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Dreams Come True, Synchronicities & Other Weirdo Stuff in My Life

~ Birthday Stuff ~

~ Undated Childhood Memories ~
Riding my bike in the neighborhood one day I felt compelled to stop & look up at a bird flying overhead. It tumbled from the air, crashed into a pine across the street & fell to the ground. I went over to find it was dead.

I woke once in the middle of the night to find that my parakeet had gotten out of it's cage & was flying around my room. I got up & turned on the light to catch it, managing only to touch it a few times before it ducked into a corner under my radiator. I reached in to get it & it wasn't there. I looked (repeatedly & closely,) & it just wasn't there. Then I remembered that it's cage was in the basement & when I went down to check on him, my parakeet was sleeping in his cage.

Around age 15 my family was driving home in our motor home at night. I'd been sleeping, but briefly woke at a rest stop. I kept thinking, strongly, that I should make sure our dog hadn't gotten out, but I was tired & went back to sleep. I was awaked later, down the road, when it was discovered that the dog had gotten out & was subsequently left behind (& never recovered.)

Summer, 1984; Was up 'til dawn sitting on a curb, speaking with a friend. Woke that afternoon to a phone call from someone else, telling me my friend had died (she had diabetes.) For a long time I wouldn't believe them, thought they were pulling my leg--I'd just been up all night speaking with her!--but it was no joke.

1986; Out for a walk at night with a friend, my uncle's dog followed us. I thought, strongly, that while we were still relatively close to home we should return him. Being out in the country I ignored it, thinking everything would be fine. Soon after the dog was hit by a car & died.
Later that year, getting into my car after work one day I had VERY strong thoughts about putting my seat belt on. Within 10 minutes I was in an accident totalling 2 cars (including mine,) & a telephone pole.

10/90; The Oakland A's & Cincinnati Reds are going to meet in the World Series. In a discussion w/some friends, I joke about how funny it would be if the Reds swept the A's. Everyone (including many sports analysts at the time,) agreed that that would NEVER happen, suggesting they believed the A's would take the series.
10/20/90; The Reds swept the A's in 4 games to win the 1990 World Series.

1994; Lamented that being with my ex I'd never see the Grand Canyon (which I really wanted to.) A friend at work got a brand new, red Intrepid with tinted windows & a spoiler, let me sit behind the wheel for a while one night. I could only DREAM of owning such a car.
3/6/97; Left my ex.
4/1/97 (April Fool's Day); Stood on the Southern rim of the Grand Canyon, shaking my head. (Arizona road trip page.)
3/14/98; Mom bought me a car.

1996; Rec'd a foreign word in a half-dreaming state.
c.9/13/96 (Fri., day after New Moon, a numerological 5 for me); Learned the word's Greek meaning.
11/4/02 (Mon., New Moon, Uranus stationary. Numerological 5); Learned the word's Welsh meaning.

6/97; A prediction I'd done for J.G.; I saw him falling, I saw trees. His girlfriend (who'd be a nurse,) would be with him.
8/5/99; JG hospitalized--he was camping with his girlfriend (a doctor,) & fell from a tree while cutting branches, impaling himself.

6/8/97; On the way to the London Air Show with D.D., he suggested I employ some cloudbusting techniques, as the weather wasn't too good (little did he know I was already doing so.) By the time we arrived at the show the weather was perfect. Walking behind the press area at one point, the MC announced over the mike; "...and thank you to Lana for the beautiful weather." I would've thought I'd completely misheard this if D.D. hadn't patted me on the back & said, "Yeah, thanks a lot!"

12/97; At my 1st psychic reading 'Malcolm' tells me; Soon I'll have a well-off, divorced lover who worships the ground I walk on. In May '98 I'll travel far to meet someone, but it won't work out.
1/98; I get involved with a divorced TV producer, who's first name is Gaelic for 'Malcolm.' When we eventually meet it doesn't work out.
5/98; Went to Orlando & NYC.

12/29/97; New Moon.
12/30/97; Did a few intuition tests, trying to cut an Ace in a deck of cards. All of my successful cuts are the Ace of Spades. Thought of T.F. & she called.
4/7/01 (Full Moon) & 12/28/01; Thought of T.F. and she called.

1998; I now know 4 people born Feb. 6th.

1/1/98; T.D. had bought his wife a "circle of friends" candle holder, saying it reminded him of his friends. I jokingly suggested they were all on magic mushrooms. With eyebrows raised he replied, "Don't laugh! This (candle holder,) reminds me of a time I did shrooms with a bunch of my friends around a fire!"

6/98; T.D. was at my house with some of his friends, had poked fun at one of my new-age books (not believing in that kind of thing.) I went downstairs for something & I heard him joking derisively with his friends about another book, asking how one of the titles was even pronounced. When I called up the title from downstairs a hush fell over the room.

9/98; I.D. loaned me an Asahi Pentax he'd had & loved forever. The first picture I take with it is a garter snake (in my favorite hiking place.)
11/7/98; ID gets pissed at me for smoking in my car while he's in it--won't even speak to me.
11/18/98; New Moon. Was going for (I.D.'s son,) D.D.'s birthday in Toronto, bringing J.G. to drop him off at the bus station there. I'd brought the camera. On our way into town we discussed how easy it would be to steal my car. Later J.G. asked if I'd just drive him where he was going & I was struck with a sense of panic; I hadn't asked my mother (who owns the car,) if I could even go to Toronto. His destination was out of the question. I imagined breaking down on such a trip, having to tell mom where I was. I dropped him off at the bus station as planned & took D.D. out for his birthday dinner (we walked down the street.) On the way back to his place we discussed how nice the drive is back to Niagara at night. We rounded the last corner & my car was gone (stolen & used in 2 armed robberies.)
11/21/98 (D.D.'s birthday); The car's recovered but the camera's gone. I.D. considers this karmic backlash for the smoking issue.
9/00; I quit smoking.
10/00; For my birthday friends give me an Asahi Pentax just like ID's. The first picture I take with it is of a garter snake (in my favorite hiking place,) almost in the exact, same spot.

1/8/99; Due to his illness, I had mom's cat put down. T.D. was over, asked why I'd scribbled an address on a piece of paper. Told him my friends bought that house. He told me he grew up there.
Mid-Feb., '99; Due to her illness, I had mom's dog put down.

3/20/99; Was playing 'Daniel' on guitar at work when Daniel called.

5/20/99; Decided to surprise D.D. by picking him up from work. He came out of the underground parking garage, spotted me & headed over, beaming. He got in the car & said, "That's so freaky! I just thought for the briefest second, 'Lana's here!'"
5/21/99; Took my tarot cards out of my knapsack & tossed them on the bed, considering doing a 3-card reading for DD. I turned around & he came in, holding his deck spread out, "Pick a card."

5/25/99; 2nd day camping at Cayuga Speedway w/the D.'s. Wandering the pit area, R.D. made a face & said, "I should've brushed my teeth this morning. My mouth tastes like a dirty sock." Then we noticed a sign over a box that said, "Free. Take some." Wandered over to find the box full of toothbrushes.

6/27?/99; Dream (section)--I was in a public college. I borrowed hundreds of dollars. I was going to pay it back, but much of it was stolen.
10/00; The technical school I'm attending kicked me out of the class I was registered for (to sell my seat to someone else.) They told me to call back in May.
4/01; Learned that the school's going out of business & refuses to refund my money.

9/9/99; New Moon. Coworker was looking up a buzzer code & '056' came to my mind (& was the code, as it turns out.)

9/11/99; Walking into T.D.'s I had a feeling one of Cuddles' kittens was dead (I was unfortunately right.)

9/15/99; While at the U of T dental clinic I had a very odd, possibly extraplanar experience. The student working on me had put a rubber damp in my mouth due to sensitivity. I did quick, impromptu tests to see how much movement/breathing would be req'd to shift the damp--it took a fair effort to move it at all. But during periods in which the student left me alone I distinctly saw the damp moving (half-diagonally, down towards my face,) & felt the light pressure of hands I couldn't see. I stayed as motionless as possible, but the movement cont'd despite my efforts. The 'extraplanar dentist' focused 2 teeth forward from where the student was working. There was no nearby ventilation system or heating shaft. The air in the clinic was quite still. I was not on nitrous oxide.

9/17/99; 1/4 Moon. Met J.G.'s retired Catholic monk/mathmatician friend, N. While discussing our mutual interest in the number 3, N. & I said, simultaneously, "and multiples thereof." Rec'd an email from the author of book that got me into astronomy, thanking me for mentioning his book on my webpage.

Wed., 9/22/99; Mom's birthday. C.M. emailed me my flight itinerary; I depart TO Wed., 12/22/99 (Full Moon,) to meet him in NZ.
11/21/99; Remember 'asking' a book when we'd meet back in '98 & search out notes from my journal;
8/23/98; Asked "when will I meet CM" of Richard Bach's 'Bridge Across Forever' & got the only date in the book; "Wednesday evening, 12/21."

11/8/00; Dream--C.G. bought me a crystal ball.
Woke, got pagan catalogue from C.G. in the mail, with a note to pick out what I'd like for Yule.

11/16/00; Branch blew down in a storm, ripped off my porch light & electrical supply & landed on my car ($2700 damage.) Went to ID's to email a friend (let him know I was okay,) but ID wouldn't let me use his computer. I was mad & decided I'd just never go there again. Then I remembered a dream & checked my journal;
11/13/00; I was at I.D.'s. One of us got mad at the other & I was leaving, intending never to return. There was also something about my car being scratched up & dented.

12/9/00, 8pm; Got a feeling C.G. was thinking of me.
12/10/00; C.G. confirmed that he was thinking of me when I'd felt it.

