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More Dreams Come True, Synchronicities & Other Weirdo Stuff in My Life

1/10/05; New moon.
1/11/05; Going to sleep I spoke w/C.G. about the inner-ear viruses I used to get that'd cause me to lose my balance for weeks at a time.
1/12/05; Woke w/no sense of balance. Dream (section)--I was in V.F.'s cubicle at work. A man nearby asked a question about something. I explained that it had to do w/the Jewish festival of Passover.
1/16/05; Dream (section)--I went into a bathroom. The floor was in serious danger of collapsing.
1/21/05; M.G.'s birthday. Sitting at V.F.'s desk, looking at a calendar of interesting facts she had, one of the pages was about Passover.
1/22/05; Went to a local flea market, where the floor in the women's bathroom had a huge hole in it & didn't feel very safe.

1/27/05; Going to bed, C.G. & I recited the poem from the Moody Blues' "Nights in White Satin."
1/28/05; Watching the Simpsons w/C.G., the Moody Blues were on, doing a parody of the poem from "Nights in White Satin."
1/29/05; B.L. & R.M.'s birthdays. On the way home from running errands, I thought C.G.'d probably want to go to a Chinese buffet for dinner. When he woke after his nap, that's what he suggested. At the buffet, when the fortune cookies came w/the bill, I suggested we ask questions that the cookies would answer. I asked if a book I'm writing would sell well (when I finish it--in the next 5 years--hopefully.) My cookie said "Your determination will bring you much success."

1/31/05; My OB/GYN, Dr. Pruitt, suggests I get my first mammogram.
10/30/05; Friend sent me an e-mail about breast cancer awareness. It contained a poem that had the lines;
"My gyno, Dr Pruitt,
Said I should get a Mammogram"

2/9/05; Dreamed about "Haas Illustration." On waking I did a net search, which brought up a site about "Bill Haas Illustration."

2/16/05; E-mailed a joke to C.M., who lives far away & I haven't heard from in a long while.
2/17/05; C.M. e-mailed back about my fortuitious timing, as he'd be in my area at the end of the month & would like to get together.

2/19/05; Talking w/C.G., I told him about the song "One Tin Soldier," which I'd learned in elementary school & hadn't heard in over 10 years.
2/20/05; New friends gave me a pin.
2/21/05; D.L. gave me a pin. Heard "One Tin Soldier" on the radio.
2/22/05; V.F. told me something someone'd said about drinking Jim Jones' Kool-aid. On "Malcolm in the Middle" a character mentioned Duran Duran at the same time I was reading in the news, online; "Lisa Zuniga Duran was 27 years old when she was a supervisor at a Pasadena church school." Shortly after I read, "...after Shields made an allusion to the Kool Aid that the Rev. Jim Jones used to kill his followers at the Jones Town colony in Guyana..."

2/25/05; There was a panda in my dream. Went for dinner at Panda King Chinese buffet, where I asked my fortune cookie; considering what's going on @ work, will we all be looking for other jobs soon? Got; "You have an important new business development shaping up." Played some guitar, including "What a Good Boy."
2/26/05; "What a Good Boy" was theme music in a commercial on TV.
2/28/05; Boss at work announced that they'll be closing the plant soon.

3/3/05; 3/4 Moon. Created ex-dixiechicks Yahoo group.
3/15/05; Ides of March. As today's my last day at work & I have a couple of weeks before starting my next job, I'm considering a short trip to Canada to visit Mom & other family & friends. On "The Simpsons" tonight they went to Toronto.
3/16/05; Went to a local drum circle. On returning home, C.G. told me the new "South Park" had hippies in drum circles.
3/23-27/05; Trip to Canada (full moon, 3/25.)
3/29/05; F.P.'s birthday. Started new job.
4/8/05; New Moon/annular total (rare 'hybrid') solar eclipse. 27th anniv. of Dad's death. Friend e-mailed to cancel plans due to a death in the family. Watched "I 'heart' Huckabees," which addressed synchronicity & mentioned the Dixie Chicks (it also had a character writing in a notebook, which played a part in the movie I'd watched just prior.)
4/9/05; Mom died. Later a character on TV said, "My mother's still alive."
4/10/05; Had a feeling J.G. might wipe out on his bike. Later C.G. called to say J.G.'d wiped out on his bike & they were on their way to the hospital.
4/19/05; I wished Pink Floyd was on the radio. "Mother" came on.
4/22/05; C.G. totalled his bike in an accident.
7/14/05; 1/4 moon. Thought about snail-mailing L.D.
7/15/05; Rec'd postcard from L.D. C.G. was getting ready for a sudden trip home to see his ailing sister. I thought about asking if he wanted to bring a flashlight, but I didn't really see any reason & bit my tongue. Minutes later he told me he was going to bring a flashlight. Thought about calling C., who I hadn't spoken to in many moons. Later C.G.'s son totalled his car in an accident.
7/16/05; C.G.'s sister died w/in an hour of his arrival. C. called.
7/21/05; Full moon.
7/22-ish/05; My friend, J.O., killed himself.
8/12/05; My Uncle Buddy died. Within an hour of hearing the news, Jeff Foxworthy mentioned his wife's Uncle Bud on TV.

