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Bryna Golden, is the one and only Hip Death Goddess™, Mistress of the Dark Psychedelic, and singer/songwriter of the band Acid-Goth Babylonian Tiles.

es, I am She...the One and Only...Hip Death Goddess™, an honor bestowed upon me by the wonderful and enigmatic Psychedelic Warrior himself...Ian Bruce-Douglas of Ultimate Spinach.

suppose calling me "Miss Hip Death Goddess™" all the time could get rather tedious, "Miss Death"... too pretentious, "Miss Hip"...just too silly...and hearing "Miss Goddess" often enough would only tend to give me a swelled can just call me "Bryna", or "Ms. Golden", if you're the prim and proper type.

n 1989 I formed the dark psychedelic, Acid-Goth band in which I am the singer and keyboardist. For more information about the band, our music and my dark and groovy bandmates, please click here.

his is my personal page so if you'd like to know more about me and my perspective, and if you're wondering "just who is this 'Hip Death Goddess™'?", you've come to the right place!

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Recent updates have been made. A MUSICAL PROJECTS section has been added to the BIO page of this site.
More lyrics have been added to the LYRICS page, and I've also added more photos. To check out Babylonian Tiles tour photos, visit Behold BABYLONIAN TILES live! Click here for show dates and locations.

BABYLONIAN TILES can be heard at the Distort-O-Sound Records web page!!! Click here to download the Hip Death Goddess™ and her band!!!

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