12/11/00; Full Moon. Strange phone call; I answered it & no one said anything. I heard 2 people talking in the background (I thought SM & MP.) I listened to the conversation for a while, then set down the receiver while I went to do something. When I came back the connection was cut so I did a last number recall & came up w/SM's number. I called him to ask if he'd called, but he'd JUST walked in the door, rushing to answer the phone.

12/27/00; Dinner at M.D.'s. I let Tiki (K.S.'s dog,) outside. M.D. made a comment about how bad she'd feel if Tiki got hurt (wanted to tell her not even to THINK that.) Minutes later Tiki had to be helped back up the stairs. We thought maybe she'd twisted or broken something. M.D. turned to me & said, "See? What'd I just say?"
12/28/00; Tiki died of a broken back on the operating table.

12/31/00; After not having listened to it in ages, I packed up 'The Crow' CD to send to C.G.
1/1/01; Prompted by a New Year's show I was watching at a M.D.'s house I joked about "the end of the world, brought to you by Mt. Dew." M.D. changed the channel, onto a movie about how a group of people spend the last hours before the end of the world. Then K.S. made a comment about the movie 'The Crow.'

2001; Remembered my dreams on the 25th of every month this year.

1/12/01; Dream--Something about my printer smearing ink on the backs of documents.
Printing my resume after waking the page got screwed up & ink smeared on the back.

1/19/01; Thought of M.H. calling to do coffee. Then she called to see if I wanted to do coffee. Later, as I drove away from the coffee shop with her she gave a sudden start, grabbing the frog hanging from my rear view mirror, "Who's car is this?!?" She'd put the exact frog on her mirror, too (her car being a '94 Intrepid, just like mine.)

2/21/01; Dream--J.M. cut his finger at work.
3/21 & 22/01; J.M. cut his finger at work.

4/5/01; Dream--Mom called to discuss moving.
4/5/02; C.G. emailed me pictures of our new place.
4/8/02; Told mom I'm moving away.

4/8/01; Had a feeling this morning D.L. has a guitar or could get one. Later that night, without me bringing it up, C.G. said that maybe I could play something for him as D.L. has a guitar.

4/12/01; Dream--A large, airy, open room w/big windows & cathedral ceilings was being rebuilt for me. There was drywall tape & white dust on the floor. I was happy, grateful.
8/15/01; L.R.'s birthday. Dream--I was rearranging my bedroom, which was large & spacious w/cathedral ceilings & large windows. My stuff was predominantly orange & blue, so I was bummed when I saw the pink paint a guy was applying to the walls, but had no say in the matter.

4/13/01 (Friday); Dream--T.D. came over in his work truck. I was saying I used to live in Winnipeg, Manitoba & never would again because it was so cold.
8/5/01; T.D. moved to cold, Calgary, Alberta. Stung twice by yellow jacket (am allergic.)

4/24/01 (Tuesday); 1st visiting C.G., in the Quarter we found a secluded courtyard w/a Celtic shop. He's unable to find it again.
7/13/04 (Tuesday); Attended my 1st WOA gathering in the Quarter, behind which was the courtyard & Celtic shop.

For a while I was getting concerned about T.D. & his car...
4/25/01; Dream--A car a man raced had its passenger cabin engulfed in flames.
5/8/01; Realized T.D.'s car's indigo (my color for Lady Luck.) Mentally scrawled a pentagram on his hood for protection.
5/17/01; T.D. said there was some kind of CARma going on--his (long deceased) brother'd told him he saw him dying in a car crash. Although I'm bummed for the trouble it's causing, I'm relieved that he can't go drag racing this year.

4/27/01; Woke in the middle of the night (on a trip to the US,) with my eye stinging so badly I could hardly open it.
4/29/01; J.M.'s birthday. Back in Canada, T.D. told me he got a piece of metal in his eye 4/26/01.

4/3/01; Dream (section)--I waited a LONG time in airport for my flight to Italy. The plane arrived & we boarded, then waited more. Then I was told I was on the wrong plane & got off. I was in a bit of a panic--I was sure it was the right plane, but no one'd listen to me.
6/25/01; Dream (section)--I was at an airport, had to catch a plane, but didn't know what time it was or what gate I should be at. I was panicky, thinking I was late. Came to a high, locked, wooden fence. Saw T.D. in his tow truck & had him open the gate for me. I ended up back in the airport terminal, still looking for my gate in a panic.
9/30/01; Dream (section)--I was travelling by plane, going from New Orleans to Florida to NYC. I got from New Orleans to Florida when I was told that the flight I'd booked didn't exist. An airline employee told me I was already in NYC. I got off the plane to straighten it out. The nearest pay phone was quite a walk away & my call didn't help so I continued on, panicking about getting farther from the plane. Eventually I knew I was screwed--I'd never get back before the plane took off.

5/14/01; T.F's birthday. Woke thinking about the 1st letter I ever got from C.G.
5/15/01; 3/4 Moon. Accidentally stumbled on the that letter.

5/20/01; Did house sealing ritual. Woke the next day to find the plant a couple (who'd lived here before me) had given me on my homecoming had suddenly & inexplicably died. Had no more problems in my home. I decided to draw 3 tarot cards. Checked the top two cards on deck to see if they'd been shuffled recently; 10S & 9P (they hadn't.) Shuffled three different ways. On the 3rd time 2 cards fell (face down,) to the floor; 10S & 9P.

6/10/01; Thought of calling T.D. but declined, thinking he rarely calls me. W/in minutes he called. Dream--Was at a pagan gathering, talking w/a man who had a sleek, black crossbow. Told him I had a bow, too, & explained (when he asked about it,) that it was a straight longbow but I didn?t have it anymore. (I'd been missing it in my waking life.)
6/23/01; Decided (on a whim,) to stop at a yard sale on my way home from work & got the same bow as my old one, but for the color.

6/15/01; In today's horoscope; Problems with colleagues, transportation. You'll be called upon to help others & will be admired for your strength.
R.M. asked me to help her, T.R. and 3 guys push A.B.'s truck out of the mud.

7/1/01; Recently bumming that I had no more insect wings to decorate things with, I went for a hike. Butterflies alit on me for a while. When they finally left I continued on, finding dead on the path; 8 butterflies, 3 white moths & 1 1/2 dragonflies.

7/7/01; Waiting online for C.G., I had a feeling that something was wrong w/his car; broken down or an accident, maybe. He arrived & told me his car'd been stolen.

7/16/01; T.F. said she'd sent a resume to Eurocopter & hadn't heard back. I had a feeling they were going to call her but said nothing. She told me later they called her for an interview. She asked about T.D.--I told her I'd been thinking to call but hadn't. He called shortly after I hung up with T.F.

7/17/01; Blew off work, went to D.D.'s. He opened the door, looked amazed & said he'd JUST left me a message (hanging up to answer the door,) having a feeling I'd ditched work.

7/20/01; New Moon. Dream--I was applying for a new job and hit it off well with the interviewer. She implied that I had the job, but after checking with the office she told me it'd been filled.
7/23/01; Had an interview for a new job & hit it off well with the interviewer. She implied that I had the job, but after checking with the office she told me it'd been filled.

7/28/01; Dream--I was alone at T.D.'s shop.
This evening T.D. told me he's moving away.

8/23/01; Had wanted to hear Live's "Lightning Crashes" badly of late. Finally did. Then found the CD the next day for .99 at 2nd hand store.
8/24/01; 6-day period begins (usually occurs once a month, lasting 3 days.)
9/7/01 (2 weeks later); 6-day period begins.
9/9/01 (2 days into my sudden, 2nd period & 2 days before 9/11); Dreams--I was driving my car. T.O. was in the passenger's seat. I was speaking with him about Catholic schools--he spoke of St. John Bosco. Then we saw a bald eagle fly low over the car--also something about fireflies.
9/10/01; 3/4 Moon.
9/11/01; WTC/Pentagon disasters.

9/13/01; Shuffling to do a 3-card reading AS & 6P came to mind. Both showed up in the reading.

9/17/01; New Moon.
9/18/01; Went to the woods in search of fallen branches to make staves out of. Ignored my rational thoughts on where to go--followed my intuition to a place that was littered with them.
9/19/01; Discovered that D.D. (who introduced me to T.O.,) went to St. John Bosco Catholic school. Recently D.D.'d had me paint astronomical symbols on a large rock in his parents' backyard. While there today I noticed that although the entire rock was wet with rain, the Earth symbol I'd painted remained completely dry (even again, later, after it'd rained more.) Showed it to D.D., who was as intrigued as I.
9/20/01; Dream--I was travelling by plane, going from New Orleans to Florida to NYC, visiting each place.
Having dinner with R.M. this evening, she suggested we do a major road trip; Tenessee, New Orleans, Texas, Sedona, SoCal.

9/26/01; Saturn stationary. I almost rear ended a white van. Later C.G. told me he was rear ended by a white truck.

10/16/01; New Moon. Dream--Digital clock showed 18:16.
10/17/01; Researching calculation of cross-quarter days I found "...when the Sun hits 16 degrees and 18 minutes declination N. or S. of the Celestial Equator they come halfway between the Solstices & Equinoxes."

10/20/01; Did impromptu wind invoking ritual.
10/25/01; Severe wind and thunderstorm warnings for the Niagara Region. Winds from the West gusting up to 60mph by the Lake (where I live.)

10/22/01; R.M. mentioned having regretfully passed on a little, copper cauldron she could've gotten.
10/23/01; 1/4 Moon.
10/24/01; Found a little, copper cauldron at the 2nd hand store (bought it for R.M.)