4/26/05; C.G. told me about his dream, singing "O Canada" to the tune of "O Tanenbaum." Later a new guy at work sang "O Canada" to the tune of "O Tanenbaum."

5/3/05; M.H.'s birthday. Red Lobster for dinner. I ordered Italian dressing on my salad. As the waitress took C.G.'s order I thought about raspberry vinagrette dressing. My salad came with raspberry vinagrette dressing on it.

5/6/05; There was a damaru in my dream.
5/14/05; I was going to call V.F. when I got back from the bookstore, but she was at the bookstore.
5/15/05; Saw a damaru at a friend's. Heard someone mention a dog that was nice, unless you were of a certain race.
5/16/05; 1/4 moon. K.J.'s birthday. On TV a character mentioned a dog that was nice, unless you were of the same, certain race.

5/28/05; Had a brief ringing in my ear. Immediately afterward on TV, Peter Brady told Alice he'd hurt someone's ear. Later I showed C.G. an interesting picture online. He told me it was based on the cover of a book he was in (then showed me.)

5/30/05; 3/4 Moon. Watching premiere of "Hell's Kitchen" TV show, I predict that Michael will win.
8/1/05; Michael won on the season finale of "Hell's Kitchen."

6/17/05; A kitchen light blew out. Going to pick up my car from a repair shop, the rack & pinion went on C.G.'s car.
6/18/05; Fridge light blew out.

7/2/05; C.G. & I went for a picnic, where C.G. made a comment about how still the air was. Moments later gusting winds howled in.

9/6/05; Found a 2nd hand book (cheap,) that I thought I might be interested in; "Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business," by N. Postman (published 1986.)
10/1/05; Rec'd Amazon gift certificate from friends. Shopping online, I discovered that Roger Waters had a solo album titled "Amused to Death," inspired by Mr. Postman's book (recorded 1992.)
10/13/05; Rec'd Amazon gift certificate from my bro's family.

9/9/05; At a bookstore I stopped to look at a neat, old, b/w photo on the cover of a book. Bought a book by Arianna Huffington.
9/10/05; The photo that was on the book cover I saw yesterday was on a wall in a TV show tonight. Finished the book by Arianna Huffington.
9/11/05; 1/4 moon. Arianna Huffington on TV.
9/12/05; Dream (section)--A bus had broken down.
9/24/05; From the AP;
Bus carrying elderly evacuees burns; 24 dead
WILMER, TX; A bus ferrying nursing home residents away from Hurricane Rita caught fire and exploded Friday while stuck on a gridlocked highway south of Dallas, killing as many as 24 people. Early indications were that mechanical problems, possibly with the vehicle’s brakes, sparked the fire, which was then fed by explosions of passengers’ oxygen tanks, Dallas County sheriff’s spokesman Don Peritz said. Authorities believed 24 people were killed, but that number could change, Peritz said. Sheriff’s deputies and the bus driver tried to rescue passengers but could not get everyone off the bus as it became engulfed in flames. The vehicle was reduced to a blackened, burned-out shell, with large blue tarpaulins covering the bodies.

9/13/05; Dream (section)--I was in an elevator that was plummeting to the ground.
9/25/05; Called friend in CND, who said she was JUST thinking of me.
9/28/05; Got into an elevator at work. As I pushed the button, I imagined getting stuck. That's exactly what ended up happening (at least for a few minutes.)
9/29/05; G.M's birthday. Gave my webpage address to a couple of vendors I know through work. Turns out they'd already been visiting my page for some time. Later I bought some candles.
9/30/05; One of my coworkers asked if I had a candle.

