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   Below are descriptions for two Twilight 2000 Campaigns I am preparing to run. The number of players will be limited to six per game. A Basic Training Character Creation and Orientation Mission will be run first. This will allow players to get familiar with the gamemaster’s style of running a campaign and allow the gamemaster to evaluate the players. Gamers in this campaign need to be team players who work together. They should however not be sheep who wait for the leader to tell them what to do. Unit integrity and iniative go hand in hand. Rambo’s needn’t apply. Lastly please examine your free time and realistically evaluate if you have time to play. We all have a life beyond the game, family, jobs, school, other games. Turns will be weekly but you will need to check your E-Mail at least every other day for SITREPS.

   Check out the material below and decide if its something you want to get involved in playing. This game does require some time and effort but you only get out of it what you are willing to put into it. Gaming should be fun and something you look forward to doing.

Survive and Succeed,

Gunther / Gamemaster


Sheikdom of the RDF Campaign

Twilight 2000

{Starting Soon}

   Twilight 2000 based in the Mideast using the RDF Soursebook (Module 508) as the primary reference. The Mideast still has operational aircraft and ships. Airdrops and amphibious operations still take place on a limited basis. Although the numbers are small and only the most high priority missions rate their use of such equipment.

   The collection of units under Third Army Command in Saudi Arabia is quite colorful and includes the 82nd Airborne, 101st Air Assault, 1st and 3rd Marine Divisions. Spec Ops includes SEAL TEAM Three, 5th Special Forces Group, and 75th Rangers. Other nationalities include Brits with Ghurkas and The Para Regiment,  Israeli Airborne and Tankers, French Troops include Foreign Legion and Marine Paratroops, as welll as Naval Commandos.

   The Med also contains the world’s last operation carrier the USS Belleau Wood LHA-3.  An amphibious warfare ship capable of operating VTOL Harriers and helo’s.                If you’re looking for a campaign that lets you strike back at Ivan instead of doing nothing but escape and evade this might be the game for you. A word of caution, team players who are willing to work together are necesary here. The Soviet Forces are equally formidable and it only takes one mistake to buy the farm. The Commander of Third Army is creating a Special Ops Unit with a broad base of skills for various missions. Casualties may be high but the game will never be dull.

Northern Lights Campaign

Twilight 2000


   Twilight 2000 from the other side. Players will be able to run Desantniki, Naval Infantry, or Spetnatz against NATO forces in Norway. Players will have a chance to plan operational missions as senior officers using available Special Ops units to accomplish assigned missions. Then they will resolve them on the tactical level with junior officers and nco’s ranked player characters in key leadership positions. Missions will include attacking Pre-Positioned NATO Eqipment at POMCUS sites, attacking key airfields to destroy NATO aircraft and disrupt arrival of supplies and reinforcements,  acting as pathfinders for Airborne and Airmobile Assaults, and paving the way for Amphibious landins by taking out coastal gun emplacements and other defences. This game will use NORDKAP wargame as a control map to mark the progress of the campaign.. This game is oriented towards players who would like both wargames and role playing


Basic Training

Before entering either game players will go through Twilight Basic Training by creating a Ranger Character and taking part in an airmobile assault to seize nucleur weapons storage facility in the Ukraine. This mission is based on but not identical to the one in The Ten Thousand by Harold Coyle


Create a First Edition Character modified by posted House Rules

All initial characters will be Rangers assigned to 1st Platoon (+) Company A 1st Battalion 77th Infantry Ranger (Airborne)


Positions Available:

Platoon Leader-Second Lieutenant, Platoon Sergeant-Sergeant First Class, HQ Section: Staff Sergeant HW(60mm Mortars), Commo Sergeant, Medic Sergeant; 1st Squad Leader  Sergeant, 2nd Squad Leader Sergeant, 3rd Squad (Engineers) Leader Sergeant.


Rank E-6 Staff Sergeant or below (Plt Ldr and Plt Sgt initially will be NPC’s)

Equipment is limited in weight to unemcumbered basic load regardless of starting funds, each character may purchase one NATO Rare Availability Item. No vehicles or animals may be purchased. ALL equipment must be listed in an official Twilight 2000 Reference

Non-US issue will have to have a logical rational as to how it was obtained.

 (Excess funds will be placed in a unit pool for special mission items)






Send in the following:

Worksheet or information organized in a similiar format

Skill point breakdown, what points were used to purchase which skills

Character Sheet or information organized in similiar format

Equipment List include cost weight and location / how carried

Character Background one page max

Send this in for review by the gamemaster who will advise of any necesary corrections, changes or revisions






Enlistment Roll 7 Constitution 12+


Infantry CRM 20, HW20, BC 1/2, RCN 1/2, FOR 1/2


Heavy Weapons  HW 40, IF 20, RCN 1/2, FOR 1/2


Commo ELC 40, RCN 1/2, FOR 1/2


Engineer CBE 40, RCN 1/2, FOR 1/2


Medic MED 40, RCN 1/2, FOR 1/2


Officer (INF or HW only) Add FO 20, INS 10


Senior NCO (E-7 and above) Add INS 20, INT 20, SCR 20


All receive PAR 40 MTN 40


Characters that survive the Basic Training Mission may be used in the “Sheikdom of the RDF Campaign” or retired to create others. Each gamer is allowed to run two characters.