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Prophecy Review

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Developed February 2003 Before the War in Iraq
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75 Prophecies of Messiah

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Alpha and Omega Ministries
Christian Apologetics
Check out the Real Audio Section

Bible Gems Eschatology and Bible Study Page

The Hand of God
The Descent into Hell
Eternity -- How Long and Where
How can God hear all prayers - Simultaneously

The Good Shepherd

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The 23rd Psalm w/commentary

Creation Facts
Old-Earth Creation
Dating Gap Problems
Is the Trinity Possible?
Test Your Evolution Faith
An Essay on the Incarnation of Christ
The Human Eye - A Testimony to God's Love
Wisdom--where does it come from & what is it
Check out -- The Good News of Bible Prophecy
Has the Incarnation of Christ been Captured by the Hubble Telescope?

Check out how Catholicism differs from Biblical Christianity
Check out how Catholicism differs from Biblical Christianity Part 2
Check out the differences between Mormonism [False Prophets] and Biblical Christianity

The Biblical Studies Foundation

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Prophecy Links as of February 4, 2001

Rapture Ready
Prophecy Watch
Prophecy Central
Bible Prophecy Corner
Bible Prophecy Research
Lamb and Lion Prophecy Report
Bible Prophecy & Rapture Report
According to Prophecy -- Audio Essays
Prophecy, Eschatology and Discoveries
Prophecy Truths that are Stranger than Fiction -- The Y-Files


Check out these sites for:
Valuable Information

Solo Christo
The Berean Call
Radio Bible Class
Reasons to Believe
The Answer Network
The Journal of Biblical Accuracy
The Bible Answer Man ---- Live Radio
Creation Evidences -- Can you dispute them?
Denton Bible Church --Where my wife & I worship
Hubble Telescope Pictures that Point to Prophecy

Restoration of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem -- Very Important!!!

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