10/6/05; Dream (section)--I saw lots of birds...I pointed it out to the person on the phone (C.G.,) who told me he saw them.
TV Tower Wires Kill 400 Birds in One Night
MADISON, Wis; As many as 400 songbirds were killed in 1 night after they flew into wires holding up a TV tower. The deaths may spur the creation of a group to study the dangers communication towers pose to migrating birds, said specialists w/the Dept. of Natural Resources. "It's an issue that has been with us for decades," DNR avian ecologist Sumner Matteson said.
At home after work, I heard loud chirping outside the apartment. I called C.G. outside where we saw dozens of grackles in the trees. Driving soon after, we saw a flock of hundreds (if not thousands,) of grackles alighting in bushes along the road.

10/14/05; C.G's birthday. Pointed out to him that there's always a parking space available for us in the lot by our apartment.
10/16/05; Talking w/C.G. about how important it is that we let people in our lives know that we love & appreciate them because they could be gone w/o warning, I inadvertently cut off a rig & almost got us both killed. Got home to all the spots filled in the lot by our apartment. Went out again later & still came home to no parking spot.

10/25/05; Had a hankering for Pink Floyd's "Keep Talking." Checked my Yahoo groups afterwards, where someone had posted;
"'For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals. Then something ahppened which unleashed the power of our imaginations. We learned to talk.' Points if you can tell me who said that, bonus points if you can tell me on which song it was quoted. Without googling. ;)"
It's Stephen Hawking in that song.

10/28/05; Realized that Symantec never got back to me about a concern I'd written them in regards to about a month ago.
10/29/05; My free version of McAfee ended, so I downloaded Stop Sign. Shortly afterwards, I rec'd an e-mail from Symantec customer relations in regards to my letter from a month ago. Later someone on one of my Yahoo groups mentioned that he'd moved to Metairie. I responded that I lived there, too, telling him the intersection I was closest to & asking where he lived (suggesting we could "do coffee" sometime.) He responded w/the name of his apartment complex, which is the one I live in. A woman tailoring clothes for me asked for a $17 Wal-Mart gift certificate. I told her I could do better than that.
10/31/05; Won a $25 gift certificate in the costume contest at work.

11/5/05; Part of my dream included a Winter hat I had years ago.
11/6/05; A friend e-mailed me shortly after midnight; "I wasn't thinking I'd ever have to find more ugly hats to keep you warm."

11/12/05; A.J. & I.D.'s birthday. Listened to CD w/remake of "Jump, Jive an Wail" at work. Out to dinner later, the original version was playing at the restaurant.

11/18/05; Going home from a Hurricane-Katrina imposed 2 months in Austin, TX, C.G. & I met a man @ a gas station who brought out his guitar to sing us a tune he'd written.
My numerology today; You meet someone interesting.

11/23/06; 3/4 moon. Met N. (a friend from the net who lives states away.)
My numerology today; You'll meet someone new.

12/24/05; Visited K.B., who introduced me to A.
My numerology today; Introduction to someone new.

1/18/06; J.G. found out his g/f had been w/someone else, punched the wall & hurt his hand badly.
My numerology today; Family matters need attention. Honor challenged. Young person needs guidance.
1/19/06; Joking w/C.G., I called him "muy picante."
1/20/06; A character on The Simpsons said "muy picante."

1/31/06; Dream (section)--I was shot 3x w/a shotgun; once in the chest, once in the back & once (in the leg?)
2/3/06; 1/4 Moon. Thought about a cousin I'd lost touch with long ago.
2/4/06; On 'Forensic Files,' a man was shot w/a shotgun 3x; once in the chest, one grazed his back & once in the lung.
2/5/06; Rec'd e-mail from my cousin.

3/24/06; Flew to Fla. From my numerology report; Possible trip. (Didn't realize this before the trip.)

5/21/06; Rec'd e-mail that an old friend's health is declining. From my numerology report; problems with someone close to you.

