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There are four basic collections within the Psalter: the Davidic collections (3-41, 51-70, 108-110, 138-145), the Asaph Psalms (73-83), the Korah Psalms (42, 44-49, 84-85, 87-88), and the Songs of Ascent (120-134), to which might be added the Hallel, or Praise, Psalms (113-118, 146-150). Although the exact process of compilation is not known, a comparison can be drawn between the Psalter and hymnbooks of today. Hymnals contain many different types of songs written by different people in different countries over a period of centuries, preserved within a particular community because they communicate a truth in a memorable way. In this way, songs like "And Can It Be" have become important confessions of faith. So the Psalter grew out of the life of a community of faith as the people used their songs and poetry to worship God.

Psalm forms

Scholars have determined that there are groups of psalms that can be classified together because of similarities. The main forms are:[citation needed]

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