10/26/01; Moon at apogee. Dream--Star of David inside of 2 concentric circles.
11/1/01 (6 days later); Full Moon. Rec'd gifts from C.G. Among them was a book. Flipping through it I found a Star of David inside of 2 concentric circles (w/an 'eye' at the very center,) & it's explanation.

11/13/01 (Tues., 3 days after 3/4 moon); Spoke w/a friend about "the ripple effect."
7/6/04 (Tues., 3 days before 3/4 moon); Book I was reading mentioned "the ripple effect" in the same context (on pg. 139; 1+3+9=13.)

11/20/01; Jackson Pollack came to mind while I was driving this afternoon. This evening C.G. mentioned him.
3/26/04; Watching a movie about Jackson Pollack on TV, C.G. jibed, "This looks like a good place to take a piss." In the next scene Pollack pissed in the fireplace at a party.

11/25/01; My High School guidance councelor came to mind from out of the blue. Dream--Something about a map of Iran, particularly the NE section."
11/26/01; My joke horoscope in a local paper mentioned my High School guidance councelor.
ABDAREH, Iran (AP)--A magnitude-6 earthquake flattened nearly 100 villages in NW Iran. At least 220 were killed. Estimates from individual villages indicate the number could be higher. Iranian media has reported that more than 1,600 people had been injured. Relief workers have put the figure at 1,300.

12/3/01; Numerological 5 for me. Entered my LA Marina Sunset photo in a contest.
Mid-Oct. '02; Remembered having entered my photo in a contest long ago, figured I must've done squat.
10/22/02; Numerological 5 for me. Rec'd word that my photo's advanced in the contest.

12/5/01; Numerological 7 for me. Dream (section)--I was at a workplace. I couldn't find my shoes.
1/27/03; Numerological 7 for me. Dream (section)--I went to a factory, carrying my sneakers. I left them on a cluttered work table as I walked around. Later I went back for my shoes & headed out.

12/9/01; Going through old journals, I lamented the loss of my favorite job (in '99, to move to Toronto.)
12/10/01; Dreamed R.B. couldn't go somewhere. Woke to a message from her on my phone, cancelling our movie plans.
12/11/01; My old supervisor from that favorite job called to ask if I'd like to come back, full-time, permanent.

12/13/01; Startled a peregrine falcon (extremely rare here--I've never seen one,) dining at my feeder.
12/14/01; New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse. A book that I was reading referred to Druidic neophytes as "peregrines." Playing "Desperado" on guitar at work, someone pulled up to the gate as I got to the line; 'come down from your fences, open the gate.'

12/22/01; 1/4 Moon.
12/23/01; In a letter to a friend I said; "I hope no one's hoping for a white Xmas, considering it's only 2 days away & it's still been mostly above freezing. Of course, now that I've said this tomorrow we're likely to get a, nevermind."
12/24/01; Lake effect snow begins.
12/24/02 (Tues., numerological 9 for me); A friend of the family died.
12/25/01 (Tues., numerological 9 for me); My aunt died.
12/28/01; Lake effect snow ends.
BUFFALO, NY (CNN)--After a nearly flakeless autumn, Buffalo has been socked with more than 6' of snow since Xmas Eve--& it's not over yet. Fri.'s snow buried the old record for a single month in Buffalo, with 6'11" on the ground in the past 4 days & another 6-12" predicted before Sun. Blinding snow eased early Fri., but resumed with full force late in the morning when the wind shifted direction. Forecasters said the Great Lakes remained mild & unfrozen because of a warm fall, resulting in heavy 'lake effect' snows. "This is the mother of all lake effect snows," said Tom Niziol, scientific operations officer at the Nat'l Weather Service's forecast office in Buffalo.
Note; I lived within a 20 minute drive of Buffalo & got 4' in 3 days.

1/3/02; Dream--I was looking over temperature information on a CofA at work. Something was wrong.
Messed up at work today.

1/6/02; Jason B.'s birthday. Dream--Jason W. loaded his truck at work. As he pulled out I saw that I'd forgotten to give him his bill of lading. I notified him on the CB before he got too far.
Today the first truck I loaded at work was Jason W.'s. (Made sure he had all his paperwork.)
1/7/02; Clicked on a "Lord of the Rings" movie link & my computer spontaneously disconnected & shut itself down (see 5/9/04.)

1/25/02; Got together with former Toronto roomies, mentioned that there always seemed to be a night or two in late January that got really foggy. Soon after a dense fog covered most of the Niagara Region.
11/21/02; D.D.'s birthday. This afternoon I told an acquaintance about the foggy January nights. Tonight fog rolled in.

1/28/02; Full Moon. Dream--Had a new roll of film in my Minolta, took a picture & looked at the counter, which said I was on 20 (of 24.)
1/29/02; R.M.'s birthday. Dream--I got my period (& was bleeding profusely.)
1/30/02; Got my period.
1/31/02; Dream--I took hamburger out to defrost, only to find someone else had done so much earlier & that pack of hamburger had gone bad.
Checked film in my camera as we're expecting an ice storm--I'm on 20 (of 24.)
2/1/02; The ice storm knocks the power out at my house around 4am (it's out 'til 9pm.) During this time I'm concerned about my freezer full of meat (including hamburger,) defrosting & having to be cooked before it goes bad.

2/3/02; T.D.'s birthday. From a friend's dream--I have to go somewhere but the weather has been bad, I can't use my usual route. I start across a field toward mountains & reach the other side of the valley but can't drive from there. The only route's a stairway that starts inside a huge hollow tree & then goes up inside the mountain. inside the tree a guy's sitting on a crane-like machine. We get in an elevator-type cage & he hoists us to where the stairs start. from there we started up the stairs, going around & around & around inside the tree. a spiral stairacase carved directly into the wood. Eventually we came to the top of the stairs, we were inside the mountain. The stone slabs of the steps were very very slippery w/ice so we had to move very carefully.
This reminds me of my visualization of 1/29/01; I was in a ravine after an ice storm, skating/sliding along a frozen stream. It's COLD but not windy. The ravine deepens & narrows, leading to a mountain. As I near I see that the walls of the ravine & the mountain are like huge, clear crystals. My touch opens a huge fissure--I go inside & it closes behind me. I start ascending a counterclockwise, crystal passage.

3/24/02; At a humorous, open Ostara I joked that 1st chant was "Kill the Wabbit," & was right.
3/25/02; Dudley Moore comes to mind for some, strange reason.
3/28/02; Full Moon.
LOS ANGELES, California (CNN)--British comedian and actor Dudley Moore has died at age 66 at his home in the U.S. after a long illness. He died in N.J. of pneumonia as a complication of progressive supranuclear palsy, his publicist said. Michelle Bega said the actor died at 11 a.m. EST on Wed. (3/27/02)

4/11/02; Was wondering whatever happened to the guy in England who caused a train derailment, driving without enough sleep to meet an internet contact.
4/12/02; New Moon.
LONDON, England (CNN)--A British motorist whose vehicle crashed into the path of an oncoming train after he fell asleep at the wheel is being sued for $11 million ($15.7 million). The legal action is being brought by Railtrack, the company that operates Britain's railway infrastructure, against Gary Hart. Hart, 37, is currently serving a five-year jail term after being found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving following the crash last year in which 10 people died & 76 were injured. His trial heard he fell asleep at the wheel of his Land Rover, which careered off the M62 & into the path of a Great North Eastern Railways (GNER) train, in Feb. '01. After hitting Hart's vehicle & trailer, the GNER service was derailed, & smashed into a fully-laden freight train travelling in the opposite direction. On Fri. it was revealed that Railtrack has issued a High Court writ for compensation for damage & lost business because of his negligence.

4/14/02; Friends invited me to join their business--running a metaphysical store called "The Ancient Earth."
7/27/04; Found "Absolutely Amazing Ancient Earth Treasures" metaphysical store in New Orleans online.

4/18/02; Difficulties at work. J.O. asked me to work 4hrs for her. From my numerology report for today; Hard work, perhaps overtime.
4/19/02; M.D. asked me what beach I collect fossils at (she wants to take her nephews.) I went over to show her some of mine for example. On the phone with C.G. later, he brought up a scene from Scarface in which Pacino brandishes a gun & says, "Say hello to my little fren."
4/20/02; 1/4 Moon. Dream--I was in the Falls on a sunny day. It was packed with tourists & had a carnival atmosphere.
Today M.H. brought up my fossil collecting & later the local carnival, saying she likes the atmosphere.
4/21/02; I catch C.G. online. In chat he tells me; "you know what is weird? last night as I was flipping through the channels I came upon Scarface the movie. and guess what scene was showing at exactly that moment? the little fren scene. it was weird. and it was on tv again today. but not the whole movie, just a special that some channel was running called "ultimate fights" and they showed that scene again. and I didn't watch more that 20 minutes of TV today so it had be on at just the right moment. the same really yesterday. I maybe watched an hour total tv so to see that movie scene at just that hour was weird."

5/11/02; J.G. was over. I was showing him the neat freeware program I downloaded that gives the moon phase for any particular day, time & place. Turns out we were both born on the 10th day of the moon (no other checks of people we knew matched at all.)

5/19/02; 1/4 Moon. Dream--I was speaking with M.H. indoors & saw that a skunk was inside with us.
Leaving for work 3 hrs later there was skunk smell outside.

5/27/02; I accidentally screwed up a loose speaker connection.
5/28/02; C.G. blew a speaker.