5/17/06; Dream (section); I had a flat tire.
7/2/06; Twilight Zone marathon on TV--turned it on to find the episode with Burgess Meredith as the last man on earth was on (one of my faves.) C.G. spoke about an episode where a man gets off a train where he never had before.
7/3/06; There wasn't much on TV, so I tuned back into the Twilight Zone marathon. The episode C.G. had been speaking about was on. The next had Burgess Meredith as "The Obsolete Man." C.G. took my car in to get my passenger mirror replaced (I accidentally broke it off 6/20/06.)
7/4/06; Got a stone chip in my windshield & a flat.
7/15/06; Woke from dream in which C.G. got us into trouble with the police (I had to talk us out of it.) After noon, C.G. learned that someone'd hit his car & ran.
7/16/06; C.G. rec'd call @ 4am that his son perpetrated a hit & run (turned out to be 2 cars.) He insisted on going to the scene but was too upset to drive, so I drove. On our way home, someone sideswiped my front, driver's side quarter panel & took off. The only damage I could see was to my mirror.

6/30/06; Closed on my house & brought a load of belongings over. From my numerology report; Start new projects, progress.

7/8/06; Rec'd e-mail in the evening that (although they don't have to,) a Welsh hotel is refunding my $120 deposit. From my numerology report; Good news in the evening.

7/22/06; Told K.B. about a Zydeco version of a Clash song I'd heard (over a year ago.) She had heard it earlier today. Kitchen light bulb burned out.
7/23/06; Floor lamp went out for a few seconds.

8/3/06; Researching the oroborous, the Winter soltice of 2012 came up. On TV, an unrelated program discussed the importance of this Mayan end date.

8/16/06; Read Dave Barry's "Big Trouble."
8/18/06; Learned that "Big Trouble" had been made into a movie.
8/23/06; Dream (section)--I was shopping for Halloween decorations.
Doing groceries, they had little, decorative pumpkins in the floral section.
8/24/06; "Big Trouble" was on TV.

11/2/06; Guessed both cases (on stage & @ home,) on "Deal or No Deal (12 & 3, respectively.)

12/6/06; Heard ST:NG coming on TV & thought of my favorite episode, "Qpid." Came out of the bathrm to find that was the episode starting.

1/10/07; Dream (section)--I’d left my purse on the train &...bummed about my wallet.
1/11/07; Checking out at a store, I couldn't find my wallet (it turned up in my car.)

1/17/07; Dream (section)--R.F...was in a jovial mood.
At work later, R.F. told me about upcoming changes that would free up some of his time at work.

1/31/07; Rec'd an e-mail from a friend about the origins of the song "Kumbaya."
2/1/07; Talking w/J.G., he commented that Florida hasn't been hit by much bad weather for a while now.
2/4/07; From ABC News;
Clean-up begins after Fla tornado kills 20
Authorities say rescuers have stopped searching for bodies & survivors dug out from under Fla.'s deadliest storm system in almost a decade, after a tornado reportedly killed 20 people. Pres. George W Bush declared a state of emergency in 4 counties after pre-dawn storms carved a trail of destruction & death, wrapping metal around trees & launching some victims into neighboring homes...Some 1,500 homes were damaged or destroyed & an estimated 13,000 people were left without electricity after the storm, which uprooted trees & felled power lines. The storms hit around 3:30am (eastern time) Fri.
(2/2/07,) as most people slept.
Toasting marshmallows in the yard w/C.G. & J.G. later, C.G. asked about the origins of the song "Kumbaya."

2/7/07; Bursitis & cramps giving me so much pain this morning I was moaning & crying at work. From my numerology report; Distractions at work.

2/18/07; Dream (section)--I jokingly called (a Russian or German) "Vigo."
2/22/07; Dream (section)--(R.F.) kept telling me about a movie (like Jackass.)
Watching Reno 911! this evening, a donkey’s name was "Vigo."

2/24/07; Joined the "AtheistEmpire" Yahoo group. I'm member #666.

2/26/07; Different cleaning woman than last time came out. Did a good job, but broke my piece of honey amber. From my numerology report; Introduction to someone new. Material loss.

2/28/07; Brought a broken chair back to a store, where they gave me 2 (that I had to assemble,) to replace it. From my numerology report; Involvement in decorating or home-repair.

3/2/07; E-mailed my resignation (effective immediately,) to my employer. From my numerology report; Take a break, rest.

