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A Love Song & Hymn

The Song of Songs (Hebrew title שיר השירים, Shir ha-Shirim) is a book of the Hebrew Bible—Tanakh or Old Testament—one of the five megillot (scrolls). The Five Scrolls are part of the third major section of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), which is called Ketuvim ("The Writings"). They are five relatively short biblical books that are grouped together and known collectively in the Jewish tradition as "The Five Scrolls" (Hebrew: Hamesh Megillot or Chamesh Megillos). These five books are:

The Hebrew title, is commonly understood to mean "the most excellent of songs, composed by Solomon" (not "one of the songs composed by Solomon." The name "Solomon" is related to the Hebrew "shalom" meaning "peace." Shalom means the kind of peace that comes from being in harmony with God and with one's fellow man. Shalom implies wholeness. According to Second Samuel, Solomon's other name was "Jedidiah, "Beloved of Yahweh." (2 Sam. 12:24, 25).

1. The book is ascribed to Solomon in 1:1. Six other verses in the book refer to Solomon by name (1;5; 3:7, 9, 11; 8:11-12) Thirdly, the writer is referred to as the “king” in 1:4, 12; 3:9, 11; 7:5.

Solomon's accession to the throne, his prayer to God for wisdom, his great wealth, his building of the temple, his prayer of dedication of the temple, are recorded in I Kings 1-11 and 2 Chronicles 1-9.

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