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Ajay Kumar Agarwal - Information Technology professional

Applications expertise & DOMAIN Knowledge

DEPARTMENTAL STORES / TRADING COS. - Planning & procurement, P.O.s, Invoices, GRNs, Warehousing, On-line product search, retail orders, POS point of sales with cashiering and bank's verification of credit cards, delivery of goods, customer service/ repairs, Inventory control, Purchases, Financial accounts, Personnel / HRMS system.

Client Work/Platform Year
SONY Corpn., Hewlett Packard 9000, HP/UX, ORACLE, TCP/IP, 1994
(Amcol Graha, MangaDua Apple Macintosh, Power PC, Credit card verifiers,
Project), Jakarta, Point of Sales (POS) machines, link to Cashier register

Oracle Applications, Oracle Retail Retek, 360 Commerce, Manhattan pacakges for a Retail Superstores MNC Co. with base in Europe, Middle East and INDIA

BIO INFORMATICS : Computational services to Bio-Technologists and R&D of Pharmaceutical Industries; Representation of packages from US cos., their support and local customisations; Emphasis on new Drug Discovery systems on all its stages from Leads to Evaluations to Clinical Trials to Clinical Applications till a new medicine is established as per GLP practices of US FDA authorities

Worked for joint-collaboration with IIT Bombay, interacted with Singapore Govt. (Economic Development Board) for setting up a center there, Alliance & vendor relationship development in USA with CuraGen, Rosetta Bio-Software, Amersham Biosciences, Tripos, Accelrys and in India with Center for Bio-Chemical Technology Delhi, IIT Bombay, Strand Genomics Hyderabad etc.

INTERNET & INTRANET / VSATs & CABLE NETWORK : Hands-on experience of setting up 64 Kbps leased line networks for Data / Voice and VSATs network for WAN operations; Use of IP, X.25, IXP, POP etc. protocols and Interconnections with LANs in different cities world-wide, high-speed INTERNET link; Implementation of world-wide E-mail and Video-conferencing, MIS & Intranet applications etc.

Client/Employer Work Year
Tata Infotech Ltd, Design & Implement world-wide network based on VSATs 1997
Bombay, INDIA and 64 Kbps leased lines for internal communication
& MIS applications
Spargo Consulting, Designing and setting-up of a Call Center with 100+ 1996
UK seats
Teleglobe, Feasibility study and preparation of a project report 1996
Canada for being an Internet Service Provider, identification
of business partners for it
Ashok Leyland Consultancy assignment of designing Internet Backbone 1997
Information for its client (an Indonesian Govt. Co.), identifying
Technology Ltd.'s technologies and vendors for its various needs, setting-up
(ALIT) subsidiary the required team to implement and operate this infra-
- do - Feasibility tests of combining data with TV signals 1997
on an existing private cable network (then used only for
TV broadcasting), for usage such as Stock Exchange rate
broadcast and Order routing, Turbo Internet, Advertising/
Marketing on cable for reaching masses

STOCK-BROKING / FINANCIAL SERVICES - from concept to implementation to marketing a nation-wide network of computers for sub-brokers for on-line real-time trading of stocks on three automated stock exchanges of India - BSE, NSE and OTC. Use of satellite communications (VSATs) and X.25 / X.28 switching to perform real-time information dissemination and automated message (order) routing. Automation of Back-office and Custodial functions and integration with front-office(dealing)system for on-line margin checking

Client/Employer Work / Platforms Year
DSJ Securities Stratus system, VOS, TCAM application, proprietary 1994-96
Corpn. Ltd. AppleTree database, Sun systems, C, Cisco routers,
Eicon technology, Broadcast methodology, VSATs,
64 Kbps leased lines, X.25 / IP / IPX protocols,
Remote Access Server
- do - Value-added services, E-mail, Corporate Databases, 1995-96
(sister company) services etc. using the same network.

MANUFACTURING COS. - All conceivable commercial applications for Corporate Office and for Works including Financial accounting (GL, AP, AR), Invoicing Sales accounting and forecasting, Personnel information system and Payroll, Spares Inventory control, Finsished goods inventory, Raw Material Requirement planning, Purchase management, Optimum product mix, Shares & Debentures transfers & warrants Fixed deposits from public.

