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Albanian Locomotive Summary

The following is an attempt to list all locomotives noted in Albania, and those reported by suppliers as having been delivered to Albania. The first steam locomotives were second-hand and retained their former-owners' numbers. Steam locomotives 31, 72, 73 and 75 may been renumbered. Class Tkt48 locomotives were delivered new and appear to have started the local numbering sequence.
Diesel shunters, both standard and narrow gauge are numbered from 450 onwards. Mainline diesel locomotives of Classes T435.0 and T458.1 appear to have been numbered in the Czech industrial and export series, the gaps in numbering being those delivered to countries other than Albania. The T669 locomotives, which are similar to Czech/Slovak Class T669.0 (now Class 770), seem to have been numbered in the T669.1 series to be accomodated within the Albanian sequence and duplicate the old Czech/Slovak numbering (T669.1, now class 771). The ex-DB Class 221s were renumbered to fit the Albanian sequence.

.............Number Range.............     Type
Short         Full          As Carried   
Local Numbering System

01-06      Tkt48.01-06      Tkt48.01-06    Tkt48 Steam, Tank

31         31               31             Steam, Fireless

72         72               72             Steam, Tank

73,75      73,75            73,75          Steam, Tank

454,455    T211.0454,0455   T454,T455      T211.0 Diesel-Mechanical Shunter

456,457    456,457          456,457        Ageve DHL-60 Diesel-Hydraulic, Narrow Gauge

458,459    458,459          458,459        Lyd2 Diesel-Hydraulic Narrow Gauge

460?       460?             None           Lyd2 Diesel-Hydraulic Narrow Gauge

512-513    T435.0512-0513   T435.0512-0513 T435.0 Diesel-Electric

524,526    T435.0524,0526   T435.0524,0526 T435.0 Diesel-Electric

546        T435.0546        T435.0546      T435.0 Diesel-Electric

559-560    T435.0559-0560   T435.0559-0560 T435.0 Diesel-Electric

589-591    T435.0589-0591   T435.0589-0591 T435.0 Diesel-Electric

1001-1061  T669.1001-1061   T669.1001-1061 T669.0 Diesel-Electric

1521-1531  T458.1521-1531   T458.1521-1531 T458.1 Diesel-Electric

1558-1560  T458.1558-1560   T458.1558-1560 T458.1 Diesel-Electric

2001-2005  2001-2005        2001-2005      DB-221 Diesel-Hydraulic

?          ?                ?              M44 Diesel-Electric

Un-numbered yard shunters and track machines

?          ?                none?          Diesel-Mechanical Shunter

?          ?                none?          Diesel-Mechanical Shunter

Contractor's locomotives (Fersalento S.A., Lecce, Italy)

                            BAT6532,...    Diesel-Mechanical Shunter

Reported as ordered or delivered, not located 

?          ?                ?              M40 Diesel-Electric

?          ?                ?              Ageve DHL-15 Diesel-Hydraulic, Narrow Gauge

?          ?                ?              Ageve DHL-30 Diesel-Hydraulic, Narrow Gauge

Steam locomotives retaining former owners' numbers

           20.136...        20.136...      JZ 20 Steam, tender

           56.3408...       56.3408...     DRB 56 Steam, tender

           61.056...        61.056...      JZ 61  Steam, tank

           98.713           98.713         DRB 98 Steam

           324.504          324.504        CFR 324 Steam, tender

                                           Px48 Steam, narrow gauge

                            01-03          Las Steam, narrow gauge(SIMS)

                                           Okl27 Steam, tank

                                           FS Gr.728 Steam

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