5/31/02; While laying down to sleep around 3:30am something (fairly large, from the sound,) started scratching at my bedroom window (my bedroom's on the 2nd floor.) The movie "Somewhere in Time" (1980, Christopher Reeve & Jane Semour,) came to mind today. Surfing the net later I found;
W. Mifflin, PA (CNN)--Heavy thunderstorms caused a ride to collapse at Kennywood Park, killing 1, injuring 18. The fatality occurred when the roof collapsed on The Whip, a one-story ride whose cars travel an oval path, whipping around the curve. 3 injured were brought to Pittsburgh Mercy Health System, none were believed to be critical. Damage was also reported at 5 other locations in the county.
From my dream journal--1/15/02; I was watching the news. Roller coasters had derailed, killing the riders. The cars stretched from the east along the ground. Although you could see some people, it wasn't gory. There were 2 or 3 instances of such derailments.
6/1/02; M.H. told me she loved the movie "Somewhere in Time." I told her I loved it, too, & that I'd thought of it just yesterday.
6/2/02; 3/4 Moon.
6/3/02; Dream (section)--I'd overwatered my catnip.
6/4/02; Told C.G. I'd love to swim with dolphins someday.
6/5/02; C.G. spoke to a friend who recently returned from her honeymoon. She'd gone swimming with dolphins while there (which was incredible, of course.) Later, while waiting for an auto recycler to pull the radio I bought, I went to a nearby 2nd hand store to kill time. There I came across (& purchased,) the soundtrack to "Somewhere in Time."
6/6/02; Dream--Someone was watering my plants. They did the spider plant too quickly, spashing the water (I'd wanted it left dry to begin with.)
Grabbing tapes from a disorganized box to test my new car radio I jokingly thought I'd find one I'd lost 6 months prior (I'd searched & searched for it.) To my delight, I did. While thinking of "The Tick" & superheros in general an "Aquaman" water truck pulled up on my right. When I got home I found a tick burrowing into my chest.

6/14/02; Was driving up to a camping trip with S.G., following her husband. On the way S.G. told me about this horrible Chinese restaurant her husband loves that's on the way. Shortly afterward we followed him into that parking lot.

7/3/02; Realized that if I'm dying of loneliness its my own fault.
7/5/04; Read in "The Hero Within" by Carol S. Peterson; " matter how much we are loved, until we are ready to let it in, we will feel lonely."

7/7/02; Encountered a deer.
6/7/03; Encountered a deer.
7/8/03 (a "year & a day" after 7/7/02); Encountered a deer.

7/6/02; Earth at apehelion. Hiked on the Bruce Trail with JG.
7/7/02; Later J.G.'s Dad stopped by, was evidently hiking the Trail around the same time we were. Dream--I had to water my chamomile but couldn't find it.
7/8/02; Rec'd phone call from M.L., who I'd met through T.D & hadn't spoken to since 8/01.
7/9/02; TD emailed to request that I call (hadn't heard from him since 12/01.) Filled Mom's gas can.
7/10/02; New Moon. Dream (section)--I was on a road trip, had driven a long time. Remembered that I'd only left with a 1/4 tank of gas, which meant I was surely near empty now.
Later my car broke down, acting like it's not getting gas (although I have a 1/4 tank.) Friends that have a look & others say it's probably the fuel pump.
7/11/02; Towed my car to a shop, where (to my chagrin,) I learn that my gas gauge must've crapped out recently--I'd merely run out of gas.
7/12/02; This evening "The Land of the Lost" came to mind. A couple hours later a book on the Bermuda Triangle I started reading mentioned "The Legion of the Lost."
7/14/02; Getting ready for work this morning I thought of my old quote; "Want to get intimate with someone? Go to head with them." Visiting me tonight at work, M.H. said that TRUE intimacy involves the mind.
7/15/02; My chamomile died, the only plant out of 8 I started this Spring to have any problems. The birds sang all night.
7/16 & 17 (1/4 Moon)/02; Birds sang all night.
7/18/02; Dream (section)--My lover met a beautiful, young, dark haired & dark eyed woman. She was across a stream, he saw her through parting mists & couldn't help but fall in love w/her.
7/19/02; Wondered what the tilt of Earth's axis is.
7/21/02; 23.5 degrees (<--stumbled upon in "The Mother Earth News Almanac.") Reading Gibran's "Secrets of the Heart" I came across; "...he saw a beautiful maiden...slowly approaching the far side of the brook. They heard each other in the understanding silence, listening tearfully to each other's sighs of heart & soul until complete knowing prevailed between the two.

7/29/02; The old TV show "Good Times" came to mind.
7/30/02; Out of boredom I caved in & worked on the newspaper crossword puzzle at work. One of the clues was; Ester _____ of "Good Times."

8/1/02; 3/4 Moon. Dream (section)--I had to swim in a wide, deep stream. I went to prepare & on returning the stream was rushing with dangerous speed, so I didn't swim. (Note; I decipher this as an indication of fear of getting into my emotional stuff, fear of being overwhelmed by it, swept away.)
8/2/02; Re-reading "Druid Magic" at work I came across; "Let go & fall into the river. Let the river of life sweep you beyond all aid from old & worn that I will guide you w/care & love into a new stream of consciousness."

8/4/02; Dream (section)--I had a copy of M.Z. Bradley's "Mists of Avalon" for sale at my pagan shop. I spoke with a girl who came in about it.
8/11/02; Dream (section); I was surrounded by a few friends talking about something I had to do. I turned down their offers of aid (there were no hard feelings.) One left, heading West, toward his small, Celtic shop.
8/12/02; Took a friend who'd come to visit to Sugar's Too, telling him how much a couple of my friends from NYC love it.
8/14/02; Driving by the Niagara Botanical Gardens, I told C.G. about when friends coerced me into singing at a wedding there. Rec'd email from 17 yr old girl;
Hi, I just visited your website for Niagara Pagans. I recently read Mists of Avalon, the tale of Arthur of the round table through the eyes of a priestess. After reading that book I realized that I believed in the ways of their pagan religion. I'm in the process of reading more about paganism. Any response to this e-mail would be greatly appreciated.
8/15/02; 1/4 Moon. L.R.'s birthday. Showing C.G. a fallen tree in the woods that I'd told him about, he found a pen that he'd sent me long ago that I'd lost there 4/30/01 (1/4 Moon.)
8/16/02; Parking in front of a 2nd hand bookstore I got a flash of an author's name in my mind--V.J. recommended him to me in '99 but I'd been unable to find him (even at this store, in past.) I walked in the door & almost straight to a book by that author.
8/20/02; Rec'd email from NYC friends, saying they'll be up to visit in Oct. & would love to take me to Sugar's Too.
8/21/02; E-mailed V.J. to let him know I finally found the author (& to say 'hi.' I'm diligent about emailing for his birthday, but not so good at keeping in touch.) Responding to the e-mail from my NYC friends I checked the dates of their visit--they're leaving on V.J.'s birthday.
8/22/02; Full Moon. K.H. & my brothers' birthdays (dreamed my bro's family was moving to another state.) Completely unexpected visit by R. & L.D., who moved across the country late last August.
8/23/02; Turned down biz partners' offers of aid (the 3 of us run a new-age wholesale business.)
8/24/02; N.S.'s birthday. Just finish Live Updating my Norton antivirus & C.G. messages me that his Norton just flashed him a warning. Checked & found that friends coerced me into singing at the Botanical Gardens 8/14/99. Found out J.L. from work is not only related to a friend of mine but also knows another of my friends (from the U.S.) Car broke down.
8/25/02; Speaking with G.S. at work about yesterday's car breakdown he interrupted, telling me he just had to replace his battery. I told him that's what was wrong with my car, too.
8/26/02; Had appts with 2 psych doctors. From my numerology report for today; Bottled up feelings need to be dealt with.

8/29/02; Found a large, damaged flight feather while walking with J.G. & asked, rhetorically, "Why can't I find any that aren't wrecked?" Immediately after I found 4 primary & 2 secondary Canada goose flight feathers in perfect shape. I jibed to J.G., "See? I KNEW I'd get them if I whined."

9/6/02; New Moon. Teased M.H. unmercifully about being afraid to go to the beach (or outside, at all,) because of mosquitoes & West Nile virus. Dream (section)--I came across a man w/a pile of fish, including a large perch & what appeared to be a carp. Admiring them, I asked him where he got them.
9/7/02; Found a large perch & a carp dead on the beach. Dream (section)--I was at a party in an A-frame log cabin on the edge of a cliff in the woods.
Talking about this dream with J.G. later he told me his uncle has an A-frame house on the Niagara escarpment (a cliff about 800kms long.)
9/8/02; A bug crawled into my ear as I slept on the beach. M.H. believes this payback for the teasing about West Nile.

9/19/02; Met my nephew for the first time. From my numerology report; Important introduction to someone new.

10/3/02; Burned healing candle in the predawn for C.G.'s son (hospitalized 10/1.) He was released later in the day.

10/6/02; New Moon. Went to Butterfly Conservatory with E.T. & N. Rebought Niagara Glen Trail Guide I'd bought with them there 10/17/01 (& subsequently gave to a friend.)

10/17/02; My daytime running lights spontaneously started working again. I'd recently realized that they hadn't worked for months & intended to replace the module out of today's pay.
10/18/02; Was temtped to buy a 2nd hand husky stuffed animal.
10/19/02; C.G. mentioned (unbidden,) that he had husky slippers as a kid. Found a piece of artwork I'd lost 10/27/01 (like then, today is a Saturday.)

