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[ Biography ]

Name: Usamah Bin Mohammad Bin Laden

Born in the city of Riyadh 1377 ah, 1957 ac. Raised in AlMadina AlMunawwara and Hijaz, and received his education in the schools of Jedda, then studied management and economics in King Abdul Aziz University in Jedda. Married with Children.

His outlook: The way of the people of Sunna and Jama'a in accordance with the understanding of the righteous predecessors, in total and in detail. From this emerges the necessity for armed struggle preceded by Da'wa and military preparation in order to repel the greater Kufr, and to cooperate with Muslims in order to unite their word under the banner of monotheism, and to set aside divisions and differences.

He began his interaction with the Islamic groups in 1393 ah (1973 ac) and continued with this until the commencement of Jihad in Afghanistan; he also participated, in the beginning of the eighties, with the Mujahideen against the Communist party in South Yemen, participating once again in the nineties until the downfall of the Communist party.

He established alongside Sheikh Dr Abdullah Azzam - May Allah bless his soul - the office for Mujahideen services in Peshawar; he also established along with Sheikh Azzam the Sidda camp for the training of Arab Mujahideen who came for Jihad in Afghanistan. His first visit to assist the Afghan Mujahideen was after the entry of the Russians by a few days in 1399 ah (1979 ac); he established "Ma`sadat AlAnsar" which was a base for Arab Mujahideen in Afghanistan. In 1406 ah (1986 ac) he participated in the battles of Jalalabad with the Arab Mujahideen as he also did in 1409 ah (1989 ac) which was one of the biggest battles which the Arabs engaged in, in Afghanistan.

He migrated from the Arabian peninsula on 16 Shawwal 1411 ah (1991 ac), then he was asked by the Saudi government to return, however he refused, so they withdrew his citizenship, cancelled his passport, froze his assets, and then attacked him through the media by defaming his character both inside and outside Saudi Arabia. He currently resides in Afghanistan, and has directed a call to the Muslims throughout the world to declare a Jihad against the Judao - Christian alliance which is occupying Islamic sacred land in Palestine and the Arabian Peninsula.
[This article was published in the 15th issue of Nida'ul Islam magazine]
(, October - November 1996

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