3/3/07 (Full Moon); Thought about the movie "Blow Out." Complained to my fiance that birds aren't coming for the seed I leave on a stump in our backyard.
3/4/07; "Blow Out." is on 2 channels this evening.
3/5/07; Dream (section)--I was on a plane that crashed on landing.
From ABCNews;
Father, daughter die in suspicious plane crash
INDIANAPOLIS, IN; A pilot took his 8-yr-old daughter up in a small plane Monday, & crashed it into his former mother-in-law's house in southern Indiana, killing himself & the girl, authorities said. A preliminary crash investigation leads "us to believe that this was an intentional act," Indiana State Police spokesman 1st Sgt. Dave Bursten said. The crash...killed Eric Johnson, 47...and his daughter Emily. (Vivian Pace, the mother-in-law)...said she had heard a plane making a "horrible noise" before the crash. The crash happened near Virgil I. Grissom Municipal Airport...Witnesses said the plane appeared to be trying to land when it veered sharply & went out of sight.
3/6/07; Saw birds fighting over the seed on the stump in my backyard. Many different varieties of birds came throughout the day.
3/16/07; Complained that birds aren't using a sunflower bird feeder I'd bought a couple of weeks back. Immediately after saying so, a tufted titmouse dropped down to eat from that feeder.

3/18/07 (New Moon); Updated my hard-copy dream journal (including today's dream.) Afterward I decided to flip to the front of the book, to see when I'd started it. The date was 3/18/04.

3/23/07; A friend sent me a cool video about a spray paint artist. C.G. came home later & told me his son was arrested for spraying graffiti on federal property.

3/27/07; Dream included Howard Stern. Watched "The Truman Show" for the 1st time.
4/2/07; Dreamed I was part of a reality show. Later "The Fisher King" was on TV. Learned that the lead character is based on Howard Stern.

3/30/07; Found a large amount of water seeping out from under my house. From my numerology report; Involvement in home repair.

4/1/07; Driving across the Causeway, a tire blew out on the truck in front of me. From my numerology report; Unexpected events.

4/12/07; Talking w/a coworker about bird watching, she told me about a time she saw an indigo bunting. I told her I’d never seen one. At home after work I sat on the deck. W/in minutes an indigo bunting came to the stump. A group of about 5 hung around for a few days.

4/14/07; C.G. said he'd never seen a blue jay in our yard.
4/15/07; C.G. told me he saw a blue jay out back.

5/3/07; Payday. From my numerology report; Money matters improve.

5/9/07; Due to a Windows Automatic Update, my Word program was completely uninstalled. From my numerology report; Lack of application.

5/15/07; Dreamed of a hummingbird I wasn't able to identify because it was backlit.
7/28/07; Unable to identify a hummingbird on our deck because it's backlit.

5/29/07; Dreamed of my manager at work. Woke to a call from her, notifying me that our building is closed due to a dead opposum someone put in our book drop. From my numerology report; Urge to clean up your environment.

6/7/07; C.G. left on trip to TX. From my numerology report; Aloneness, but comfortable.

6/23/07; Rec'd check back from house insurance company, stating that my policy's paid in full. From my numerology report; Disagreements on money matters.

6/26/07; Woke around 4am, coughing uncontrollably. From my numerology report; Restless morning.

7/16/07; Dreamed I'd accidentally left my workplace unlocked overnight.
7/24/07; My manager told me one of our branches had accidentally been left open overnight last weekend.

7/27/07; Talking w/C.G., I mentioned a song by Chris DeBurgh that suggests that Jesus Christ was a (space) alien.
7/28/07; On Futurama, baby Leela is referred to as "a savior from the stars."

8/3/07; 7 police cruisers were at the local pharmacy. On "Family Guy" later, a pharmacy is robbed. (Found out later our RL incident was due to a shoplifter.)

8/9/07; Realized I got a raise at work. From my numerology report; Change at work.

8/24/07; Introduced a friend to my aunt. From my numerology report; Introduction to someone new.

8/28/07; Visited with a wide variety of friends. From my numerology report; Social events.

9/1/07; TV show about the clouded leopard, which I'd never heard of.
9/2/07; The clouded leopard was in a magazine I was browsing.

9/7/07; On "The Soup" a joke was made about Jude Law, referencing the movie, "Alfie." That movied played on another channel later on.

9/8/07; Dreamed that James was mad at me. While C.G. was watching football later, among the scores along the bottom of the screen was listed "James Mad" (James Madison University.)

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