10/24/02; Saw bright sundogs & the fainter 22 degree halo at work.
10/25/02; Considered re-drawing the sorceress sketch, with a temple background I dreamed up in '96--a round, single room that had a high, domed ceiling which was supported by 4 tall columns.
WASH (CNN)--After a 22-day waking nightmare that saw a deadly sniper turn the gas stations & shopping malls of the suburban landscape into his own private killing field, D.C.-area residents will sleep soundly again tonight. What began with a bullet through a Maryland craft store window & escalated into the largest manhunt the Washington area has ever seen apparently came to a successful conclusion in the early hours of Thurs. (yesterday) morning when a Gulf War veteran & his Jamaican teenage companion were found asleep in a car at a rest stop in Middleton, MD, & taken into custody.
10/30/02; Dream--Something about gangsta-rap, East v. West rivalry. Although I wasn't nuts about the spokesman (Michael Jackson,) I rooted for the East.
Hiking with J.G. we came upon a jawbone. Got home to an email inquiring about a fang.
N.Y. (AP)--Jam Master Jay, a founding member of the pioneering rap trio Run-DMC, was shot & killed at his recording studio near the N.Y. neighborhood where he grew up, police said. 2 men were buzzed into the 2nd floor studio shortly before shots were fired inside its lounge 7:30pm, Wednesday (yesterday,) police said. As of early today, police had made no arrests. Mizell is the latest in a line of hip-hop artists to fall victim to violence. Rappers Notorious B.I.G. & Tupac Shakur were murdered within 7 months of each other in '96 & '97--crimes that some believe were the result of an East Coast-West Coast rap war, but Run-DMC & their songs were never about violence. The group promoted education & unity. In '86, the trio said they were outraged by the rise of fatal gang violence in L.A. They called for a day of peace between warring street gangs. "This is the 1st town where you feel the gangs from the minute you step into town to the time you leave," Mizell said at the time.
11/3/02; From C.G.'s dream--"there was another house on the property. It was a big domed shaped place that was a single room with white columns soaring to support the roof."
11/4/02; New Moon.

11/15/02; Read from The Book of Druidry; "The knights had been driven up Lliwydd; a great cave near the top opened to them." Reminds me of a dream;
9/13/02 (Fri.); 1/4 Moon. Dream (section)--Something about Bedwyr at the top of a mountain. He was standing outside in a thunderstorm, brandishing a battle axe at the sky. He grew afraid & went into a small, round cave at the top of the mountain. (Note; Bedwyr is a friend's nickname.)
11/16/02; Read from The Book of Druidry; "Green or blue glass amulets are called snakes' stones or Druid glass in Cornwall, Wales & Scotland." Also reminds me of a dream;
4/29/01; Dream (section)--Something about Druid glass--a couple of balls (blue and green,) woven in a wicker bundle.

11/29/02; Considered buying new jeans but didn't.
12/1/02; P. gave me a bunch of jeans that didn't fit her.

12/4/02; New Moon.
12/5/02; Dream (section)--I found my scissors quite accidentally in a pile of papers on my desk.
I found my scissors quite accidentally after waking from this dream (though not in papers on my desk.)
12/6/02; Dream (section)--I was in a strange place, a long rectangular area.
Finishing "The 6th Sense of Animals," (M. Burton,) tonight I read that mole tunnels are of rectangular design. Correlations exist between #6, Venus (greatest morning brilliance today,) Friday (today,) & the rectangle. Up in the predawn I made myself a lasagna. M.D. called hours later to tell me she'd made me a lasagna.

12/8/02; Discussing a dream (12/1/02,) involving Tristan & Isolde with J.G., he suggested I look to the mundane meaning behind the story.
12/9/02; Looking up the Tristan & Isolde story online, the page had the same sword gif that J.G. had me upload onto his page (4?) years ago.

12/13/02 (Fri.) ; Brought my car ('94 Intrepid,) in to get the tranny rebuilt. M.H. gave me a ride home (in her '94 Intrepid, which she got because she loved mine so much.) On the way home her tranny was slipping a bit. By the time she got home the temperature was through the roof, the oil light was on & clouds were billowing from under the hood. From today's numerology report; Caution dealing with mechanical stuff.

12/17/02 (Tues.); Dream (section)--R.H. & I got in a van. He drove in reverse quite a bit of a stretch, kind of veering this way & that. I realized soon on he wasn't going to go off the road, at which point I wasn't worried.
From today's numerology report; Vivid dreams. Premonitions.
AP, MINNEAPOLIS--Authorities were trying to determine what to do about a 7-year-old boy who stole a car, drove around for a while & crashed not just once, but twice. Around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, the boy drove a stolen car in reverse & smashed it into another car, slightly injuring a 10 year old boy riding with his mother & younger sister in the other car, police said. Sandra Howard, who was driving the car the boy smashed into, said all she saw was a blue car coming her way. "I kept beeping my horn but it just kept coming," she said. "That boy was going backwards so fast that if I had been someone walking, I would have been dead now."
12/19/02; Full Moon.
12/20/02; George Roy Hill's 81st birthday.
12/22/02; "The World According to Garp" came to mind.
12/25/02; Visited Roy (a friend.) Harry Connick Jr. sang a Burt Bacharach song on TV.
12/26/02; 3/4 Moon
AP, NY; George Roy Hill, the independent-minded former Marine pilot who directed Paul Newman & Robert Redford in "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" & "The Sting," died today at 81 of complications from Parkinson's disease, said Hill's son, George Roy Hill III. "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" won 4 Academy awards, including best song, "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head" by Burt Bacharach & Hal David. Hill became noted for defying studio control & tackling challenging material. His movies included John Irving's "The World According to Garp,"

12/31/02; Today's dream finished the last page in my 3rd, handwritten dream journal. (It was also long enough on my dreams website to finish that page.)

1/2/03; New Moon. Reading news, I found my (unvoiced) suspicions of recent months correct--many chronically depressed people die of (broken) heart disease.
1/3/03; Cop followed me into my driveway over my headlights. From today's numerology report; You'll meet someone new.

1/8/03; J.G. called to cancel plans. From today's numerology report; Commitment broken.

1/10/03; 1/4 Moon. My dream involved using carbon paper to trace over a name (of someone who'd been banned,) that my co-worker had written in a note.
1/15/03; At work my supervisor referred me to his new note (next to the one I'd dreamed about,) about a former employee that was no longer permitted on the property.
1/29/03; At work with my supervisor, we watched a truck pull around the end of the road in front of the plant. He jokingly suggested it was the (recent) former employee. Driving home, I passed that employee on the road. Called work later to learn that person had stopped by.

1/20/03; Stan Getz (jazz saxiphonist of the late 60s,) came to mind.
1/21/03; Emailed a friend that I'd lost her check but then found it. She replied; "good! now go spend it quick, before it gets lost!' says the woman who lost a check last month & hasn't had the nerve to tell the client what an air head i am!" Woke thinking of Stan Getz. 9 hrs later on the radio the DJ announced the last artist as Stan Getz.
1/22/03; Heard more Stan Getz on the radio. I was listening to a message from J.G., holding the phone when my finger slipped, beeping a number. J.G. paused in his message, said, "Hello?" & then, "That's weird."

2/1/03; Woke to a phone message about the space shuttle burning up on re-entry. Although I'd never vocalized or written my concerns (prefering not even to THINK such,) I had a feeling before they left that they wouldn't make it.

2/4/03; Dream (section)--First there was something about Mom. Then I was with D.M. & another truck driver, talking about the 407ETR.
On waking from this dream I called my mother, who asked me if I'd paid my 407ETR bill (from last summer.) Reading "Druids" (M. Llewelyn,) later, one main character starts calling another "Rix."
1995; I invented a Druidic race & called the "Rix" for a story I was writing.
10/17/03; Watching TV, there was a restaurant named "Rix."
10/18/03; Watching TV, "Rix" was a college football player.

2/7/03 (Fri.); Rec'd email from high school friend (J.L.) I haven't communicated with for 15 years. Dream (section)--I was walking through a newly opened, half empty store that sold big, chocolate, Valentine's Day eggs in varieties like Mars, etc. I wanted a Kit Kat one for C.G. but they didn't have them.
2/21/03; Sorting papers in the predawn I looked at the unicorn cover of an old "Point Blank" issue (from Jr. High.) I also re-read a letter stating I'd receive mail I've been expecting since '01 by 3/9/03. Later that morning I rec'd the awaited letter.
2/23/03; 3/4 Moon. Rec'd email from J.L.; "just the other day, I pulled out a copy of Point Blank, with a Lana Jackman original unicorn print on the cover."
2/28/03 (Fri.); Shopping for Mom, I stumbled upon heart-shaped Valentine Kit Kats. Got one for C.G.

2/8/03; Dream (section)--I had a pizza.
Coworker called to notify me that he ordered a pizza.

2/14/03; C.G. & I dreamed of each other.

2/25/03; Dream (section)--A man was shot in the hand as punishment for something. Some said the punishment was too severe.
3/7/03; was a tragedy that shocked the nation--the '99 murder of 6 year old Tiffany Eunick by her 12 year old family friend, Lionel Tate. Perhaps as shocking was Lionel's conviction of 1st degree murder & his sentence to life imprisonment. Lionel's trial raised serious questions about the way America prosecutes children. Florida tried Lionel as an adult & in the March '01 sentencing, Lionel, then 14, became what is believed to be the youngest person ever sentenced to life in prison without parole. Now people are questioning whether justice was served. The prosecutor who won the case, even Tiffany's grieving mother, now feel that the punishment was too harsh for a child.

3/18/03; Pulled from work for not having my license (when it's not my fault I don't have it.) From my numerology report; Material loss. Feeling lack of support.

