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This page was one of the first pages about the business of the web.
It got a wrong start. I didn't know that I'm in "business"...
I resisted the obvious -- every webpage is a property, i.e. commercial value.
I gave up -- here is the Sellassie BUSINESS WWW -- I will collect the business pages over there.
In fact, I have changed my mind. Business of Diaspora should be a priority. The Internet is the equalizer -- the place where you can start without money and, if you have ideas and perseverance, you might succed.

Diaspora is the old phenomene, the Greeks didn't colonized the Mediterranium, but they introduced this term. Not immigrants, mind you. They believed that it is possible to live everywhere without losing your original culture. They thought that one doesn't have to "exchange" it, but could gain the new in addition to the old.

Personally, I do not think that staying in your homeland makes you a better citizen. I met too many Russians outside Russia who are BETTER Russians than the ones in Russia. They value their language and culture, the memory makes them hungry for their culture.

Actually, I believe that the Russians in Russia are ruining the culture and the country. I might say the same about Ethiopia.

Very often we hear about the "brain drain" -- but the Greeks believed that DIASPORA is the mission of the Greek civilization. They thought that they bring the world the gift of the Greek Culture. They saw it as spread of their (superior) values and therefore benefiting their homeland.

Many of them never returned, they lived happily in their new communities without feeling nostalgic. There was no guilt or sorrow -- they wanted it, they weren't in exile.

Did they become Russians in Russia and Ethiopians in Ethiopia?

Yes and no.

Americans should know it. There are no "generic" Americans, or at least shouldn't be. No matter how much bloods are mixed in you, you should remember them all. Why can't you be Ethiopian American or Ethiopian Russian American? The more the marrier.

I think that the Black Americans decided to call themselves Afro-American for the same reason. "Black" is race, "Africa" -- cultures.

And that is the business of my business pages -- to find hoe the universal laws of commerce could keep the unique forms of cultures you bring to the big world. After all, that is what every good restaurant does -- serves us all with the one and only national food.

Could this culinary alegory apply to all businesses?

I don't know. I read a lot about the "niche marketing"... meaning that you have to specialize. Not just a bookstore, but an Ethiopian bookshop. There are plenty of general store and chains. Internet and Web ask for extreme specialization.

Look how many the same sites offering the same things.

Forget it! Go after something you do know. What is that? Your culture! Use it, serve it, preserve, develop...

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TRAFFIC -- 1999: Business Edition

If you are Webmasters

Did you see "Beseen" counters on all pages (installed on Jan. 11, 1999)? I lived without them for several months... I had no idea how people who visit do travel our website. Do not expect that the counters will tell you much, but you have to know, if you want to improve your site.

BTW, do you use your right mouse to "view the sourse" on pages you like? Do it, you might learn a lot. Look at this page, for example. You'll find the "hidden text" which helps engines to index your site.

Did you notice that I use three (3) titles in "heading"? Another trick I got from someone who spent more time on the web.

What is "high traffic"? It all depends. For commercial purposes it has to be at least 5k a month (under 200/day). Most important is the "quality" of your visitors. I never liked terms "hit" or "surfers" (I rather if my visitors or guest are readers, they might come back -- and as you know "repeat customer" is the your best friend).
For you who linked to our site -- thanks! If you didn't do it yet, please do -- I still receive monthly statements from WebGarage: popularity -- poor!

Rework your site (add pages, sometimes they are called "gateaway") and see the results. I started an entire new site sellassie.ourfamily.com to see what I can do better after being on web for several months.

Write about yourself (your site) and send it to www.list-city.com. You have to have some decent traffic in order to go beyond the obvious (dead links and etc.) You can't improve anything untill you learn what works and what doesn't. Your visitors' behavior speaks louder than any words.

Oh, I left the HTML title of this page "redirect" for a reason: that's what you do -- you direct people, you move them your way. I direct shows and one day I'll write about website as a directorial concept.
I came to a conclusion that for my writing purposes the web is better medium than book -- it has "broadcasting" quality. It's only resemble "publishing"; I was an editor of several newspapers in my "Russian life" -- on the web you publich in order to broadcast! (MacLuhan on hot and cool media).

Web Business 101

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Source for Webmaster:
Self-Promotion by Erenger.

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If you open the "View the Source" (right click), you can notice that now I open "title" tag with space!

Perhaps you already ynderstood that most of the services on my pages are for myself -- to help me do the search, submissions and etc.
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