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My Useless, Uninteresting, Self Indulgent Web Log

Sunday, 7 September 2003

Fancy Big City Flashy Shiny Space Age Crap
Ok so the other day I had something really great to post about...and I did..I typed and typed it all out. I had seen a headline that bothered me and I was fuming. I made great points, but You'll never read them. Because just a few lines before finishung, the phone rang. I jumped up and ran to answer it, and while I was out of the room Maggie did something to the computer and erased it. I came back in, and the html box was empty, and Maggie was sitting there smirking at me. I didnt have the heart to try and recall everything I had written. In fact I was so frustrated I didnt ever want to think of the subject again.
So here I am...
I just had a birthday a few days ago and I feel old again. Me! I was always the kid in every group, but not anymore. As time goes on, its harder and harder justifying putting off all the things I said I would eventually do with my life.
That and the fact that no one remembers your borthday when you get older. My mother in law and her significant other were the only people who remembered my birthday and sent me card. Not one person in my own family even called me or said happy birthday. Oh well, no biggie, life goes on.
It gave me a good excuse to buy myself a really cool fellowship of the rings poster. One down, many to go. Ill hang it in my new living room and stare at. Ill call it my precious. My own.

Posted by ak/kingangel at 7:53 PM CDT
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Wednesday, 27 August 2003

Rain Rain RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It rained for like 10-15 minutes last night! We actually went out and stood in it. It had been so long since I had seen rain! It really came down pretty good for the first few minutes. There was even thunder. You could see long before it got here. I saw it moving across the feilds, long bands of rain with the glowing orange sunset behind them. It was beautiful. It will be in the 100's again today anyway. But it is supposed to rain sometime again today, and all day friday. THen this weekend the highs should be in the upper 70's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!
The kids school was cancelled today because 20 bus drivers got sick from the heat yesterday, thats how bad it is.

Posted by ak/kingangel at 10:02 AM CDT
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Tuesday, 26 August 2003

Hell Tuesday
Well for those of you who have not heard, the entire area that I have been living in for just 3 weeks now is being declared a disaster area. The temp has been over 100 degrees for around 10 days straight. Today the forecast calls for temps around 106, possibly getting to 110. It is a dry, hot disaster. My kids school was called off early last week, because 11 bus drivers suffered heat exhaustion and heat related illnesses. The trees and grass are dead, and dust is blowing in the wind. The ground is cracked everywhere you go. Farmers have lost thier crops and believe me there are dead feilds of crops everywhere. We are on madatory water conservation, meaning we can not water anything outside,just have to let the lawn die. The water towers are running extremely low and some towns are on a boil order. Even the electric company is saying they cant handle anymore, and that they recently reach the highest usage in thier history for one day. You just open the front door and immediatley shut it again, its that hot. Car air conditioners do not work. People are dying from the heat.
Last week we had a day in which we were the hottest city in the country, even beating out death valley. Just when I thought I couldnt find a place with worse weather than St. Louis.....
The good news is that we aer supposed to get rain friday. This will be the first rain this aea has seen since early June. Apparently though, the area has been suffering this drought for 2 years!!!!!! I love rain, and was hoping that moving closer to tornado alley would set me up for seeing some real good storms. I have my camera set up and tripod ready. But thus far, this has not been the case. But surely this has to just be a rare phenomenon right? Why would there be so much farmland around here if it was impossible to keep anything alive???
SO anyway, It is supposed to be hot and hellish for a few more days. THen storms on friday and after that it is supposed to be in the mid 80's for a few days. But believe me, when the rain hits these hard dry grounds, its just going to flood, it has no where to go. Plus the thought of waking up to one more sweltering day when you cant leave the house isa nightmare. Friday cant come soon enough. I havent seen a cloud in weeks. I am thinking of doing a rain dance.
Next time you take a shower, do your own private little rain dance and think of me. No wait..maybe not.

Posted by ak/kingangel at 10:21 AM CDT
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Monday, 25 August 2003

St. Louis Missouri
3 weeks after moving to KC I am returning to St. Louis this weekend for a wedding/birthday. For the most part, I was glad to leave behind a lot of what St. Louis represented for me. There are a few people I miss. There are a few places I miss. I also miss being able to get a babysitter when I needed one. But I realize now that I had a few 'people addictions'. People I spent time around who were very bad for me and made me unhappy. Yet I seemed to keep hanging around them, because I was used to it. I have no idea why I keep falling back on these people like a crutch, but I do. Since I have been here, I have accomplished more than I did in years in St louis. But now my life has become all work, and I have no one around to have fun with or hang around with. I feel somtimes like I would do anything for a familiar face. ANYONe, just so long as its someone I know!
Well anyway, off to see the new pediatrician!!!!!

Posted by ak/kingangel at 1:50 PM CDT
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Friday, 22 August 2003

I hate Friday.
Fridays suck. I know you are supposed to love fridays because it means the weekend is here and all of that. Blah blah blah. To me, it just a trick. You have an entire day of work left before the weekend. By the time the work part of the day is over,there is no real day left to do anything with. And for me, the work doesnt end just because the weekend it here. Anyway, I found the really great link. Its a translation of Ozzy's song at a baseball game. Yes, someone asked Ozzy to sing take me out to the ballgame. Too funny! I love Ozzy. I absolutely love him. A kindred spirit.

Posted by ak/kingangel at 9:43 AM CDT
Updated: Friday, 22 August 2003 9:46 AM CDT
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Thursday, 21 August 2003

ok....I set this up on a whim and now I cant post anything. I am way tired and Nick is waaaay fussy and is sitting on my lap yelling at me.

Posted by ak/kingangel at 8:16 PM CDT
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