7/30/01; Dream (section)--I was in a plane that was landing on a freeway, horrified and expecting a crash any minute.
3/29/03 (Sat.); Dream (section)--I knew that a small, single-engine plane was going to crash in my backyard. I watched as it curved down until a wheel caught the ground & slammed the plane down.
7/26/03 (Sat.); Dream (section)--L.H. took me for a ride in her plane. At one point she did a complete roll to the right. I'd watched her do a similar roll earlier. Later I watched a plane taking off. At the end of the runway it turned suddenly, tipping the plane up on a wing, folding it like paper.
Plane clips van in emergency freeway landing (CNN)--An Arizona man was charged with flying a plane while intoxicated Saturday after he was forced to land his plane on northbound Interstate 5 near Santa Clarita, clipping a van in the process. Neither the pilot, Marc South, nor the occupants of the van were injured, California Highway Patrol Officer Brian Joy said. South told officers an engine quit on his single-engine plane about noon, and he began searching for a place to land. As he brought the plane down on the highway he hit the van, causing him to lose control, Joy said. A wing struck the ground, and the plane overturned onto the right-hand shoulder of the freeway.

3/30/03; Dream (section)--Donald Duck joined us, dancing humorously.
3/31/03; Featured dream on has a dinosaur attack in an urbing setting as its main theme. I posted the following; "I had a similar dream in which a brontosaurus was chasing me through city streets. Perhaps the t-rex symbolizes something way too big & out of your control." (Note, my brontosaurus dream was 4/25/02.)
4/1/03; New Moon.
4/2/03; Heard "Edge of Seventeen" on my car radio. 'kay' adds her comment to; "I have been having similar dreams. In my dream I will look out of the window and there is that classic T-rex eye and then he charges. I also believe it means something is out of control and way too big to handle."
4/3/03; Rec'd email from friend, telling me of a dream she had of me.
4/4/03; Dream (section)--Someone was comparing pictures.
Although I hadn't listened to it in years, I brought my Pearl Jam, "Ten" CD to work tonight & eventually put it on repeat (for background noise.) I went out in my car for a while, where "Edge of Seventeen" & soon after "Even Flow" came on the radio. About halfway through the latter I went back in, where that CD track was playing.
4/5/03; Rec'd pictures of our place from C.G. & compared them to the layout I'd downloaded. Heard "Edge of Seventeen" twice on my car radio. 'natsha' adds her comment to; "i had a similar dream except i'm running thru a building being chased."
4/6/03 (J.R.'s bday); Rec'd spam from a sender w/"donaldduck" in the addy.

4/12/03; G.C. told me he's getting a telescope. Later J.O. told me she's getting a telescope.

4/16/03; Worked 4 hrs overtime & agreed to work more. From my numerology report; Good for finances.

4/20/03; Since I hadn't listened to it in a while I brought a CD to listen to at work. "Stillness of Heart," by Lenny Kravitz is on it. Driving home from work later "Stillness of Heart" was on the radio.
4/21/03; Driving to work, "Stillness of Heart" was on the radio.

4/26/03; I wondered whatever happened to the Jam Master Jay murder case (see 10/30 & 31/02, above.)
NEW YORK (AP); The city and music industry have offered more than $60,000 in rewards for information on the slaying of rap legend Jam Master Jay, but nearly 6 months after his death, the identity of his killer and the motive behind the shooting remain a mystery.
4/28/03; Worked overtime (& agreed to work more.) From my numerology report; Money matters improve.
4/29/03; L.R. left me tearful message that her stepfather had died. From my numerology report; Problems w/someone close to you.

5/3/03; M.H.'s birthday. I had a dream (M.H. was in,) about a baby. At my online dream group I saw that a woman had a dream about a baby. (Our dreams were almost diametrically opposed in tone.)
5/4/03; Judas Priest was on the radio as I pulled into work & then again when I left 12 hours later. Telling C.G. about this later he told me he'd heard Judas Priest today, too.
5/5/03; Judas Priest was on the radio as I left my driveway. I posted a message on a Yahoo group, then saw that the one prior to mine was posted 5/5/02.
5/11/03; Judas Priest was on the radio as I left for work.

5/7/03; Supervisor asked me to work 4 extra hours (& I agreed.) From my numerology report; Financial gain.
5/8/03; Just as I began writing C.G. an e-mail he came on AIM.
5/9/03; 1/4 Moon. Just as I began writing C.G. an e-mail he came on AIM.

5/14/03; Going in for an 8pm-8am shift at work, I picked up coffees for D.H. & R.H. Later B.B. arrived, having brought me coffee. Shortly after, I told D.H. that you get what you give.
5/15/03; Full Moon (eclipse.) K.M. arrived yet later that shift, also having brought me a coffee.

5/17/03; My black mini-bic died & I forgot to get another when I went uptown. Went to a local convenience store, where all they had was pink. I returned home & started packing a box of my stuff for New Orleans. I took down my dreamcatcher purse & dumped out the rocks in it & out tumbled a working, black mini-bic. Later that evening I sat by my phone, deciding whether or not to call a pagan friend. The phone rang & I answered it. It was a (different,) pagan friend that I rarely hear from.

6/26/03; Dream (section)--A vulture was descending upon us. It swooped by close & low & I realized it was a rough-looking bald eagle with a red, wounded/featherless ring around its neck.
7/4/03 (Fri.); Listening to "I'm Alright" (by K. Loggins,) in the car, I thought about the movie "Caddyshack."
WASH DC (AP); Officials at the Nat'l Zoo suspect that a large cat got into a bald eagle's enclosure & killed the bird, perhaps already weakened by fierce storms & unable to fly. The male eagle died Fri. morning, the same day that the zoo celebrated a new exhibit designed especially for bald eagles hurt in the wild.

ROSWELL, New Mexico (AP); The sports editor of the Roswell Daily Record has been fired for fabricating part of a news story about a golf tournament in which he quoted a fictional character from the movie "Caddyshack."

7/15/03; Moving back to the U.S. tomorrow, I said farewell to M.H. tonight, leaving before both of us broke down in tears. As I rounded a corner I turned my car radio on as a distraction. "Edie," by the Cult was on (M.H. loves that song, which includes the line; "Ciao baby.")

7/24/03; Burt Lahr came to mind today & I told C.G. that his lion suit in the Wizard of Oz was made of actual lion hides & weighed 50lbs. The movie "Grand Theft Auto," (which I've never seen,) also came to mind. Watching TV later the show (about Ron Howard,) mentioned Burt Lahr & Grand Theft Auto. Rec'd a 'welcome' email yet later from an online recorder group I joined, signed "Bill Jackman" (my last name.) The next email was a response to an intro message I posted on another group, saying; "It's not often that I come across someone with the same mundane name as me (Lana,) but to see one who, like me, is also a professional artist, following a Druid path, plays guitar & recorder & is learning Welsh. I'm having a bit of a heart attack here! *chuckle*" (I subsequently learned that this Lana also lived w/in an hour of me in Canada until my recent move.)

7/18-22/03; Somewhere in here I told my boyfriend about the movie "The Shawshank Redemption." He'd never seen it. I told him it might be my favorite movie of all time & that he had to see it.
7/31/03; My b/f explained that he can't have music on in the background when he writes because he has to be able to "hear the music of the prose." Catching up with one of my Yahoo groups later, someone posted a quote from Einstein; "If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music." This evening (to my delighted surprise,) "The Shawshank Redemption" was on T.V.

8/2/03; I was on the phone with my brother (who lives in Fla.,) discussing my recent move to New Orleans. He answered a call waiting beep, then returned to tell me the weirdest thing happened; it was his friend on the line, calling to congratulate him on the birth of his 2nd son. When my brother asked where he was, so he could call back, his friend replied, "I'm on Bourbon Street in New Orleans!"

8/4/03; Started online dream experiments. Dream (section)--Another me with a handgun came in, mad.
8/5/03; 1/4 Moon. S.'s dream (section)--There was a baby to be born & I knew it would be another me.
Dream (section)--a big, medium blue '57 Chevy.
8/6/03; K.'s dream (section)--it was so he could talk to Chevy.
P.'s dream (section)--i need to pee
8/7/03; Dream (section)--J.G. was there, sitting down to pee.

8/9/03; T.'s dream (section)--Inside the house was one of my wife's friends...My...wife came home at that point & gave me "that look."
8/10/03; Dream (section); I went to visit sat on the couch, talking...his wife came in...she was obviously jealous. She scowled at me & went back to bed.

8/12/03; Full Moon. Dream (section)--a package had come for me.
8/13/03; Rec'd a delivery I was expecting.
8/14/03; Dream (section)--I came upon J.G. trying to extinguish burning trees.
Later in the day my b/f told me his dream. At the end of it he had to burn a tree.

8/18/03; Interviewed re: cashier's position at local convenience store. Was offered a management position, instead. Their only concern is my lack of a vehicle. From today's numerology report; Management. Details frustrate the progress.

8/29/03; My b/f left for a camping trip with his son. E-mailed D.D. to see if he'll investigate the disappearance of my journal in the mail. My coworker & relief were both late for work. From today's numerology report; Independence. Material loss. Feeling lack of support.

9/4/03; I was called down to the leasing office of my latest residence to sign & date some forms, adding me to my b/f's lease. As I did, I saw that my b/f had done his signing & dating on 4/9/03 (opposite today's date.)
9/5/03; Rec'd e-mail from friend I haven't seen since '87--he'll be in my area next weekend & wants to get together. From my numerology report; Friend brings good news.

9/21/03; Dream (section)--J. mentioned that there was a strike against me. I was incredulous, as I'd done nothing. Someone else pointed out that someone had to merely accuse you of something & you got a strike. He said that wasn't fair & I agreed.
9/23/03; Rec'd word at work that a complaint had been lodged against me.
9/24/03; On the way to work I thought about the Simpsons episode in which Homer meets his brother, Herbert Powell.
9/25/03; New Moon. The Simpsons episode in which Homer meets his brother, Herbert Powell, was on TV.
10/7/03; My boss called to see if I'd work 4 hrs overtime tonight. From my numerology report; Increased workload.
10/8/03; The Simpsons episode in which Herbert seeks revenge on Homer was on TV.
10/9/03; My left knee started hurting at work & was so bad by the time I got home I could barely climb the stairs. A friend e-mailed me later; "this is odd--bending down after stretching I popped my left knee rather loudly and painfully today."

