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Baseball Tryout Camps Newsletter

Do you want to know when the Major League
and Independent Teams are holding their tryout camps.

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The Baseball Tryout Camp Newsletter lists:
  • Major League Teams Open Tryout Camp Schedules (Jan-August)
  • Major League Scouting Burueau Tryout Camp Schedules (June-August)
  • Closed Minor League Tryout Camp Schedules (Released Players) (Jan-March)
  • Spring Training Tryout Camps (Jan-March)
  • International League Tryout Camp Schedules (Nov-Dec)
  • Independent League Tryout Camp Schedules (March-May)
  • Independent Teams Tryout Camps Schedules (April-May)

    Included in the 2011-2012 Baseball Tryout Camp Newsletters
  • Dirt Dobbers Tryout
  • United League and Team Tryouts
  • South Coast League League and Team Tryouts
  • American Association League League and Team Tryouts
  • Israel Baseball League
  • Frontier League League and Team Tryouts
  • Windy City ThunderBolts (Frontier League)
  • Mannheim Tornados Tryouts (German A League)
  • Nashua Pride Tryouts (ATLANTIC LEAGUE)
  • Richmond Roosters Tryouts (FRONTIER LEAGUE)
  • Baseball Tryouts in Japan
  • Evansville Otters Tryouts (FRONTIER LEAGUE)
  • North Shore Spirit Tryouts (Northeast League)
  • Rockford Riverhawks Tryouts (FRONTIER LEAGUE)
  • Kansas City T-Bones (Northern League)
  • Chillicothe Paints Tryouts (FRONTIER LEAGUE)
  • Newark Bears Tryouts (ATLANTIC LEAGUE)
  • Kansas City Royals Tryout Camps
  • Los Angeles Dodgers Tryout Camp
  • Washington Wild Things Tryout (FRONTIER LEAGUE)
  • Gateway Grizzlies Tryouts (Frontier League)
  • Florence Freedom(Frontier League) Tryouts
  • Florida Marlins Tryout
  • Canadian American League Tryouts
  • Golden State League Tryouts
  • Atlantic League Tryouts
  • Kalamazoo Kings Tryouts (Frontier League)
  • New Jersey Jackals(Northeast League) Tryouts
  • Northern League Team Tryouts
  • Jackhammers (Northern League)Tryouts
  • Central League Team Tryouts
  • Chicago White Sox Tryouts
  • Northern League Tryouts
  • New York Mets Tryout Camps
  • Canadian and Alaskan tryout camp schedule
  • Seattle Mariners Tryout Camps
  • Cincinnati Reds Tryout Camps
  • Toronto Blue Jays Tryout Camps
  • Pittsburg Pirates Tryout Camps
  • Atlanta Braves Tryouts
  • Texas Rangers Tryout Camps
  • Kansas City Royals Tryout Camps
  • Tampa Bay Devil Rays Tryouts Camps
  • Philadelphia Phillies Tryouts
  • Cincinnati Reds Nationwide Tryout Camps
  • Minnesota Twins Tryouts
  • Baltimore Orioles Tryout Camps
  • Milwaukee Brewers Tryout Camps
  • San Diego Padres Tryout Camps Playball" Baseball Academy PRO BASEBALL TRYOUT CAMP
  • Boston Red Sox Tryout Camps
  • Houston Astros Tryout Camps
  • Cleveland Indians Tryout Camps
  • Major League Scouting Bureau Tryout Camps
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