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Angles Encamped About Me, Too!

I trust that this manuscript
will be of benefit to you.

Enjoy These Sections of My Manuscript and Be Thankful that God Does Have Protection and Healing for Us Today!

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Chapter One - Motorcycle Madness
Chapter Two - Bumper Cars
Chapter Three - Behind A Badge, But Under The Blood
Chapter Four - God Does A Body Good
Chapter Five - Other Sundry But Wonderful Things
Chapter Six - Weather or Not
Chapter Seven - Whooooo Acts Like A Devil?
Calender of Events

This Manuscript is the revision of the book
"Come On Now, Angels Aren't Really Encamped About Me,,, Are They?"

by Rev Joseph L Snurr, Sr.

Psalm 91:11,12

Biblical References and Quotes have
been taken from the King James Bible.

Copyright 1995
by: Rev. Joseph L Snurr, Sr.
Copyright 1998
by: Rev. Joseph L Snurr, Sr.

Published by:
Jots 'n' Tittles Ministries 72626-0505

To All Who Are Experiencing The
Disappointments, Hurts And Heartbreak
Which Are Brought About By The Daily
Trials And Tribulations
Which We All Experience In Life
And Who Are Searching For A Better
Understanding Of "Why?"

I wish to express my gratitude to my friends
Jan Stone and Vonda Tressler
for their support of my work and for the time
they freely gave to proofread the early drafts of my manuscript.

Also, I want to thank my daughters
Dawn Chapman and Robyn Little
for their giving of their valuable time which they had spent
proofreading the final draft of my manuscript.

I, too, thank all of my children(in-laws)
Dawn and Kaylon, Joe, Krista, and Robyn and Shannon
for their understanding when I was not readily available
for them. They were very patient with me and understood
why I was closed in my study so much.

Words cannot express the heartfelt thanks, gratitude
and love I have for my wonderful wife and helpmate,
who became a true 'Computer Widow' during my many hours in which I
sat with my nose to the computer. She sacrificed her time with me that I
might be better able to work and pray, therefore, having the hope that
someone may be touched through it all. I thank her for the encourgement
when I would have stopped working, when, to my dismay, there were
many distractions during the course of the day. She pushed me on when
I lost many hours of my work because of power outages. I had become
engrossed in my work and lost track of the time and forgot to save my work.
I had wanted to give up, but she pushed me on.
Without her, no one would be reading this.

Ultimately, I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth for
allowing me to experience each and every situation in my life.
With each trial I became stronger and more stable in my faith.
With each trial I learned to lean and rely more on Him.
With each trial I became more assured in my knowledge that
His Word stands true when He said,
"I will never leave thee nor forsake thee."
(Hebrews 1:35b)

In Memory Of My Mother
Mary Alice Witmer Snurr
24 Feb 1911 - 30 June 1992

"Mama Prayed"
When the doctor told Mama there was a life indeed,
And a baby would come that be in need;
Mama knew that without God's love and care
This child would grow with only sin to bear.
So Mama Prayed.
There was much for her to do when I came by birth
To prepare me for my life on earth.
While the Pastor dedicated this baby boy,
Mama smiled on her new son with evident joy...
And Mama Prayed.

Many times my brother and I would just be youth
And argue, but Mama would bring us the truth.
She would teach us the Word about peacemakers and such,
Then she'd go to her room and weep for us much...
And Mama Prayed.

As a young man in my teens I ran around wild.
Independence was my manner, sin was my child.
When I sat in the jail and was tried in court
Mama's prayers were never short...
'Cause Mama Prayed.

There were times I worked hard on evil's side
Searching for unknowns in the New Age that's spread wide.
But I always knew that I must turn around
To what Mama taught for Jesus' Doctrine was sound...
Why? Mama Prayed!

While I was sick and laid up in bed,
There were even times I could've wound up dead.
But I always came through in excellent health,,,
She'd been talking to the Lord, her spiritual wealth...
Yes,,, Mama Prayed.

One day I found the Truth, the Life and the Way,
I work to live it each and every day.
I found this life that's so rich in God,
Because He heard Mama's prayers 'til she met the sod...
'Cause Mama Prayed.

I am the person that I am today
Because of her teachings of the Lord Jesus' way.
She's instilled in me the diff'rence between right and wrong,
And that no matter what life gives, we could always have a song...
And,, Mama Prayed.

She lived her life with a song in her heart,
Each new day a song is how it would start.
Even in her last days,
One favorite song of her's could show us her ways...
And,,, Mama Prayed.

This song was "Jesus Lover of My Soul"
I've seen her live its words full and whole.
Now sa I read the words to that song,
I know in her last hours, for what her heart longed...
And,,, Mama Prayed.

She set an example I strive to fulfill.
It was the love of Christ that was her will.
She wanted this life for each of her young,
You could clearly tell it by the song that she sung...
And,,, That Mama Prayed.

In her talks with the Lord, She remained true.
And prayed for her children, that they'd live righteous, too.
Yes, I smoked, drank, and ran around wild,
But, Praise God! I'm now the King's Child.
'Cause Mama Prayed.
by: Joseph L Snurr, Sr.


I've asked myself, on occasion, why God would allow certain things
to happen to us, or our loved ones. Things like "Why did I have to
part of my finger, and when I was only 18 years old?" "Why did I have
to hit a deer with the first new car I've ever owned?" "Why did two
neices have to die when only a few months old, and a nephew at birth?"
These three questions have gone through my mind because they have been
quite real in my life.
Maybe the contents of this manuscript can answer some of these questions
for us.
But first, consider that your life is a picture puzzle and that each
hour of your life is a single peice of this huge puzzle. As each hour
passes, that new peice is tossed onto the table with the rest of the
pieces. None of the peices make any sense in themselves, but if you
could put all the pieces together, you would see the beauty of the
whole of the picture. You would then see, and understand, why all
those hard to accept things have happened. All things, even those
which look so horrible and are so difficult to accept, work together
with other situations for God's ultimate will and good for those of
us who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

We don't always understand why certain situations are as they are,
but God does. He can see the puzzle as it will be when it is finished.
All the peices are there for a purpose.

We can truly be happy and joyous in even the toughest times
when we realise that God has everything in control (James 1:2-4,12).

In reading this booklet, you will see how the protecting and healing
power of God was around me and others, and how He has provided for
every need of my family and those of others (Matthew 6:25-33).

**In the entirety of this booklet,
I have not unintentionally used poor
Grammar for the names for satan by
capitalizing his names, but I refuse
to give him any more credit than he deserves.

Chapter One - Motorcycle Madness
The Lord's Protection On Two Wheels

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