Updates: I've took off that damned banner ad if you noticed, not like anyone clicked on it except me. I wanted to sell out to the Internet, but now I guess only sell out to the human race (I think I'll make you all mindless Cybrids doing my bidding.) Sucks to be you. I'm still trying to get that Anti-Delaware page. I've also cleared up the first commandment too, it should help you to understand the very purpose of the religion. (Funny how a religion needs to be updated.)


Commandment the first:
Everything in the world taste like chicken, except chicken itself, roastbeef, and marmalade. However, if chicken tasted like fish, theoretically everything should taste like fish; yet fish, taste like chicken, so chicken taste like chicken, but because the first sentence says that chicken doesn't taste like itself, fish would first taste like chicken, and not because fish tastes like chicken, yet it does. Now, roastbeef, the so-called evil part of chicken, also doesn't taste like chicken, much like marmalade. Though marmalade of itself, is a neutral force in the universe, it still has the properties of chicken, which could have the properties of fish, which has the properties of chicken as explained above. Correct? If you find this confusing, please see #6.

Commandment the second:
Marmalade was created in a separate universe.

Commandment the third:
Roastbeef is a fallen chicken.

Commandment the fourth:
You shall eat chicken.

Commandment the fifth:
Eggs are good.

Commandment the sixth:
Thou shall not question #1 or else you will be boiled in your own bodily fluids.

Commandment the seventh:
Anything WaWa is good.

Commandment the eighth:
Thou shall not covet Roastbeef.

Commandment the ninth:
Marmalade with Roastbeef causes gas.

Commandment the tenth:
Do no milk a rooster for thy shall suffer great humiliation (take it from experience).


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