10/15/03; After a fair length of inactivity, a group I belong to wondered when we might get some new members.
10/25/03; New Moon. Someone e-mailed to express interest in joining our group. BAD backache today. From my numerology report; Physically vulnerable.

10/17/03; "The Simpsons" episode this evening was the one in which Sideshow Bob is threatening to kill Bart. Later that night I rented the movie "One Hour Photo." One scene showed the main character watching a snippet of "The Simpsons" on TV; the episode in which Sideshow Bob is threatening to kill Bart.

10/20/03; Net search re: used Celtic CD from the book sale the other day revealed the group's name; Enaid. Further research revealed this to be Welsh for both soul & life. C.G. brought me highlighters so I can continue reading P.B. Ellis' "Brief History of the Druids."
10/21/03; J.P.'s birthday. Reading P.B. Ellis' "Brief History of the Druids" at 4am, it said; "In Old Irish as well as in Modern Irish, we find that ainm was not only the word for name but for soul...& life. The comparison occurs in Welsh with the words enwi, enaid & einoes."

10/23/03; Dream (section)--2 men & a woman were involved w/a porno video.
LOS ANGELES, California (AP)--3 high school students were expelled for making a sexually explicit video that was distributed around their private school. The video was made last spring by a sophomore girl & 2 junior boys. 2 of the 3 students involved thought the video was recorded only for a small group of friends, said school head Rennie Wrubel. "They thought they were just doing it for fun," Wrubel said. "And then it showed up in school." The video was discovered by parents and the school when a boy who watched it told his parents last month. Wrubel said all known copies have since been destroyed.

10/26/03; Exhausted by my flip-flopping work schedule, I slept 13 hours. R.M. (who I haven't heard from since 9/19/03,) was in my dream. From my numerology report; Take a break, rest.
10/27/03; Rec'd e-mail from R.M.

11/1/03; Dream (section)--A cat was chasing a chipmunk.
Flipping channels on the TV tonight during commercials I came upon a snippet about how Liz Taylor once brought a chipmunk to a lunch meeting.

11/16/03; 3/4 Moon. Idly considered trying to get my dream journals published.
11/17/03; I bought some alligator jerky to send home.
11/18/03; Checking our online group, I find that a covenmate needs jerky to sacrifice to a crocodile god at our upcoming ritual. Rec'd e-mail from my friend, founder of "Dream-Dimensions" (of which I'm a member); "...have you considered writing a book about dreams/dreaming, including your knowledge of mythology and psychology? Or have you written books already? Have any plans for writing projects? Something keeps nudging me to ask you this."
From my numerology report; New projects.
11/21/03; D.D.'s birthday. Did a tarot reading re: Dream book. Got; "Good work, beginning of reward. Gain through a new source of income (maybe writing.)"

12/10/03; C.G. & I went to his office at school, where I asked him if he had any books on dreaming that might help me with the dream book I'm working on (he didn't have much.) Then I bought us lunch, during which I tried to explain the nature of magical reality & "whatever you BELIEVE, you're right." Afterward we went to a Salvation Army store I'd seen a couple of times in passing. There I came across a yellow bottle I'd had in Canada & got rid of, as it'd probably break in transport. I pointed it out to C.G. & told him about it. As we turned away from that I nearly tripped over a seashell hanging lamp I had in Canada & had given away (though it was HARD, as I REALLY loved the lamp,) for the same reason. Needless to say, I bought it. Then, over in the books I found & snatched up about 10 books on Druids, the Celts, archetypes, myths & a HUGE book on dreams/dreaming (most books at 2nd hand stores are romance novels & other total crap.) At the same time, C.G. came across a very rare book he's reading right now (the exact same edition & format, too.)

12/14/03; J.M. was in my dream. (I haven't heard from him in months.)
12/15/03; Rec'd e-mail from a friend, telling me she'd had a dream about the Egyptian cat-goddess, Bast. Out to dinner later w/C.G. (meeting his writing group,) someone there brought up Bast. Watched "Bruce Almighty."
12/16/03; 3/4 Moon. Spoke w/C.G. about different guns (I have little knowledge.) He told me about sawed-off shotguns & why they were usually less lethal. Watching 'Bonanza' later, one of the characters was shot w/a sawed-off shotgun & another character explained why the wound was not fatal. At work later someone asked me if I ever saw "Bruce Almighty."
12/17/03; Rec'd an email from J.M.

12/20/03; Out to dinner with C.G. tonight he told me repeatedly how lucky he is to have me. Considering this as I opened my fortune cookie, I thought I should play the numbers I'd get on the lottery (which I did.) The fortune was; "The star of riches is shining upon you." The first 2 numbers were 12 & 20. Then, while reaching for a packet of sugar for my tea, I thought I should incorporate some luck-invoking in my Alban Gaeaf ritual. The company that made the sugar is "Rituals." The first 2 numbers drawn were 12 & 20.
12/21/03; C.G. & I decided to go see "Lord of the Rings; Return of the King" tomorrow. I wrote a dream that had Shirley Jones in it in my dream journal. Later in the evening "The Music Man" (w/Shirley Jones,) was on.
12/22/03; Early morning e-mail from Bedwyr asked if I'd seen "Return of the King" yet (later we ended up falling asleep & never went to see the movie.) Found out I almost won $7 w/my lottery ticket. Nevertheless, while checking out the Treasure Chest Casino today I spent $4 to win $15 (I'm a conservative gambler.) Told C.G. that 2 of my favorite book covers were from Anne McCaffrey's "Pern" novels.
12/23/03; New Moon. Someone on one of my yahoo groups posted a link to a new group about Anne McCaffrey's "Pern" novels.

12/26/03; Dream (section)--Someone had a lottery ticket that won $608. Later I was in a van w/my ex & his nephew. They were acting like idiots, so I had them drop me off in a residential area. They con't on to my Uncle's & I found my way to my Aunt's house. I wanted my Uncle's number to call him & tell him how they were acting. All I could find was a different Uncle's number.
12/29/03; Louisiana Pick 3 number; 580.
NORWALK, Ca. (AP); A 20 year old woman charged along with her former boyfriend in the killings of her uncle & 3 cousins was found guilty yesterday of 4 counts of murder.

1/2/04; Dream--I did something I had to & everything turned out badly.
1/13/04; Saw 1st commercial for "The Butterfly Effect," in which the main character says everything he does goes wrong.

1/16/04; Dreamed of a lotus. Research revealed it to be a symbol of rebirth. As I got a chocolate chip cookie from the kitchen later Judge Joe Brown said "chocolate chip cookie" on TV.
1/17/04; Reading a chapter on reincarnation, I thought of a blade of grass as an advanced form. Shortly after the author used a blade of grass as a (different) example.
1/18/04; Dream (section)--I was unpacking things for the D's. At one point L.D. came through the leaves of a couple of white elephant ear plants, bumping into me. We were both startled.
1/21/04; New Moon. Dream (section)--I went to a large house where a bunch of women of different ages lived.
Learned that L.D. moved in w/a woman.

5/30/01; The 1st quarter moon was orange/pink.
1/26/04; Dream (section)--A pack of cheese slices needed to be put in the fridge.
1/27/04; C.G. had a hypnopompic flash of a crescent moon, a star beneath it & an orange arrow pointing right, curving below. I looked up the symbol online & found that part of it represents the mutable zodiacal signs, including Sagittarius. A book I have correlates another part w/the constellation Sagitta, the Arrow.
1/28/04; There was a crescent moon in an orange sky on the Simpsons.
1/29/04; 1/4 Moon, B.L. & R.M.'s birthdays. Invoked weather to postpone a meeting next week (the meeting ended up being postponed for 5 weeks.)
1/31/04; At work someone decided they didn't want cheese & S.P. asked me to put it away.

2/28/04; Watched "Legend," (it's been years,) one of my favorite movies.
2/29/04; C.G. & I decided to go to the Nature Center. On our way I realized that I'd neither brought the directions nor called to see if they're open on a Sun. We found it, regardless. It was not only open, but we were just in time for a planetarium show & a nature walk.
3/1/04; I learned that Peter Tremayne (a Celtic author C.G. recently finished reading,) is the pseudonym of Peter B. Ellis (who's work I admire.) C.G. discovered that K. (from CTG,) is related to someone in his writing group.
3/8/04; Wondered what to do in a certain situation at work (that'd never come up.)
3/9/04; Co-worker called me at home, as she'd gotten in the situation I thought about yesterday.
3/10/04; At a CTG meeting, K. asked if anyone'd ever seen "Legend."

3/18/04; During lunch (at a Chinese restaurant,) C.G. spoke about collaborating on an illustrated poetry book & encouraged my artwork. Our fortune cookies afterward said; "you'll accomplish more if you start now" (me,) & "your efforts will be worthwhile" (C.G.)

3/19/04; Considered creating a Yahoo group for my haiku group, then later received an e-mail from a member who'd done so.

3/21/04; Watching Animal Face Off, I said the (mech) elephant's tusks pierced the (pseudo-) rhino skin "like a knife through butter." Moments later, someone on the show said the same.

3/25/04; Listened to Live's "Throwing Copper" album (from '94,) w/C.G. Later on TV, Beavis & Butthead were criticizing the "I Alone" video from that album.
7/4/04; Tuned into Beavis & Butthead on TV for the 1st time since 3/25/04 to find the exact same episode was on.

