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Gamemasters and Players

I would like my site to be a gaming resourse. There aren't a large number of Twilight 2000 Sites on the net, only a small number of those run pbem games, and those with openings are fewer still. Even if you choose not to play in our Twilight Campaign. Maybe you'll see something here that can contribute to your character or adventure. A word of contact and or credit is always appreciated.
Survive and Succeed,
Gunther / Gamemaster

Twilight 2000 was originally produced by Game Designer's Workshop Bloomington,Illinois
Twilight 2000 is now Copyright by Tantalus Inc. P.O. Box 2310 Keywest, Florida 33046 and Retains All Rights.

Character Creation

Sheikdom of the RDF and Northern Lights Campaigns
First Edition Skills List, Service Branch and Specialty
First Edition Character Work Sheet
First Edition Character Record Sheet
First Edition Special Operations Characters
First Edition United Kingdom Characters
First Edition Israeli Defense Force Characters
First Edition Civilian Characters
First Edition Twilight Reference Books
S-1 Administration Player List
S-2 Intelligence Latest Information
S-3 Operations Current Turn Results
S-4 Logistics Equipment List
S-5 Civil Affairs / Counter-Intelligence
CIVGOV/MILGOV Who's the Rightful Government?
The Wild Geese Mercenary Campaign and Squad Leader Tactical Maps
By The Dawn's Early Light Campaign
Leftenant Colonel Osborne McClaren RSDG 2nd Edition
CSM Dartavian Blackwood 2nd Edition
Twilight Humor: Don't Call Me Sir I Work for a Living
Twilight 2000 The Last USO Show
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