Client/Employer Work/Platform Year
J K Synthetics Ltd., UNIX mini, Data General MV4000, INFOS, COBOL 1984-87
Delhi & Kanpur,India
Ester India Ltd, UNIX mini, ICL DRS 600, INGRES, COBOL 1987-90
Delhi & Nainital,India
Bhadrachalam Paper Mills Novell LAN, dBase IV, SQL 1989-90
Hyderabad, India
Punsumi Capacitors, UNIX mini, ORACLE, SQL, C, CASE tool 1989-90
Jaipur & Bhiwadi, India
Hindustan Zinc Ltd., UNIX mini, INGRES, PC software, CASE tool 1989-90
Udaipur, India
Hyderabad Asbestos Ltd., UNIX mini, ORACLE, SQL, C, CASE tool 1989-90
Faridabad, India
Amtrak, USA IBM AS/400, OS/400, COBOL 1993-94
Systems Development IBM AS/400, LANSA CASE tool, UNIX mini, SYBASE 1993-94
International, USA
Infotimur Sistimata, UNIX mini, SYBASE 1994
Jakarta, Indonesia

BANKS : AUTOMATED CHEQUE CLEARING SYSTEM - Planned, designed, developed, implemented and operated the complete solution for automating the cheque clearing system based on MICR for a very large bank and managed the complete facility on BOO i.e. build-operate-own basis

Client Work/Platform Year
State Bank of India, Unisys DP-500, DP-250, DP-35 machines with 1999
Bombay imaging and OCR / MICR tecghology, Orcale DB,
Visual Studio, Windows NT

BANKS : OVERALL OPERATIONS - Personal Banking, Accounts, Institutional Accounts, Personnel division, etc. covering like Primary ledger, Cash scroll, Cash payments book, etc. (Systems study & analysis only). Use of BANKMASTER package of Kindle Co. USA.

Client Work/Platform Year
State Bank of India, UNIX mini, CASE tool 1991
New Delhi, India
Bank Bumi Daya and NCR, IBM AS/400, S/36, OS/400, 1994
Jakarta, Indonesia ATM, UnixWare, C

HOTEL - Reservations, Check-in, Check-outs, Billings, Back office accounts, Inventory Control, Purchase management, Financial Accounts (GL, AP, AR, Sales), Personnel system with payroll, Kitchen order tickets, Point of sales, Cashiering, Customer's database, etc.. This was developed as a PRODUCT and allowed configuration by parameterization by the user as per his requirements

Client Work/Platform Year
Krishna Oberoi Hotel UNIX mini, ORACLE, SQL, C, CASE tool 1989-90
(5 star deluxe hotel)
Hyderabad, India
Seven Seas Computers Windows NT, SQL server, Power Builder, C 2000-01
Dubai & Maestrosoft, Singapore

GOVT. DEPARTMENT/MINISTRY - Human Resources information system meant for ministry senior officials to manage personnel administration on country-wide basis covering all stages of recruitments, training, absorption, deputation, foreign postings, promotions, retirements of staff.

Client Work/Platform Year
Govt. of India, DOT NOVELL LAN, dBASE IV, CASE tool 1990-92
Department of Telecom
New Delhi

PROCESS CONTROL - from process flow charts to systems flow charts, real-time software development, simulation, implementation, training users, emergency procedures.

Employer Work/Platform Year
Ester India Ltd.,India Fisher Controls CP-250, Assembly language, 1987-89
and Monsanto Chemicals, USA FORTRAN, PLCs of Allen Bradley, Taylor Instruments, and Siemens

CAD - Simulation. (Sand Model Project for Defence Deptt.)

Employer Work/Platform Year
Indian Institute of Technology Digital DEC-10, FORTRAN, Pascal, GPGS 1983-84
Deptt. of Computer Science PLOT-10, Tektronix equipment, & plotters
(Defence Deptt. Project)

TRAINING - Preparation of training material and actual training in RDBMS concepts, ORACLE, INGRES, SYBASE, SQL, use of CASE and Structured Techniques / methodology, UNIX, PC software, etc.

Client/Employer Work/Platform Year
Burmah Shell, Nigeria UNIX, ORACLE 1990
Hindustan Zinc Ltd. UNIX, INGRES, PC software 1989
Udaipur, India
Indian Oil Ltd, PC Software 1990
New Delhi, India
Hyderabad Asbestos Ltd. UNIX, ORACLE, PC software 1990
Faridabad, India
EastWest Software Use of CASE tool, Project Mgmt. Methodology, 1990-93
Technologies, SSADM Structured techniques of Systems Analysis
New Delhi, India

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