4/14/04; Dream (section)--A man came over playing the steel drum.
4/15/04; Dream (section)--I was driving on the freeway, drifted to the right a bit & realized I was too far over just as I tapped the car beside me.
4/17/04; Saw a steel drum on TV.
4/27/04; 1/4 Moon. On Judge Hatchett a woman had an accident, having over-corrected from drifting into the other lane.

5/3/04; M.H.'s birthday. Found a key at work. A man came by later to say he'd lost his key. I showed him the one I found, but it wasn't his.

5/9/04; Phoned friends I hadn't spoken to in almost a year. They told me they were just talking about me yesterday. Later the TV spontaneously shut down (see 1/7/02.)

5/11/04; While out for a morning walk at Lafreniere Park w/C.G., I mentioned making offerings to the local land spirits. Later, checking an e-group, L.M. wrote: "i was thinking about offering (local land) spirits stuff."

5/15/04; Dream (section)--A couple of men were going to steal a car.
J.G. arrested for shoplifting in the evening. From my numerology report; Legal affairs.

5/27/04; 1/4 Moon. Dream (section)--I was wearing a painted jacket I was going to enter an art contest.
6/15/04; Notified about an art contest I'm very interested in entering. Started working on a submission (1st time I've really painted in about a decade.)

6/7/04; After not having seen him in almost a year, I stopped by a former workplace to see my supervisor. There I was told he was taken off the site just hours earlier (after having worked there over 6 years.)

6/8/04; Venus eclipse Sun (1st time since 1992.) Catching up w/K.K., she told me about someone she admired at work.
6/26/04; While discussing strange coincidences w/C.G. a commercial for the movie "Shane" came on. C.G. told me he'd just taken that book out to read.
6/27/04; J.G.'s birthday. Hours after thinking about her, K.K. called to tell me that the person she'd spoken of knew me (we'd worked together briefly years ago.)
6/28/04; I thought of someone I used to work w/years ago, who I hadn't heard from in months.
6/29/04; Rec'd an e-mail from that former co-worker.

7/2/04; Full Moon. In talking with C.G. about Jay & Silent Bob, the movie "Dogma" came up. Reading "Stonehenge Decoded," it mentioned the possible correlation between the name of the "heel" stone stone & the Greek word for sun, "helios." Later, on my way to a full moon celebration I missed a turn I meant to take. As a result I ended up looking at the sidestreets, where I saw a "Helios Dr."
7/3/04; C.G. suggested going out for dinner. Within 15 minutes we discovered we both felt like going to the Trout House. When we got there, however, it was closed. We tried 4 more places, that were either closed or had over a half hour wait. I suggested to C.G. we forget it & nuke something at home. He wanted to try one more place, promising that we could get in--which we did. Saw a commercial on TV for "Dogma."

7/6/04; John Stewart's TV show mentioned John Edwards as Kerry's running mate for the election. I'd mistaken his photo for Dick Gephardt.
7/7/04; 2nd anniversary of making rose oil. Had Arby's for lunch. Driving K. home from having coffee in the evening, we stopped @ a gas station. K. was freezing there, but we realized I wouldn't be, mentioning my having lived in Canada. The clerk overheard us & told us he'd lived in Toronto. Hanging w/K. & M. later, they brought up Arby's. Watching John Stewart there, he pointed out the NY Post's error in announcing Dick Gephardt as Kerry's running mate. Considering the difficulty I had finding a parking spot @ my friends, I thought of a magical incantation for such on my way home. When I got home, the primo spot was available (this NEVER happens past rush hour.) Checking online groups yet later, someone asked about the properties of certain herbal oils.

7/18/04; Dream (section)--A plane came down out of the clouds. As it descended I could see the tail was missing. It touched down & soon the plane did wild summersaults through the air, crashing in a fiery explosion.
Woke up @ checked the news;
ANCHORAGE, AK (AP); A plane carrying a family on a sightseeing trip crashed north of Anchorage, killing all four people aboard. The single-engine Cessna 170 crashed Friday night. A Matanuska-Susitna Borough fire chief who responded to the crash said the plane was mangled, with the tail broken off and one of the wings and the passenger cabin crushed.

7/29/04; "Q-bert" mentioned on the Simpsons. Later, at a coven-sister's, her b/f mentioned that she could download "Q-bert" to play on her new phone. Later she & I went to a bar which one of our former coven-brothers had told me about last year.

7/31/04; Full (blue) moon. Decided to attend a local, Open Lammas (although I'm not crazy about the host, who obviously has power/control issues.) As I neared the site it started to rain. I considered it for a moment & decided to leave. It cleared up pretty quickly, so before I got very far I decided to go back. As I neared the site it started to rain, again. I decided to take the hint & went home. Surfing the radio on the way, I heard a song on the radio that was kind of rock-folky, which reminded me of Neil Young. When it was over I switched the station. "Rockin' in the Free World," by Neil Young was on.

8/11/04; Dream (section)--I was going to Ireland.
Later that day a friend told me he wanted to go to Ireland.

9/3/04; Dream (section)--I went to M.H.'s wedding at Algonquin Park. We started out by the parking lot. I went out to get her a coffee. I went to a small, wood-walled area. There were books & puzzles for sale there w/abstract paintings of birds on them. Eventually M.H. found me. We headed back to the car. We got into my car, M.H. driving. I didn't see any dashboard lights on, then realized that the headlights WERE on.
9/6/04; M.H.'s dream (section)--We were at Cedar Bay, in the parking area. There was a party going on around us & very loud music. We had walked away. You said that you had to go back to the car for your lighter & somehow we became separated. I must have fell asleep on a log...when I woke you were sitting on the ground in front of my log sketching.

9/16/04; Dream (section)--Something about a (broken?) Gravitron ride.
SHREWSBURY, Mass. (AP)--A carnival ride broke apart during a church fair Sunday, killing a man and injuring two other people.

9/25/04; Dream (section)--I was in a car, riding through California. There'd been an earthquake.
9/28/04; Full Moon.
PARKFIELD, California (AP) -- A strong earthquake shook the state Tuesday from Los Angeles to San Francisco, cracking pipes, breaking bottles of wine and knocking pictures from walls. There were no immediate reports of any injuries from the 6.0-magnitude quake and its more than 160 aftershocks.

9/30/02; Considered that anyone paying total attention to something could be completely oblivious to something very obvious nearby.
10/1/04; Jotted down some notes on hypnotic trance induction for a friend.
10/2/04; Surfing I site I rarely visit, an article posted today was on hypnotic trance induction. On the same site, one article mentioned; "Daniel Simons of Illinois University and Christopher Chabris of Harvard...demonstrated that when people paid close attention to one thing they can be made to overlook anything going on nearby, including a man dressed in a gorilla suit."

10/4/04; Realized that the picture on my calendar for Sept. was a hurricane shot from space (note; I was forced to evacuate for Ivan in Sept.) Switching to Oct., the picture's a volcano (note; Mt. St. Helen's has been spewing ash for days now & is threatening to erupt violently any time now.)
10/6/04; 3/4 Moon. Today's news says that Mt. St. Helen's is no longer in imminent danger of erupting. K.N. announced the postponement of his book signing, so I updated the info on one of my Yahoo groups. Checking a different Yahoo group minutes later, someone announced their book signing.

10/8/04; I bought a little bag of Fritos for work. A few hours into my work day, our office was given 2 large bags of Fritos.
10/9/04; Re-dyed my hair red (it's been over a year since the last time.) Went to meet friends, one of whom had dyed her hair red.

10/13/04; New Moon. Rec'd an e-mail for my birthday (today); "11/22 is mine, hubby's is the 23rd...can you imagine a more unlikely couple?" Responded; "Get a load of this; mine's 10/13 & my spouse is 10/14..."

11/6/04; The last 2 times I've been to the bookstore (within the past month,) I saw a book I'd like, but it was kind of pricey. Today I found it at a 2nd hand store for $2.99.

11/8/04; Dream (section)--I went through a pile of papers on a nearby table & found a couple of uncashed paychecks.
3/10/05; Dream (section)--I found lots of checks.
5/28/05; Going through a pile of papers on a table I found an uncashed paycheck.

11/9/04; Dream (section)--Alien robots were taking over the world. They sat at a table before a huge, open box of goldfish crackers, getting "drunk" by eating them.
On "The Simpsons" later, comic book guy (at a sci-fi convention in which most people were dressed as aliens,) mentioned goldfish crackers. Today at work the boss introduced himself to me. From my numerology report; you'll meet someone new.

11/21/04; D.D.'s birthday. Went to the local Rennaisance Faire w/friends.
11/22/04; On "The Simpsons" the family went to a Rennaisance Faire.

12/1/04; Brought "The Mamas & the Papas" CD to work to listen to (its been years.)
12/2/04; Heard "California Dreamin'" on the radio.
12/3/04; Heard "California Dreamin'" on the radio.

12/25/04; For the 1st time in recorded history it snowed in New Orleans on Xmas.
12/26/04; Full Moon. My b/f & I were inventing alternate group names for things. He came up w/"a tsunami of seagulls."
12/27/04; Dream (section)--I was w/a couple of women, one of whom was pregnant. We were trying to get somewhere before she had the baby. I went out, scouting. At a sidewalk cafe on a corner I saw a bad storm coming. I knew I had to get back to them before it struck.
Woke to the news;
CHENNAI, India (CNN)--The death toll from Sunday's tsunamis climbed to 21, fears of disease from decaying bodies & contaminated water grew in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka & Thailand. The giant waves--triggered by the most powerful earthquake on Earth in 40 years--also left thousands injured, thousands missing & hundreds of thousands homeless.
(By 1/19/05 the death toll was over 226,000.)

12/30/04; Dream (section) included a shop that'd closed.
Learned later that my mechanic had closed down.

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