams photos are in colour.

Misc. Row.-My sister and her horse, Ofe. The other two girl horses bully Ofe at feeding time so Fran lets him outside the pen to feed him. He usually ends up at the bird feeder eating the birds sunflower seeds and looking in the house. So one day she brought him into the house.-Here's Fran's other two horses. Tofa on the left and Drifa on the right. -Meese in the yard. Makes it hard getting home sometimes. Believe it or not, but moose are much more dangerous than bears.

A Yurt I been helping build this fall and winter.- First fitting of the stair treads.

I may like to dance more than I like to play music or it may be that I get to do music more often than dance. We had a throw together band for this dance. They were great. Lots of great musicians in Fairbanks.- Broad view of the dance floor. It was -40 C that night. Still a pretty full house.- Swinging! My favourite part of dancing. I measure how much fun I had by how dizzy I am at the end of the night.- My eyes. My true self showing through;-)

Seventy-five years of life experiences makes way to many candles. We huffed and we puff and blew them all out. - My friend Cathy and myself. - Here's one of the shirts Sarah made. Cathy got the other. All the people at the party signed them for us.

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